Floating Palace

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The Bridge

When I reached the outside of the kingdom’s boundaries I realized I had problem. When the king said the floating stone road he literally meant floating stones. I tried to go back into the city but the gates suddenly slammed shut. No matter how much I banged on the shiny metal gates they wouldn’t budge.

I could either start to hop along over the floating rocks or stay here forever along the metal fence and die of starvation and thirst. So I started to jump from rock to rock. Not really though, the rocks were actually quite close together but I was worried that I would fall through the cracks. There was no point worrying a lot I guess though. Either I wait and die slowly and painfully or I die falling through the air. At least then I’ll be able to go "sky-diving" before I die.

As I was hopping along I noticed the area behind me was getting foggier. As I continued on I finally reached what I guess one would call a rest stop. It was a small floating island with a single tree on it. As I took a rest I noticed that the fog was gone. There was no gate in the distance whatsoever. Not a single glint in the distance. Surely I hadn’t gone that far, I mean it’s only been like 20 min. "Maybe distance and time is different here in this world. Like what 20 min on Earth of the time I'm thinking could be an hour or more here." I thought to myself. I looked over to the other side of the small like island I saw a sign on a tree branch that I hadn’t noticed before. It said “Bridge of no return. If you wish to cross you may die. Don’t say I didn’t warn. ~ the one who made it across and back.”
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