The Chains that Bind

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Caewen and the Captain

Caewen could see the Elven Island in the distance, they were getting closer.

I hope we can do this….

Caewen knew that the war between the humans and the elves had to be stopped, but was more war really the answer?

She wasn't like the other people on this ship; she had nothing to fight for. The Captain and the orcs had revenge for what the humans and elves had done to them, Kol and the thieves were fighting for revenge also, but she had nothing to be angry about.

She didn't hate the humans or the elves, and she was roped into this whole war because the Captain had saved her life. She was only here because this crew was the only family she had, and she was loyal to her family, because it was all she knew.

She felt so out of place here, she was the only person on this ship who wasn't consumed by thoughts of war. Her mind was clear, but she knew that it would become fogged once the war started.

But I need to survive, even if I don't fight.

She reached out and picked up a sword that no one was using, and began to practice the moves that the Captain had taught her even though the lessons seemed to be from forever ago.

She didn't know how long she stood on the deck of the ship, defending herself from imaginary foes, but she stopped when the deck door opened.

She turned to see the Captain watching her with a smile on his face.

"Good job, from what I saw, you've improved."

She smiled at him and put the sword down. Caewen was suddenly struck with a thought she was surprised she was having now.

The Captain is my first friend!

Caewen watched as he walked over to her rolling the new thought around in her head.

Who would have thought that someone like the Captain would be my friend?

Caewen jumped slightly as the Captain spoke "Caewen, I'm not going to order you around, but I want you to be safe during the battle, so please stay close to me."

Caewen turned, trying to identify the Captain's tone, he sounded almost…..protective and sad.

Caewen nodded and the Captain sighed with relief.

"Good, It's just….you have Lorien's spirt, determination, and kind heart, and I can't lose you like I lost her….." The Captain chuckled slightly "Here I am rambling….but I really want to ask something I'd think she'd be clamoring for me to do."

Caewen stayed silent waiting for the Captain to speak.

"I was thinking…..after the war is over….The orcs and I would do some building, maybe build a big house somewhere. But a house does need people to live in it. So Caewen, would you be willing to be my…daughter."

Caewen's eyes widened at the last word. She never had a family, and here was a chance to get what she had always wanted.

She blinked away tears and smiled "I would….dad."

That word, that had once brought memories of hardships and loss, was now a word that truly meant family.

She reached out and hugged the Captain tight, and felt him hug her back. She then was struck with an idea and spoke her mind "But I need to know your name."

The Captain sighed "Just like your mother….." He smiled and felt that Lorien was looking down on him. "Well it's time you knew the name she gave me."

He straightened up and smiled "My name is Robin."

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