Death Door

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Chapter 3: SSD, Headquarter, and the dog

Through the trees, through the streets, and through the meadow comes an immense mansion. It is made out of bricks and looks nothing more than an old church that is about to fall. The bricks are falling apart and the bell on long big bell tower beside the church seems rusty. They never clean this place. It’s really hard to believe that someone actually made their headquarters here. It doesn’t look like anyone’s going to go in there since there is pretty much nothing, However, the whole place is filled with barrier magic by the old elf. The old mindless man can do such thing. I am pretty amazed myself. The magic barrier can hide itself. It actually can hide the Headquarter by making people see it as a church or whatever the controller wants to make it see. In front of the door, there is a dog wagging its tail at me. It looks like a black golden retriever and is fully grown. It sticks its tongue out dripping drool all over. I try to get into the building, but the dog keeps rubbing on my legs. I feel its soft fur.

“I think Rolly wants you to pat her. It’s been a long time, Rin,” a rough voice comes from behind.

I just tilt my head and pat Rolly on the head. I jolt up from surprise of the familiar voice. Whose voice is it again? I turn around. There is a tall guy with milky smooth with beautiful light purple hair and the sunset-like orange eyes. He smiles kindly at me. He has pointy ears that are like elves', but his are more up. Elves’ ears are usually pointed down than up. The man is wearing a long coat that nearly covers all of his body. It comes down to his ankle. Without realizing, I run over to him with my arms out. He smiles and accepts it. I am in his arms in a second. He feels warm and I feel comfortable being with him.

“Did you miss me that much, Rin? Giving me a hug after we just met. I am surprised that you managed to remember me. You haven’t changed since you were little,” Break says as he holds me tight.

“Why isn’t Rin happy to see us? I mean, we did take care of her when she was little. Why won’t she give us a hug?” an old perverted voice says behind Break.

I know this voice very well. This is the voice of a perverted man who was responsible of the research that was done on me. Break managed to erase all the data though. I wonder why.

“Heh? You took care of me very well, old man. You never change, do you?” I say to the man.

The old perverted old man’s name is Vario Antio. He is the representative for the human. He looks as if he will die soon by heart attack. He is nearly bald. He has few strains of hair left on top of his round head. He always stares at women with his tiny round eyes with his round magnifying glasses on his face. No women like him anyways.

John just stands behind Vario and looks at me with a dark expression. I can see him pouring out his dark aura. I laugh awkwardly. I wonder what’s wrong with him. When I am with Break, I feel like a child. I hold Break’s right hand. He has long pointy nails. His hand is rough, but warm. I can’t help myself smiling when I am with him. Suddenly, my legs loose strength and I fall to the floor not knowing how to get up. There are about thousands of small bugs crawling up to cover me. I gradually loose view.

“Do you feel happy?” a voice calls me.

I open my eyes and find myself in that place again. I am in the field again with H standing in front of me. I smile. It is good to see him again. After seeing Echo of Death, H doesn’t seem to be like him at all except for the hair and the eyes.

“Who is that man? Why do you smile so much when you’re with him? What is he to you? Do you like being with him than me in this world?” H asks with his voice full of sorrow.

I smile to comfort him.

“I am happy being with you and him. You can make me smile in my dreams and Break can make me smile in the reality. You made this place, right? You wanted me to be happy since you knew about the loss of my family and home,” I answer.

Break is like a family to me. Since he’s a pure demon, he doesn’t age. He was especially close with my dad.

H stands there surprised. Maybe, he is just surprised because I knew that he made this world for what reason. I don’t even know how I knew that. I just knew it. I thought that the smile would have made him feel better, but he just looks more depressed now. H looks down at the ground and says nothing. We stand there for a while until H runs towards me. I see him running towards me. I just stand there a bit startled. Maybe I should move, but guess that isn’t going to be possible since I can’t move an inch.

H puts his arms around and we both fall to the ground. He presses my face down on to his shoulders. I never imagined that he would be so strong. I try to ask him if anything is wrong, but my mouth is covered shut so I can’t talk. I try to lift my head to up to see what the hell is going on, but he just pushes my head down harder.

“Don’t look. Don’t try to look what’s in front of you. I don’t know what the old men you saw today want from me, but they are destroying the whole place right now. Please don’t let go of me. Just imagine the warm paradise you were just on right now,” H quietly whispers through my ears. I lie on the ground lifeless. I will kill the old men soon. I close my eyes and hold on to H tightly. I imagine the paradise I was in. The warm weather, the quietness, peace and happiness. I imagine those colorful wild flowers that danced with the breeze showing off its beauty. I feel comfortable later on.

“Thank you. You saved our world. If you just remember the happiness here, this world would never disappear. You will always be with me and we will be together happily.” Those words touch me lightly in my heart, but there is a cold chill running down my back. I try to tell H something, but I fall back into a black hole. I try to reach him, but H looks at me going down. I don’t know if I am seeing illusions, but I see a glimpse of tear from H.

“H!” I yell, but his voice does not reach me.

I call him desperately many times until his tears drop on my face. I open my eyes and realize that I am in a room full with machineries. Some are measuring my pulse and some measuring my blood pressure and mind and etc. I am in a bed with white sheets. This whole place is white and gray. I am in the medical centre in the Headquarters. Probably, the old men put me into the surgery again. Putting spells on me and trying to find out the reason why I fainted and destroyed my dream. Somehow, I don’t feel too happy. I feel down. I feel dead somehow. I am confused by my own emotions. What the hell happened to me?

“I see that you are awake now, Rin,” John says as he comes in.

I don’t say anything. I should say something to him since he came to see me, but why isn’t my mouth opening. What the old men do to me? I just look at John coldly. I don’t want to be like this, but why am I acting like this.

“Aren’t you grumpy after your nap? What’s wrong with you? I can usually read your emotions, but after you took your nap, you became a different person.”

John is right and I should tell him about the old men, but why is my mouth shut. Why do I have this dark emotions growing deeply inside me? What’s going to happen to me? Am I going to die? Am I going to disappear from who I am? I open my mouth to talk to John, but the words don’t come out right.

“What do you want? You are here for a reason, aren’t you? You couldn’t have possible came to see me just because. What did the gramps say about me?”

John stands there looking rather shocked. His face gets gloomy too. No, this isn’t what I want. I just want to talk to him about gramps. I don’t like John, but I don’t want to be mean to him either.

“You are right. I did come here for a reason. The Elders told me that you should be experiencing a whole new feeling since the seal was broken while they looked at your body. It disappeared without a reason. They cannot put it back since there are black curses on your body. They assume that it started from your hand and forehead, so they want you to be stay put here until they figure something out. Also, the dog wanted to see you, too.”

John walks out coldly. Two black curses on my hand and forehead. Wait, isn’t that the place where Echo of Death kissed me? So, Echo of Death put the curses on me in case the seal comes off. The curse’s job is to repellent the new seal. Wait, what seal are they talking about? They put a seal on me because? I need to have Break tell me everything. Will I act coldly against him too? Am I going to hurt him like I did to John? John won’t care, but why did the dog wanted to see me? Where is Rolly? Then, I see her just sitting still in front of the entrance not moving a centimeter from it. It gives me a slight growl. That’s to be expected because I am a complete stranger to her now. I am not the cheerful girl who she saw just a moment ago. I smiled and patted her on the head.

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