The Chains that Bind

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Protecting the light II

Caewen held her dagger in loose hands as the battlefield was suddenly illuminated in the light of their signal.

Siegfried smirked "Regardless of whatever plans you rabble have, you won't defeat me. I'm going to destroy this island and everything on it."

"Are you mad? You'll die too!"

"If it makes a peaceful world for those who remain, then so be it!" He pointed to the massive human ship that was currently ripping apart the pirate forces "On that ship is the last source of magic in this world and I'm going to use it, this island is going to be nothing!"

The Captain suddenly knelt down and grabbed Caewen by the shoulders "Caewen, the human ship we stole is going to come close to the island, and when it does I want you on that ship. You'll be safe there I promise."

Caewen opened her mouth to protest, but when she looked into her father's eyes she simply nodded. She dove into her father's arms and buried her face into his clothing, inhaling the smell of blood, sweat, and the smell of battle. She didn't care that she was getting blood on her clothing, or in her hair, or on her skin. "I love you Robin."

The Captain inhaled the smell of his daughter; he could smell woodlands and nature, combined with a faint scent of the battlefield. He loved that he smelled her, and he knew that she wasn't meant to be in a battlefield. She wasn't a warrior, and he wanted her to stay this way. "I love you too Caewen."

Siegfried froze at the sight of Caewen hugging her new father, and the rage came boiling back. That should be me! He charged forward, with his tired arms lifting up his sword. That man's back is unprotected, just one clean shot!

Suddenly a crowd of elves leapt in front of him ready to avenge their Queen. He began to fight them seeing Caewen leave the embrace and sprint for the shore, where a human frigate was waiting.

Siegfried clashed his sword against an elves' blade and his jaw dropped as the human frigate's crew was revealed not to be human forces, but pirates!

"Stop her!" He cried to any humans within earshot.

Human knights rushed after Caewen and several elves followed.


The Captain pulled his wounded body together and forced himself into a sprint wincing and stumbling with every single step.

They took Lorien, but they won't have Caewen!

Kol slashed his daggers at the crowd of enemies around him and his eyes picked out the running forms of Caewen and the Captain, but from the way the Captain was running he was wounded.

"Help him out!" Kol pointed at the figures and the Resistance forces charged forward hoping to get to the Captain.

The Captain put on a tremendous burst of speed and moved ahead of the crowd planting himself between the two forces and Caewen.

"Gotta go through me!" He screamed as the first wave fell upon him.

The humans and elves began to fight each other, but a small group rushed the Captain.

His sword swung, seeming to be everywhere at once. The blade weaved under armor, stabbed skin, and the strength of his blows cleaved shields in half and knocked weapons out of their owners' hands. He was a whirlwind of death and if anyone got in his way they were cut down.

He began to see red again, but unlike before the golden light wasn't in front of him, it was behind him and he had to defend it. His body was racked with lancing pain and it protested his every single movement, but rage fed him, gave him strength, and dulled his wounds. Men and elves screamed as they fell at his feet, but his body was tiring from the fierce double handed swings, and rage wasn't going to fill him forever.

Just a little longer body! He could see the golden light getting farther and dimmer which he wanted.


An arrow zipped through his defenses and buried itself in his chest, and the windmill sputtered to a stop. The Captain shoved himself forward letting the remainder of his energy go into massive swings, but the humans and elves were surrounding him.

The Resistance forces smashed through the two armies, spurred on by Kol's shouts:


Kol pushed his body to the limit, ducking, rolling, slashing, dodging, and leaping over his foes.


Elan ran forward shooting like he had never shot before, headshot after headshot. He let loose arrow after arrow, hoping to clear a path to their ally.

The remaining Orc forces let loose their animal instincts swinging their weapons wildly and roaring insults as they barreled through the crowd. They lost their leader once, and they wouldn't do it again. Trolls and minotaurs smashed themselves against the shields of the humans swinging their two handed weapons wildly sending their foes flying through the air.

The entire resistance force was ripping through the human and eleven forces struggling to reach their Captain. The Resistance forces pressed every advantage they had prying open gaps in the armies and charging through them.

Kol led the charge with the nimblest of his thieves and mercenaries following him. They slid through the battlefield like greased pigs, unable to be caught or even struck by the weapons that came their way.


The Captain smiled suddenly as the dim golden light faded away from behind him and all he saw was red. He let out a war cry and barreled head on into the enemy forces slashing his sword with more two handed strikes.

Swords, arrows, spears, and axes came down on the captain from all sides and since he was focused on attack he had absolutely no defense. The weapons bit into his skin and clothing and soon the Captain was covered in blood, equal parts his own and his enemies.

Until finally he fell.

Kol swung both his daggers as he and his men fell on the enemies like savage beasts, hacking the foes up in an unrestrained rage.

Kol finished the last foe by slicing his throat open and he knelt by the captain as the rest of the Resistance ran over to them. Kol grabbed his friend's hand as tears formed in his eyes "It's going to be okay Robin, stay alive for Caewen."

The Captain smiled "She's why I did this…just promise me something….."

"Anything" Kol replied watching his friend's eyes grow dimmer.

"…..make them stop…" the Captain smiled and closed his eyes.

Caewen had run the entire way to the human ship and she turned around as she began to climb up a rope ladder that was thrown down for her.

"No….No DAD!" she screamed as she stood on the ship, but it began to move away from the coastline before she could even think of jumping off to rejoin her father.

He's gone, rage began to fill her bloodstream, and she drew her dagger noticing that her hands were no longer shaking. Don't worry Dad….I'll make them stop.

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