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Floating Palace

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The Beginning

The best way to explain it is as though time had stopped since even though I had been gone on a wild fearing for my life adventure for two days only two hours had passed when I got back.

So here it is the most terrifying yet fear curing story you ever hear.

It all started when I looked into my computer and was looking at floating castle pictures. I kind of wanted to live there but if I ever looked out of a window I would have panic attack so I couldn’t possibly live there. Though I must admitted those pictures are still incredibly nice to look at. If only I wasn’t afraid of heights I would actually be able to look out a window and see the great scenery below.

All of a sudden while I was thinking that I was sucked in to the picture and everything turned black. I guess being sucked into a picture take a lot out of a person. When I woke up I was on a bed. I got up and noticed that I seemed to be in royal gowns.

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