The Chains that Bind

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Captain vs King

Siegfried backed up as the Captain swung his sword at him. He parried several blows and then advanced forward knocking the Captain back. He ducked a sword swing and rammed his shield into the Captain's ribs.

The Captain fell to his knees as Siegfried smirked behind his helmet "You've signed your death warrant traitor…this wasn't even your war."

The Captain stood up, keeping one hand on his sword hilt with the other on his ribs. "You made it my war when you killed the people I loved…..What is destroying the elves even getting you anyway?"

Siegfried smiled "The elves wiped magic from the world, they hid like rats in my land, and they killed the old king. They are evil."

The Captain smiled "Are the elves evil? Or is the man who brought them here evil?"

Siegfried rushed forward smashing his sword against the Captain's "I am attempting to prevent something that you can't even comprehend boy! The elves will cause a war, and I'm trying to end their threat and create peace!"

The Captain stumbled backward under the blow. "Yep, you've done a great job creating peace!"

Siegfried knocked the Captain down with another fierce sword swing and lashed out with his weapon swinging downward. "I am attempting to end a threat to my lands, my people, and my home!"

The Captain smiled "So you think you understand everything? But are you truly that smart or are you simply a pawn like the rest of us."

Siegfried swung his weapon downward letting his rage explode "How dare you! I am a king, I am a king! I am trying to defend everything I stand for!"

The sword blade came down again and again and the Captain rolled from side to side letting the blade bury itself in the damp ground. He kicked upward and knocked the king backward.

Siegfried rolled to his feet gripping his shield tightly. He lashed out swinging the shield hearing it whistle as it passed the captain's head. He swung again and sliced the captain's arm with the shield.

The Captain grunted and clapped a hand to his wounded arm; Siegfried bashed the Captain in the face and knocked him down again. The Captain winced in pain and Siegfried raised his blade prepared to finish his foe.


Siegfried turned as he heard that voice:

His daughter's voice.

He had never seen her, he didn't even know her name, but he knew that it was her voice. He turned wondering what he could say to a girl who he didn't know, but who clearly knew him.

He turned and saw Caewen taking in everything about her: her brown hair, her green eyes, her slightly curved ears, and her stature. He instantly knew this girl was his daughter, and he wanted to see the look in her eyes when she realized that he was her father.

Caewen's gaze however was focused on the captain and all the love in her eyes was directed at him, not Siegfried.

When her gaze finally turned to Siegfried she gritted her teeth and growled "Get away from my father!"

Siegfried was suddenly filled with a horrible rage, and he charged forward, throwing his sword and shield down and smashing a gauntlet clad fist against the captain's face. He lashed out with his fists letting the metal gauntlets shear the Captain's skin.

The Captain grimaced "Caewen, stay back!"

Siegfried stared into the Captain's eyes and saw love and affection for his daughter. She called him father! Siegfried lashed out with his fists again and again letting his anger explode. "You won't take my daughter from me!"

Siegfried felt the exact same rage he had felt five years ago. "Why can't I have my daughter?"

The Captain's sword was knocked from his hands and he lifted his fists in order to parry several blows, but the gauntlets cut his flesh and ripped his clothing. The Captain hurled a punch and winced as the metal faceplate of Siegfried's armor cut his knuckles.

Caewen drew her dagger and rushed in between the battling men. "Stay away from him!" She grabbed the king's bloody arm and wrestled it away from her father.

Siegfried easily freed his arm from her grip and slightly pushed her backward. "Stay back daughter!" He stood above the Captain with a bloody fist raised.

"No!" Caewen tackled the king around the middle "I'm not your daughter!"

Siegfried lashed out in pure anger knocking Caewen backward. "I am your father, not this monster!"

Caewen fell backward and grunted as she hit the ground.

Siegfried swung his gauntlets and they smacked into the Captain's flesh, sending blood everywhere.

15 years ago

The steward slipped out of the palace carrying Caewen in his arms. He cursed slightly as he reviewed Mael's instructions in his head:

"You need to take my daughter away, there's a boat near the back of the island and it can take you to the human lands. There are elves there and you can shelter her away from this war, but she must never know her true parentage. If that secret gets out then a whole new war will start. Please keep her safe."

The steward ducked through the buildings of the island hearing the sounds of battle fade behind him. He crept to the coast and uncovered the boat, lifting leaves and other foliage off of it. "I hope this is a good idea."

He placed Caewen in the boat and pushed off getting in after her. He looked around and saw only clear water, no ships in sight.

He looked back, still hearing faint sounds of battle and he stared at Caewen, who seemed perfectly comfortable with the whole situation. "I hope your mom knows what she is doing."

Meanwhile Siegfried kept up his assault on the beach finally screaming "Where is Mael!"

An elf smiled "She's somewhere where you won't get to her! Every elf on this island will die before you even see her!"

Siegfried parried a sword swing "Where is she? Is she to cowardly to defend her island!"

"I'm right here!"

The combat instantly stopped as if someone had commanded it to end and both elves and humans alike stared at Mael, who was barely standing on her own, and wasn't even holding a weapon. To the elves she was a symbol of hope and courage; to the humans she was a weak leader attempting to rally her weak people.

Mael wobbled a bit on her unsteady legs as she moved forward "Face me Siegfried!"

Siegfried lowered his sword as he observed how weak Mael looked. "Mael are you alright?" He spoke with concern in his voice, because Mael was still someone he cherished.

"I'm fine! Hand me a sword!" She ordered shaking off the effects of her pregnancy.

Siegfried stepped forward "Mael you aren't well."

"You attacked my island! I'll stop you…" Mael gripped a sword and buried the blade in the ground using it to support herself.

Siegfried smiled "Well you are brave, that's why I married you, but you are beaten and I won't fight an inferior opponent."

"Inferior! Why you stuck up…"

Siegfried turned "Look around you Mael, we have won. Your elves are beaten and you can barely stand. I believe that's punishment enough, so we'll let you live and leave your island."

Mael grimaced and spat out her next words "You might leave us now, but this attack will not be forgiven, the elves will rise again!"

The humans followed their king, smirking and laughing at the elves as they rushed forward and helped Mael up.

"Milord is this wise?" asked a human general "We can't risk a counterattack."

Siegfried shook his head "It isn't wise, but our honor demanded that Mael be kept alive, she couldn't fight us and killing her would have been the act of a coward, not a knight."

"Sir, is honor so important that we let our enemies live?"

"In this war, if we forsake our honor we forsake all that keeps us good." Siegfried left the general and boarded his ship, hoping that his decision was worth it

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