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The Lost Ones Weeping

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Once the lonely King of Darkness, and now a regular school girl due to her fulfilled wish. But the journey to the truth is a hard one, and along the way, the past comes back to bring truths to light

Fantasy / Romance
Sophia Hwang
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In the beginning, there were 7 of us, all alone in this wild world. We tried to stick together, become friends, but I was always alone. It made sense though, because why would anyone want to befriend the king of the Dark. I was alone from the start, created somewhere far away from the light the others had been born under, and I was born some centuries before them. I would always be alone, at least in my heart. But one day, the impossible happened, the King of Light did the impossible, he reached out a hand, and let me see some of the light in the world.

But joy like this doesn’t last long, especially with the darkness that surrounds me. Everyone was finding their own joy, and falling in love, and like always, i was the odd one out. The Fire King was with the Water king, she was the moon to his sun. Earth and Metal were together, bonded by their understanding of each other. The King of Light and the Wing King had fallen for each other, the magic of the sky united as one. And me, I was alone once again, wallowing in my own darkness and left to my palace in the Underworld.

There was an ivory tower in the middle of the land that connected all our kingdoms, there was even a gate that lead to the tower from the Underworld. We were in a meeting, discussing some issues. When we voted, I was the only one not in favor of the idea. The idea was passed and the council had ended for the day. As each King slowly left to go back to their kingdoms, I just stared out the window and gazed at the sun that would never touch me. With a sigh, I finally decided that I was going to giving up my crown of the Upperworld. What I wanted didn’t matter much here, my kingdom didn’t even exist here. I was someone who wouldn’t fit with the other kings, and it was better for me to go. I set my crown down in front of my chair and left.

One by one they came, to reason, to beg me to take back my throne. First was water, she tried saying that my vote was needed, my voice mattered. Then was fire, he tried to guilt me back into taking my throne. Next was Earth, trying to reason with me. After her was Metal, using logic and facts to convince me to come back. He understood my point of view, but refused to give up. A few days later, came Wind, she tired to compliment me, to flatter me into giving up. Last was the light, he talked about how we needed to stick together and how I was one of them. I refused, i had no place in the Upperworld, but I made him promise me, that no matter what happened, no one would take my crown. He agreed and left. The week after, the Kings watched the gate to the Underworld close, for what they thought was the last time

I disappeared for a few millenium, enjoying the Underworld and it’s darkness. Then I heard a message : the daughter of the wind and light king, the princess of lightning, was going to take my throne. I was fuming. They had broken their promise. And for the first time in a long time, the gate opened. I climbed up the stairs into the tower to the sight of a coronation ceremony. I was enraged and unleashed some shadows into the room. The princess came up to me and slapped me, telling me to not ruin her royal holiday. I smirked, a girl, ages younger than me, dared to slap me, did she know who I was? I stared at her and asked her if she knew she had slapped the king of the throne she was about to take. Her face remained pouty, but her eyes seemed to gleam with fear. I decided to make a deal. I looked at her and told her that if she could make it through the gate, she could have the Upperworld crown of the dark. She seemed shocked I would make such an offer, and she was already smirking because she believed she would succeed and foolishly agreed. She knew too little of this world to know the dangers of the Underworld and the gate. The wind king’s face was pale, and she seemed to be worried. I just led the girl to the gate with the rest of the kings following behind. I stopped before the gate and started chanting the old language. The others kings started chanting with me while the princess stared at us like we were crazy. And this was one of the reasons she would never be able to take my throne: she couldn’t even open the gate. The only way to open this gate was to chant a verse of the Underworld in the old language, a language only the 7 kings knew and could understand or learn. The gate slowly opened, revealing the only bits of the Underworld that light would ever reach. Inscribed on the gate and written in the old language were the words “This is the entrance to the Underworld where all the demons in this world are trapped”. I looked towards the princess and swept my hands toward the gate, telling her to try to go through the gate. She smirked at me and stepped forward. The moment she went through, she was suspended in the middle of a vortex, screaming hysterically. The wind king rushed forward to pull her out only to be blocked by my magic. She glared at me and started to yell at me, telling to let her out. I told her it was the choice her daughter had made, there was nothing I could do about it, she had decided her fate. The King of Light grimaced, and for old time's sake, I let the girl crumple to the ground, stunned she seemed half dead. The King of Wind started howling at me and blaming me for everything. I slowly went up to her and threatened to shove her daughter back into the gate. She grew pale as I stepped through the gate as it closed behind me for what we all hoped would be the last time.

But the world wasn’t that kind, and once again, the gate was opened. I was sitting on my throne, enjoying the eons of peace, when one of my messengers rushed up, telling me the wind king had imprisoned the dead in a cage high in the sky, as far away from my domaine as possible. I was furious. How dare she. She owed me so much, yet she repaid my kindness with one evil deed after another. I sighed, the gate was to be opened yet again. I rushed towards the gate and to the meeting place, hoping I would be able to run into the King of Light. Fortunately, he was there on way to the Earth and Metal territories. He saw me, and with a shocked expression splattered over his face, he asked me what I was doing in the tower. I slammed my fist to table and demanded him to make the King of Wind return the dead to me. She had no right to do so, and she was causing an imbalance in the world.

He sighed and told me that he would try to bring her here to talk to me. He then left and I waited and waited, and finally she came. SHe was grinning haughtily, like she had won, and then she said what she wanted. She wanted me to take away the darkness in her daughter, to take away the insanity. I laughed, the idea was insane. I yelled, half crazy, at her that there was no way I could. I could barely stand being in the sun for a instant, there was no way I could save a daughter of light. She turned her nose up and then said that if I didn’t, the dead would be trapped in her precious cage forever. I spit out my reply. There was no way I was saving her daughter, her daughter had made her choice, and by helping her, I would be changing her fate. And with that, I walked through the entrance of the Kingdom of light. I was going to risk my life for the dead, I was going to fly into the sky and try to free them. The King of Light yelled at me to stop, the King of Wind stared at me with shock. I slowly flew into the light, my body burning up, I was turning into dust. Just a little more I thought and pushed myself to reach the cage. The poor dead souls, they were trapped like a clipped bird, taken away from the rest they deserved. I stretched my hand out and brushed the lock and it fell open. And then I fell.

Later, I found out the King of Light had carried me back to my palace and closed the gate for me. He deeply regretted what had happened to me, and hoped that the gate wouldn’t open again, but this time, it was for my sake.

The last time the gate was opened, it was to save me. I had felt the incredible magic of our Creator, and with joy I rushed to the surface. There standing in the middle of the limp bodies of all the other kings, was our Creator. He nodded as a signal to me that it was time for my wish to be fulfilled. I wisped away in the wind and passed the message to the children of the Kings that they were to be the rulers of their lands until we came back. And then I was back. I ran towards our Creator and embraced him. As I was killed, I smiled and wished my wish. Please let me live the life of someone in the light.
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