Floating Palace

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The Dinner

“New question. How do you leave?”

“Same way as any other room. Now come along dinner is being served.”

Dinner went by quickly as I mostly just listened. Occasionally I would understand what they are talking about. However for the most part they spoke within a formal context so I didn't understand most of what happened. The dinner was mainly a giant pig in the middle. Along with a general amount of unknown food. I tried a few things tasted good other tasted like boogers. I’m so glad that the floors in all the rooms are made of marble and not glass otherwise I would have been too freaked out by the heights and have a panic attack. I would also most likely not be able to eat anything since I would be too busy worrying about falling or puking from by fear.

I also asked my butler what his name is or what he would like to be called. He said that his preferred name is Ludwig.

The king and queen were actually quite nice to me. However they were way too formal for my taste. After dinner I was shoved out, literally, so they could talk about more personal things. Once back in the guest room I changed into royalty pajamas I guess and prepared to go to bed.

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