Death Door

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Chapter 2: The Truth and The Lies

This time, the scene is different. I’m wearing a white dress that comes up to my knees and in a field full of wild flowers grasses that are just starting to grow, and the sun beaming down. It’s not hot or cold. It’s just warm that makes me feel relaxed. I want to stay here forever. I run around, smell some flowers, and lie down the grassy field. This is just too real to be a dream, but too good to be real. I can smell the sweetness of the flowers. My feet feel the roughness of the grasses, and the warmth of the sun. I try to reach out my hand to touch the sun. How could the sun give this place such a nice weather? This place just makes me automatically smile with happiness. There are no animals or humans. It’s just me. Just me alone.

“Are you happy? Your smile just won’t go away, eh?” a voice says.

I know this voice. I have heard of it before. I sit up and look at the direction the voice is coming. It’s the man with the cold icy blue eyes. I can see him fully now. In my last meeting with him, I only saw his eyes looking down at me. His eyes now seem somewhat sad.

“Who are you and why are you here? What do you want?” I ask the man.

The man softly smiles. He actually look a bit older than me, but by a year or two. I look at him and realize that he does not have his murderous aura. I somewhat feel safe. He walks to me and sits beside me. He is wearing a pair of black jeans and white loose blouse shirt. His short spiked up black hair flies by the cool breeze. His skin is whitish beige and looks smooth. He looks up at the sky that has no cloud. It is clear blue sky.

“I am you, but not. It’s really hard to explain, but you will know later on. I was followed here by the great sweetness. It’s truly beautiful here. It’s quiet and perfect. You can feel the true happiness here. Is this the kind of place you want to live in?” he says.

His blue eyes are fixed on me. His blue eyes are the eyes that carry the sadness, loneliness and anger. I pity him somehow. He is smiling, but crying.

“I want to live in a place where there is no sadness caused by others. I don’t want anybody to kill anyone else anymore. There cannot be one killing. If a person killed another, that victim’s friend or family would want to kill the killer. Then it goes on and on. I want live in a place where there is no blood sacrifice. Peaceful and happy life is all I want. What about you?” I ask looking at him.

He looks at me with a surprised expression. He starts to laugh. I laugh with him. We laugh for awhile until tears come and almost block my view.

“You amaze me. Wouldn’t that be boring? I mean, that world can be possible, but I don’t think that there is that much possibility in that either,” the boy says.

He is right. There is only possibility in that. I look at him straight.

“I don’t know your name, but I will tell you something. I want to have a revenge on a man who destroyed the village along with my family. I will kill him someday, but not now because I am not strong enough. If he dies, I think the village would have at least a burden off their shoulders. Of course someday, I will destroy him and will be punished by God someday.”

I end it with a laugh. Mostly nobody in the world believes God, but the SSDs do since they are like exorcist. They have Arias who sings God’s words from the Bible. My dad used to talk about God and how he would punish us if we did anything bad. There is a long silence between us. I think he gets the idea I don’t like him that much. That’s a good thing. I get bored and start to hum a song. It is a song that my mom used to sing whenever we played in the field.

“You can call me whatever you would like. I used to be called H by someone else,” the guy says.

I don’t get it. He used to be called H? He is full of mysteries, but I dare not to ask him more.

“It’s time for you to go, Rina. Your friends are waiting for you to come back to them.” H looks a bit upset. He is smiling, but not there I see full of sadness. I smile at him and say, “I will come back and play with you again, so don’t be sad.”

H smiles happily and the scene becomes blurry until I hear, “Wake up you stupid girl! How long do you plan to sleep and do nothing?”

Man, John can be stupid as ever and annoying as ever. He might be worse than the Echo of Death guy. He makes me sick. Well, Raven doesn’t count. I slowly open my eyes and realize that I on the wagon with John sitting beside me. I get up and realize the village is filled with the ocean of blood and fire. I am speechless. My mouth stays open and does not know when to shut. My eyes get big and round. This just looks like that day. The whole village covered in blood, and everybody are screaming for help. The cries of children and the scream of their parents calling each others’ names. This is horrible. I don’t want to hear it. I want to rip these ears apart. The fire spreads around the village. Suddenly, I hear the horses cry at the front. The wagon tilts and everyone on the wagon falls over. I fall over effortlessly. I hear John cursing under his breath and Raven calling for our names asking us if we are alright. I want to answer him, but my voice doesn’t come out. I feel thick liquid coming down from my head. My left eye barely stays open. I see a blurry black figure holding a blurry red figure. With the purring sound of it, I realize that it’s probably a red furry cat. I try my best to get to my feet. My legs are shaking and I look at him straight into his eyes. IT is him. His icy blue eyes are looking at me without fear. He looks at me dead. Everything about him seems dead. I stand there unable to move. He is a monster. I can see him clear now. He has black hair that is partly stain by the blood of the innocent people. He is wearing a long white coat with golden stripes swirling around it. The white is colored in blood; not only the villagers, but also his. The clothes is ripped and torn apart. I feel my tears fall. This is the man, who killed my family; who destroyed my home. I need to kill him. This is the person who I wanted to see. He is right in front of my eyes with a cat on fire on his right shoulder. Now I see him in front of my eyes unable to do anything. I wanted to kill him. I have a dagger from Raven in my right pocket. I can throw at him and might have a very slim chance of getting him. My dagger won’t even reach him. I should at least give it a try, but my body is occupied at the moment shaking in fear. This is dreadful. I’m shaking my legs in front of my enemy. This is truthfully dreadful. I bring shame to my father.

“I knew you would find me. Did you make up your mind? You should be away from them. You should be with me who can help you and guide your way,” the man says coldly.

“Like the hell I will go with you! You are my enemy. You killed my parents and destroyed my home! How dare you say that?” I yell with anger.

This guy is just being foolish. Like the hell I need his help. I hate him. He is the worst guy in the world. He is too cold. I believe that he is a Roplit by his attitude, but what’s up with the fire cat one his shoulder and what the hell does he mean by guiding my way? What does he think he is? Thanks to the yelling, I feel a bit better. I can at least stand without any of my body parts shaking.

“Rina, don’t’ believe everything that they say to you. They are not like the people you think they are. They are not heroic or strong. You will come and beg me for power. I will accept you whenever, but know this, I am not the one to seek revenge on.”

The man disappears as he says this. He disappears like the sand being blown by the wind. I hear Raven and John grunting. Seriously, was it that much of a big shock being fallen off the wagon? I mean, I thought they were supposed to be SSDW. I help them up and sigh in pity. John is fine, but Raven isn’t. Raven’s clothes are ripped, but not too much. His wounds aren’t severe. Raven seems to be in pain. He looks pathetic. Lying on the ground grunting and nearly yelping like a dog in pain. I click my tongue.

“Meeting Him on his first mission. This is probably too much for him,” John says.

He shakes his head and try to heal him. SSDs have medical courses they have to take. All half bloods learn to use their demonic abilities into good use by healing others. It’s a law for SSD half bloods to go through this course. Of course, John uses part of his powers to heal too.

“What’s his rank?” I ask John

There are ranks in SSD. Rank 10 is the lowest of them all. Rank 10s are mostly new pupils. There are those losers who can’t graduate to their next rank.

“Getting a mission and meeting Him on his first day. This guy doesn’t have that much luck at all. Poor guy. He’s just started rank 10 two years ago.”

“Really? Raven looks higher than you. What rank are you in? Probably in rank 8.”

John looks at me, no, he looks down at me. His eyes turn cold.

“Watch your mouth kid. I’m in rank 3. I am here since seniors have to help juniors in first year. I am not here because I want to protect a damn Roplit.”

I growl and we have a long fight. We could have fought for a long time if Raven didn’t stop us. The SSD comes after a short while later. They put out the fire and looked for a survivor. There is a little girl who looks about 5 to 7 years old. She’s holding a white teddy bear that is partly burned and dirtied. She has bandage across on her left eye. She has short light red hair that is almost pink that comes up to her neck. Her small light purple eye seems dead. She is wearing pajamas dress that is baby blue with stars and moons which goes down to her knees. She looks dead. I know how that feels, losing your family and your friends. It’s the worst feeling you can get. I didn’t feel dead though. The girl looks at me with then runs to me. She smiles as she sees me. She hides behind me timidly. She does not let go of my pants. One of the SSD comes up to me and asks if I know her. I tell them I don’t know her.

“She has to get healed up, but she wouldn’t follow us. Would you please come with us to the medical centre?” the SSD asks.

I open my mouth to answer, but John interrupts, “She is under the order of the Headquarters. We are ordered to bring her to the old men. She is a survivor of the last case. I bet the Headquarter wants this little girl too,” John points to the little girl who is hiding behind me. “We can heal her as we go.”

The SSD isn’t agreeing with John. They go in to an aircraft that they brought to come here. The girl taps softly on my leg.


She tries to talk, but can’t. Something surprising happens. I can hear her not with her mouth, but her thought. She is trying to say that her name is Lily. I look at her and she just smiles innocently like an angel. I smile back. I guess she is pure blood.

Demons can talk to themselves in their languages. Any of those who carries demon blood, they can talk to demons. Only few selected people can hear demons talking. Half blood does not speak their language, but demons know human language, so they can talk to each other.

Few minutes later, John comes out with a happy face and the SSD he was talking with a long face. John looks rather jolly. I wonder what their conversation was. We get a small carriage and some gold. Gold is used in big cities since the villagers don’t get paid much. They are paid with sliver. 1000 sliver is worth one gold. With one gold, you can only buy a book, and that’s it. It’s not easy either to get 1000 silver though.

We get on the carriage with one of the SSD who is going to lead the carriage since someone has to lead the horses. Lily sits beside me and shortly after sleeps on my lap. She looks so peaceful.

“Have you figured out the girl’s name yet?” John asks a while later the girl falls asleep.

“Her name is Lily. That’s all I know. How about telling me why exactly we’re going to the SSD Headquarter? What do the grandpas want to know now?” I ask.

John looks a bit surprised. That’s probably because I called the Elders grandpas. Well, they are like my grandpas since I saw them often with my dad. They seemed to be pretty close. When they first saw me, they immediately brought me to the emergency room. I got scared, but later I realized they wanted to know about me since they knew I wasn’t ordinary. I can’t blame them, but bringing a five-year-old- girl into a emergency room right after you see her for the first time. What the hell were they thinking? My dad was pretty shocked as well. I just remember one of them now. He was pretty nice when I last saw him. He was the only normal one in there. There are totally four grandpas. One elf, one demon, one human, and one fairy. These people represent their kind. They are pretty old. It is the demon one who was really nice to me. He would play with me and would protect me from the other special three. If my memories don’t deceive me, his name is Break. I don’t quite remember him now. Now that I think about it, he was probably nice to me knowing I am a half blood.

“How the hell do you know them? They are pretty great. I don’t know the exact reason why they want you, but probably they want you to complete that mission since you are a Roplit. Roplits are rare and they are the second strongest in the kind. One of the Elders was very excited when he heard you that you were alive,” John says shoving his face in front of me.

I want to slap it, but let’s not since I don’t want to break the carriage. Without knowing, I grab the front edge in on my seat. John is mad. He is literary crazy. He is a totally idiot. What the hell does he know about me? Then, I hear a loud creak. I feel pain in my hands. I look at it as it drips my scarlet blood out. The edge of the seat is ruined. It’s been crushed together. Damn my strength.

“I know the idiot three. I knew them since I was little. What do you mean by that mission? Does this have to do with Him?” I ask.

John laughs and nods. He is laughing so hard that I don’t even know if he’s crying or laughing.

“You will know when we get there.”

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