Floating Palace

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The Waking

“Ah so you are awake. I was wondering when you would wake, it is not often we get someone who is not of this world.” Said a voice from the door. I looked over and saw what seemed to be a butler. When I asked what he meant he said that I wasn’t dressed as a townsfolk was dressed so I must not be from here. As well as only royal folk or those who do not belong here may enter the royal castle.

“I must be going now.”

“You cannot, since it is near night time it is very dangerous with the creatures of the dark that will start to roam just outside the boundaries. Come down for dinner when you are ready. Your clothes are over there,” replied the butler. He had a very British accent which makes me wonder if he is from my world and thus knows where I’m from or just somehow knows.

This day is getting stranger by the minute. First I wake up in a royal castle in bed. Then I’m not supposed to leave the boundaries of the kingdom or else. And now I am expected to join them for dinner how am I supposed to do that. Wait! I must have just passed out from thinking about being in the sky. A little cold water will wake me up.
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