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The Dove of Peace could start the war (title will likely change)

By Katy Rayne All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


5 years ago Dove was a rouge that needed help, she had stolen something very important and now was willing to dedicate her life and death to keeping where she hid the item safe. with her death it would never be found. But she also hid something else 5 years ago with a pack. something she loves more than anything else in the world. her own pup. Life brought her close to her pup again as the item she hid is threatened. What she didnt expect, the Alpha of the pack she hid her pup with is her mate. the thing is he has no plans to let her go. But as a phorphecy she said herself when she was only a little pup ringing in her mind she doesnt know what to do for the best. The dove of peace starts the war. With her wolf called peace and her own name being dove she doesnt doubt its about her. espically with everything she has to hide. if she can just appear to be a normal rouge maybe nothing needs to happen.

Chapter 1. Dove

As I stood in the clearing in the forest I knew I had made the hugest mistake any rouge could make. I had trespast on pack teroirty. But I told myself I had to do this. I wasn’t here as a thret to the pack. I was here for a reason and I just hoped they would hear me out before they attacked and killed me. I didn’t mind if after I said what I said if they did kill me. I could hear the pounding of paws on the ground. I wasn’t deep in there teroity simply on the boarder but I had to cross because I wanted there attention, I also currently knew any rouge that saw me would attack me anyway. The bundle in my arm moved and i hoped she wouldn’t kick up to much fuss until this was over. I couldn’t do this if she made a fuss. I didn’t want to do this anyway. I wanted to take her and run and keep running, like most rouges I would never have a home but most didn’t mind that. I hated that. I had lost everything I ever loved and today I was going to loose the only reason I had even held on. But it was what was best and I knew that. The guard came pounding into the clearing teeth bared. The Alpha was 2 seconds behind he was huge! I looked at all the wolves surrounding me and knew that the safest thing for both me and my bundle was to stay still. “I mean no offence.” I said as strongly as I could. The Alpha walked behind a tree he came back out a few seconds of awkward silence later with trouser on thankfully. I myself was dressed I had purposely come in my human form for this. “What do you call this rouge how dare you trespass.” He sneered at me. he was an Alpha a huge muscley tall handsome guy that I would put about 18 still young, maybe just inherited the pack. Maybe I had come to the wrong pack to do this, but this had felt like the best one for this and I never went against my feelings. “This is my little sister.” I lied, I hoped he didn’t realise the lie. “And why would I care about that?” he sneered at me. “She is extremely young.” I said. “I can see that.” He sneered. “She need never know she was a rouge. She wont even remember her mothers scent.” I said. I knew that for a fact. “I know that.” He sneered. “If she was with a pack she would grow up as a pack wolf.” I said. “why are you saying facts I know, why are you on my land.” He snapped at me. “Her mother and father are both dead.” I lied. He growled. “I cant look after her. She makes me unsafe.” I said, “she makes me weak.” I said truthfully. “if I keep her with me, we both will not surive the winter.” I said truthfully. “why would I care?” he demanded from me. “she has done no crime to pack wolves except be born to rouges.” I said. “What do you want me to not kill the babe.” He snapped. “No.” I took a deep breath this had gone better in my head. “I ask you to take the child and raise her as a pack wolf, I understand if your not willing and will go beseech another pack. But the pup is innocent and she has no parents.” I said, that was possibly the truest thing I had said, she had no parents. “YOU WANT ME TO TAKE THE CHILD!” He yelled at me. “I ask no I beg of you.” I said. “Please take the child and give her a good life.” I said tears coming to my eyes I didn’t want to let full. The boy looked at me. “How old is she?” he demanded from me. “15 days.” I said, just long enough for the smell on me to fade and me to get the babe far enough away. It had been slow moving as I had to travel human and I was in pain still, so much pain. But my wolf couldn’t shift because the babe couldn’t currently. “Her mother died in childbirth.” I lied. “You stole the child.” The Alpha growled at me. One of the wolves come closer to me, I wanted to protect the babe but he pushed his nose into the blankets. He then sniffed me, he let out a small disgusted yip. Shit I was in trouble. “You can leave the child.” The Alpha said. Releaf went on my face. At least I would always know she was safe. “Her mother wrote her a letter if she ever has questions about where she came from.” I said pulling it out my pocket. The wolf who had sniffed us walked into the forest, he came out and he looked just as young as the Alpha and I recognised him as what I assumed was the second in control. Beta wasn’t it? He walked straight up to me. “Hand over the babe.” The Alpha said. I gave her a peck on her head. Then I handed her to the Beta next to me. he took the babe. He looked at me, like he wanted answers. “the letter.” The Beta. I pulled out the sealed letter and handed it to him. “Does the babe have a name?” The Alpha demanded from me. “No.” I said truthfully. If I had named her I would never of had the strength to do what I had to. “Fine.” The Alpha said. “Any food Alergies?” The Alpha asked me. “Shes never had food.” I said. “Was she breastfeed or bottled.” The Alpha demanded, she had been breast fed because I couldn’t get hold of the stuff to bottle feed her. “Breast until her mother died.” I said. “if she died in childbirth and the child is 15 days old that is impossible. Unless your baiting a trap.” he growled. I swallowed I didn’t know what to do. “How old are you?” The Alpha snapped at me. “18.” I lied. He growled. “the truth if you wish for us to not kill you.” He snapped in a voice so full of demand it felt like he was crushing me. “12.” I said truthfully. “I am 12 years old.” He took me in, I shouldn’t even had a season I wasn’t matable yet if I found my mate he could be looking straight at me and wouldn’t know, yet here I was trying to hand over my own flesh and blood. The Beta held my child, a child I was trying to give the best too. “Whats your name?” he demanded from me. “Dove.” I said truthfully. “Is this all you wish. To hand over the babe?” he demanded from me. I nodded. “your not a distraction.” He snapped suspicious. “I maybe a rouge but I would never bring a babe into a fight.” I said. “Then go you have 20 miniutes to get off my land.” He said. “Thankyou sir.” I stood there. 5 of the wolves turned and walked away the Beta held my child. “Is this the only thing you want to give her?” The Beta asked holding my letter. “yes and only give it to her if she needs it when she grows older.” I said. “If she never needs it that would be a better outcome.” I said. “I shall be reading it.” He said firmly. “that is understandable.” I said. The alpha grabbed my shoulder and spun me to face him, he was huge and scary didn’t he get that. Yeah I was a rouge but that didn’t mean I didn’t have fear. “I should kill you.” He snapped at me. I understood that, I didn’t fear my death. “Or imprision you.” He said firmly. I would rather death. “But you have 16 miniutes to get of my land. Go.” He said, then he slightly pushed me. I run I run for my life. When I was off the alphas land and only then, did I allow myself a cry for what I had done.

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