Just The Beginning

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~ One ~

The room was dark except for the dim moonlight shining through the window.

On the window sill sat Aldwyn with a book in hand. He sat in silence until the door opened. Aldwyn looked up as his sister made her way to him.

Alison silently jumped up and sat on the window sill opposite of him. She looked out the window without a single glance at her brother, but from her expression he knew something was up.

"Is something wrong?" Aldwyn asked, closing his book. "Did anyone say anything?"

Alison looked at him. "Of course someone said something. Our brother just can't keep his mouth closed for two minutes could he?"

Aldwyn chuckled. "What did he say now?" He made a small wrist gesture and his book landed on the table near the window. "Did you do anything stupid?"

Alison glared at him, which made him snicker. "Alright, alright. No need to kill anyone with a look," Aldwyn laughed ruffling his sister's hair, "What did he say though?"

"Oh you know the usual 'Stop showing attitude' and 'You're being disrespectful'," Alison said with heavy sarcasm, "I can't explain what he said, but you know what he might have."

Aldwyn laughed as he jumped down the sill. "Want me to talk to him?" He moved toward the couches and sat on the one near the electric fireplace. "He'll probably stop if I tell him you know."

Alison faked a cough making Aldwyn look at her. She gave him a look, rolling her eyes. "Like I haven't heard that before," she said, "Now forget about me. What happened to you today? You missed our piano session. You swore to teach me."

"Yea... I had something sudden to do, so I missed it. Don't worry, I'll teach you tomorrow... unless you're willing to learn through the night." Aldwyn shrugged.

Alison jumped down coughing and rubbing her eyes. "I feel sleepy. We can take care of it in the morning," she said faking a yawn, "Goodnight."

Aldwyn laughed and whispered it back to her before he sighed and leaned back in his chair. He closed his eyes trying to remember and understand what had happened that morning. The only memory he had was his conversation with a warlock...

The two boys stared at each other with alarming silence. One glared daggers at the boy in front of him, who had a smirk on his face. Both sat across each other in Aldwyn's living room.

"You know, if I knew you were just going to stare at my face I wouldn't have let you come." Aldwyn crossed his arms over his chest to convey his crossness.

"Well you do have a charming face," the other boy replied with a grin.

Aldwyn rolled his eyes before clearing his throat. "I don't have all day Ryan. Did you get the answer or not?"

Ryan stretched his long legs. It amused Aldwyn watching the warlock try to adjust to his house. What brought a bigger smile on his face was the discomfort in the warlock's face when he said his middle name.

The warlock preferred to be called Alexander - the name he gave himself when he grew older, now was his first name - but of course Aldwyn loved the discomfort and anger he welled in others.

"How many times do I tell you to call me Alex, or my full name? Don't make me zap you into a rodent," Alex threatened, then answer the question, "And, well. I went through all my book in my library and this is only information I could get out." He brought out an old folded parchment. "I've heard it before, but it was never possible for centuries." He eyed Aldwyn warily, handing over the item he'd retrieved.

Aldwyn stared at it in silence even though he didn't understand a thing. He looked up with an irritated look at Alex, who had placed his right leg over his left and whistled a tune. Aldwyn stood up. "You think you're funny?"

"I didn't say that did I?" Alex smirked pointedly. "Let me translate that for you." He reached out and took the paper back from Aldwyn's hand. "And while I'm on this, I would appreciate a glass of wine." He flashed a cheeky sort of grin.

Aldwyn looked as if he was about to explode, but managed to stay mostly calm. "Why can't you snap it here?" He demanded through gritted teeth.

"Because it fills me with delight, seeing you in such hatred," Alex said innocently, "Now go on."

Aldwyn marched into the kitchen that was next to the living room. The door closed with an extravagant slam. Under his breath, he muttered, "Stupid warlock."

"I can hear you!" A loud roaring voice sounded from the other room.

Aldwyn grabbed a wine bottle and a glass from a cabinet with a pleased smiled. He poured the wine in the delicate glass and tried his best not to spill as he listened to the warlock's murmurs about the parchment.

"The soul reapers are difficult creatures. The new soul reapers are turned insane when changed which causes destruction to the world. A problem arises arises when two soul reapers engage into a fight. They are know to have a lot of anger which is released when the soul reaper is attacked and gets into his defense motive.

"It rarely happens and it is a mistake, usually done by plant reaper since they hold more anger even though they are the wisest. It is known that plant reapers hold their grudge for so many centuries until they are engaged with an opponent while human and animal reapers get ride of their grudge immediately by causing a fight."

Aldwyn blinked, feeling uneasy all of a sudden. He picked up the glass quickly and headed over to the door, and opened it to see the warlock sprawled on the couch snoring.

Aldwyn stopped in confusion, raising an eyebrow while a frown formed on his face. He swore he heard the warlock speaking seconds ago.

Turning his head to the side, he noticed a piece of paper on the desk. It was opened. Aldwyn picked the letter up and scanned it, realizing abruptly it was the exact same thing he heard from the kitchen. The warlock translated it on the paper and placed a spell so it read out loud.

Aldwyn placed the glass of wine down with a thud resulting it to shatter. He expected the warlock to get up, but grew disappointed.


Aldwyn's eyes burst open. His eyesight blurry at first, but then adjusting. He realized he was still in the living room in front of the fireplace. He turned his head and saw his brother standing there with a shocked expression.

He raised an eyebrow at his brother and asked, "What happened?"

"What happened you ask?" Garrett repeated, "You looked like you were possessed. Your eyes closed and you hand stretched into the fire... You didn't even burn."

Aldwyn rather gave an unbelieving look. "What? Do you want more to burn?"

"I would rather have that then a possessed brother." Garrett picked up the book Aldwyn was reading before. "Hmm... Romeo and Juliet huh? Aren't you a classic."

Aldwyn stood up and grabbed the book. "I was bored and decided to a book."

Garrett slumped into the sofa opposite of Aldwyn.

The look Aldwyn shot him seemed to please Garrett clearly. He, in fact, seemed to enjoy the emotions Aldwyn was shooting at him. He leaned back in the sofa and stretched his long legs out onto the wooden table before him.

Aldwyn's lips were pressed together firmly as he tried not to say anything. He didn't want to cause a fight in the middle of the night. He will wait until dawn. He stood up silently and tried to pass Garrett without him saying anything.

"Strange. Really strange," Garrett muttered, "Not coming back with a defensive reply these days. Have you ran out of those widdy replies of yours or have you changed you mind into being a good boy?"

Aldwyn tried to move past his brother without a conflict, but he tripped to his brother's sudden movement of stretching out his leg before him. He fell on his knees, but got up swiftly. He glared at Garrett as he said through his teeth, "If I were you, I'll keep my mouth shut. It's none of your business." Aldwyn lifted his chin up. "Also you shouldn't be talking about who has the widdy replies since it's you from the start."

Aldwyn started to walk again. He was near the door with his arm stretched out and his fingers around the door knob ready to open it when Garret spoke. His voice only a bit louder than a whisper. "So you're saying, I don't need to know why my brother's been talking to warlocks lately?"

Aldwyn stopped. Trying to keep his heartbeat normal, he turned around. "And how would you know this? Have you been keeping an 'eye' on me or do you have cameras fixed everywhere?"

Garrett stood up taking an item out of his back pocket. It was an envelope, which he placed in Aldwyn's hand and stepped back after muttering, "Open it."

Aldwyn looked from the envelope to his brother and back. He turned the envelope around and read:

To Mr. Aldwyn Whitfield

From your delighted friend, Alexander R. Carma

He gulped and flipped it around again. He opened it realizing Garrett had already opened it for him. He took out a neatly folded piece of paper. The envelope fell as Aldwyn unfolded the paper and began to read:

Dear Aldwyn,

I have been doing my research and found some answers, but the problem is that, the answer is nowhere we live. I am currently packing my suitcase for a journey to Toronto, Canada where out answer lies with a young lady.

Her name is Rosalie Carter. She has been a friend of mine for centuries now. I have been speaking with her about your problem for over a week now. She told me some answers, but it was now fully explained.

She says this might do with one of your ancestors. We're still not sure if that's the case, but if it is, I'll send you another letter. Until then farewell my friend.

Sincerely, Alexander R. Carma

Aldwyn finished the letter. He still kept his straight face as he folded the letter. He looked at Garrett calmly. He opened his mouth to speak, but was cut off by Garrett.

"So you're telling me that this is not big and I just need to mind my own business?" Garrett's voice held a fake curious expression. "And what is that problem of yours? I'm just sure it's not something like a small fever, is it? Is that why you're talking to a warlock?"

Aldwyn let out a frustrated breath as he ran his fingers through his hair. "Do you have to talk about it today?"

"Right. Why don't we talk about it when the sun rises?" Garrett nodded as he pushed past Aldwyn.


"Goodnight brother." Garrett said before stepping out of the room.

Aldwyn groaned and wished to choke the stupid warlock, but of course he wasn't to be blamed. It was Aldwyn's fault for not warning him.

He turned and faced the window. The moonlight was somewhat bright that day. He loved going out for walks at this time. And that's what he was planning to do.

Aldwyn didn't mind the cold, but he brought a light sweater with him.

It was really odd to be strolling down the streets of Brooklyn at that time of night, but he was used to it, so were the passersby.

Today it was rather odd. Really unusual in fact. The air was chilly, but humid as if it has just rained. Aldwyn was sure it didn't rain. So it had to be only one answer. Plant reaper.

Something stood out like a sore thumb to Aldwyn. Only Aldwyn was the plant reaper in the area. His family was the only soul reaper family living in this area in fact.

Before he could think any further, he heard a sound. Footsteps. It got closer and closer. He suddenly felt the weather change again as the footsteps came closer. He took in deep breaths and managed to keep his heartbeat steady.

Aldwyn turned, ready to face the creature, but was surprised to see the sight in front of him.

A young lady. Perhaps his age. Soft hazel eyes along with curly blonde hair that look rather white with blue highlights. It stood out oddly. The girl's face looked like she wouldn't hurt anyone, but her clothing style and the dagger she had stuck in her knee length boot didn't support it at all.

"Hey there soul reaper."

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