Floating Palace

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The Middle of the Sky

As I exit the bedroom the first thing I notice is that the only way to get anywhere is by walking over a glass floor now normally this wouldn’t be so bad but we’re thousands of metres up. I can only guess how high. Also I didn’t know where the dining room was. I took a leap a faith and stepped outside. Okay so far so good.

“What are you doing? Everyone is waiting for you.”


“What’s wrong?”

“Okay. Where did you come from? I thought that was the bedroom I came out of. Also where is the dining room? You didn’t tell me and why in the world is the floor made out of glass if we are floating in the middle of the sky!?”

“First things first I came from the dining room. It was a bedroom which you came out of. To get to the dining room or any room in this house you touch a doorknob and think which room you want and walk in. Don’t use someone else’s unless yours is broken or they are going in and inviting you to come along. You can also come through this door to the dining room assuming I invite you. As for why the floor is made of glass I have no clue.”
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