The Chains that Bind

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and the conquences

Caewen stood, noticing that the rest of the massive human ship was destroyed, but where she was standing was fine, and unlike the others she was unscathed.

Several pirates were supporting their wounded men and one motioned over to her "We can't do anymore good here. Let's go down to the island."

Human forces followed them, and Caewen grimaced as she heard the familiar voice in her head.

I am free now, thank you.

"I killed hundreds of people!"

No, as you can see there are survivors and their pain is great, but their war is over.

Caewen climbed down the ship and walked towards the island, wincing at the death and devastation around her. Death and devastation she had caused.

Kol led the remainder of the resistance forces forward all wounded but all alive.

Caewen choked on tears as she spoke "How many are left…"

"Enough, enough to leave us with the same tension and problems as before." Kol nodded at the groups of humans and elves who were still looking at one another with hate in their eyes, although it was less than before.

Caewen closed her eyes in frustration "Will this ever stop?"

"We'll need a leader. If your father was correct and there is another war coming we need to be united."

Caewen walked over to Siegfried's corpse and shook her head "He was never my father." She turned to Mael's corpse "and she was never my mother."

"You are the daughter?"

Caewen turned to the speaker, an elf. "Five years ago we defended our queen while she gave birth to a girl, but the baby was lost."

A human locked eyes with her "By the rights of the Tempest Vanguard, you are our new leader"

"You are also ours; the Elves of the Silver Seas will follow you."

Kol smiled "It looks like all three factions have a new leader."

Caewen walked over to her true father and gripped his cold hand; she saw that he was smiling. "I'll be a leader that you'd be proud of, and this war will never happen again."

Two weeks later,

A group of humans and elves led their new leader and her allies to a certain spot near a human village.

"This is where it happened, but it didn't seem right to leave her out so we buried her here."

Caewen looked down at the dirt where Lorien was buried and a hole that had been dug next to it.

The humans and elves lowered the Captain's body into the hole, right next to where Lorien was and Caewen lowered the guitar into the hole right between them.

As the dirt covered her father and his prized possession Caewen stood with Kol and the Orcs many of whom were crying.

"I'm sorry we couldn't save you buddy." Kol's voice choked up. If only I'd been faster!

Caewen whispered "I'll keep this world peaceful for you and mom, I promise."

They stayed there for a long time, until Caewen turned and walked away ready to make good on her promise. The world was free from the chains of war, and all she had to do was keep it that way.


Miles away where the black tide had been defeated all those years ago, and the dragon skeleton still rested, something moved.

A dark portal suddenly shimmered to life and the hooded figure walked through, yanking the old man behind him.

"The release of that much magic was a signal flare, leading my master here!" The figure turned "Come forth my master…."

A pair of massive eyes glared through the portal:

"This world belongs to us!"

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