Floating Palace

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The Mountain

After that I began walking again following the floating stone road. It was like I had a newfound confidence that with it I would be able to do anything. Now my logic told me that I actually couldn’t do anything but hey I was in another dimension, so maybe I can do anything.

As I continued along I noticed that the road got narrower and was starting to take on a bit of an incline. Then I noticed that I was actually going up stairs but it had so gradually ascended into stairs that I hadn’t noticed. That and the fact that I was going up and around a mountain. As I continued upwards I noticed that it was in fact getting warmer which is why I hadn’t noticed when I had started going up the mountain. Well it was kind of a degraded mountain and sort of worn down since it took me only about half an hour to go halfway up.

Now though it would get harder since it was definitely getting warmer. As the minutes passed by warm turned to hot. I was sweating from sheer intensity. I could only hope that I wouldn’t literally burn up by the top of the mountain. Man how I wish I could have brought some water. As I neared the peak of the dull topped mountain it got hotter and hotter. By the time I reached the top I was sweating like crazy. I wasn’t out of shape either.

However what I thought was really crazy is that when I reached the peak of the mountain it cooled down to what it felt like at the bottom. Cool and relaxing with a light breeze but not too cool. As I looked around a red door just randomly appeared. At this point however nothing surprised me since so many weird things happened so far. The best part of this crazy adventure was that I was no longer afraid of heights.

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