Floating Palace

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The Door

I looked behind the door and saw nothing so I decide to stay the night to see if something different would happen overnight. However I didn’t want to sleep on the hard but I also didn’t want to have to climb back tomorrow. As I was thinking this a medium sized comfy looking bed poofed into existence. One minute there was a small dust cloud and the next there was a bed.

When I woke up the next morning I noticed nothing had changed so I tried the door. I figured that if this didn’t work I could always jump off the bridge and hope to land in heaven or wherever people from this dimension go. I looked the door and saw black. Here goes nothing. I stepped through and began to fall. I kept falling until I blacked out.

When I woke up I was sitting in my chair in front of my computer before I started this whole adventure. My mom came in said that I had fallen asleep in my chair but looked peaceful so she didn’t move me. I could have sworn it was all real. I can prove this to since I still have the necklace except its morphed into a dragon like shape. I will never forget this since this is where I lost my fear of heights.

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