Floating Palace

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The Butler and a side note

The only thing I truly miss is Ludwig, the butler.

Ludwig was a cute guy who looked about my age. He had baby blue eyes and blond hair. His eyes mesmerized me every time I looked in them. Not that I look in them often. His hair was never in a place where it looked bad. If not for my need to return to my family I would have most likely stayed and married their handsome butler. He was a real gentleman but I guess that’s normal since he’s a butler. I sometimes wonder what might have happened if I had stayed. Though I guess it would be fake since until I conquered my fears my real body though aging slower would be in Acoma until I conquered my fears. My mind would be too weak if I were to wait for too long since I would still “age” until I left. Although I haven’t met someone like Ludwig in the real world yet, I hope that I do since he seemed like the perfect man. Although since he was apparently just a figment of my imagination I guess he would be the perfect man.

(AU: didn’t actually happen. Any references that may have happened to any who read this is purely by coincidence.)

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