The Chains that Bind

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The death of a king

The old man watched the events of the battle and grimaced as the hooded figure laughed "This battle has been interesting, the people of this world are too easily manipulated, and soon their squabbling will benefit my master's arrival."

The old man cracked a small smile "The elves and humans made one tiny mistake, and it proves that your kind knows nothing about ours. The resistance is fighting for freedom and they are a family. The captain was loved by so many. The elves and men are fighting for leaders who can't even remember how the war started, they aren't connected. They aren't a family. So they should have known that by killing the captain, by killing a great man…whoever was left….who ever could stand…they're going to be incredibly ticked off."

Kol stepped away from his friend's body and looked around seeing the battlefield. The humans and elves were still battling each other and it would never stop on its own, unless they stopped it themselves.

Kol lifted his weapons and charged forward screaming a mighty war cry and the Resistance followed. They had one goal, to avenge the death of their Captain.

The orcs seemed to double in size as their rage filled them, and they savagely butchered any human or elf in their way. Zebel and the Werewolf led their fellow monsters into battle clawing, burning, and shredding their way through the two armies.

Elan led his forces forward, firing every single arrow he had and one dozen elves suddenly got arrows in between their eyes.

Kol charged towards Siegfried, with rage in his eyes. You nearly beat the Captain to death, if you hadn't weakened him, he'd still be alive!

Kol leapt into the air and hurled three daggers at Siegfried's back.

The king had just slashed his way through three elves, and he could see that the elves were slowly losing ground. Once I deploy my weapon, I will finally destroy the elves once and for all!

He grunted as two daggers hit his armored shoulder, and he turned seeing the third dagger whiz pass his face. He drew his sword and saw the thief leader charging towards him.

More daggers were sent flying towards him and he either ducked them, or knocked them out of the sky with his sword. Kol drew his two long daggers and swung them, using one dagger to keep the sword occupied and the other to stab underneath the shield. He scuttled around like a crab always backing away from the sword.

Siegfried rammed his sword against Kol's dagger and knocked the thief leader backward. Kol rolled away from the sword blade, and Siegfried pursued him.

Kol stood up and parried the massive sword strikes with his twin daggers. His hands were slowly going numb due to the vibrations of their clashes. Kol could rage all he wanted, but he simply wasn't a match for the king in hand to hand combat.

An arrow zipped towards him from the back and the King turned again to see Elan firing his bow. "Fall darn you! Fall!"

Siegfried spun and rushed forward swinging his blade. Elan ducked the slash and fired another arrow, which bounced off the King's armor. Siegfried turned as Kol attacked again, hurling more daggers from his belt. They mostly bounced off his armor, but a few buried themselves into his skin. Same with the swarm of arrows sent his way. Soon the ends of arrows and the hilts of daggers were buried in his armor, and they barley slowed him down.

Elan grunted as he fired another arrow "We can't do much against that armor!"

Kol flipped away from a sword slash "Then we remove it!"

The unasked question of how you would remove the armor was answered when the werewolf barreled through a crowd of humans and rammed into Siegfried's side.

Siegfried was knocked to the ground as the werewolf stood on top of him, slashing his claws down on the king. The heavy blows fell quickly down upon the king, and armor was torn off quickly.

Siegfried grunted as the heavy werewolf kept ripping his armor off, but the beast did make one mistake. His sword arm was free, and he used that advantage. He lifted his blade and shoved it into the werewolf's neck all the way up to the hilt. The beast's yellow eyes suddenly dimmed and it collapsed with a death rattle in its throat.

Siegfried stood, shoving the heavy carcass off of him. He gripped his sword hilt and yanked his blade free smiling as he did so.

The head of this monster will decorate my great hall!

The king turned grunting at his many wounds, when he looked upward and saw that Kol and Elan were aiming their respective weapons at him.

Kol smiled "The werewolf removed the armor all right!"

Elan returned the smile "Now we'll remove him!"

An arrow and a knife flew from the hands of their owners and into Siegfried's unarmored chest.

The king grunted and collapsed onto the bloodstained ground, still seeing his dream of a peaceful human led world in his mind.

It would have been so beautiful….

Then the King of the Tempest Vanguards died.

But the battle was far from over.

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