I Hate Being a Princess

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The Thing I Missed Doing

After a week of studying, or should I say pretending to study, I'm glad to say that I read all the books! I'm so happy. I finally finished studying all those boring books, and now I have time to read fairy tale books. I don't hate reading, I hate studying. I always read, I mean if I have time, I read fairy tales. I love fairy tales. It can take you to whole new world and it can make you feel like you're that girl whom the humble man loves. I wish that my parents would become busy and forget me, and the fact that I have to study. And I can peacefully read all day my fairy tale books.

"Your Majesty, King Frederick wants to see you." Olivia said.

What is it now? Why does he want to see me? I know he doesn't want to talk about each other's day or something like that. He will make me do some sluggish things again! But since he's the king, I have to obey him. So, I immediately went to see him.

"Penelope, today I want you to train in archery. I want you to be able to protect yourself." Father said.

I don't like archery, well, I don't hate it, it's just that I'm not enjoying it. I have been training in archery since I was eleven but I don't admire the whole thing. What I love, what I want to do is Horseback Riding! I love it when I ride my horse Gummy. Just feeling the wind because whenever I do that, it feels amazing. Something about Gummy and I connects to each and move synchronized. It's like I don't have to control Gummy or give her instructions because when I'm with her, We move as one.

I haven't been with Gummy since my tenth birthday. That was the last time I rode her. I tried to visit Gummy whenever I can but I don't want to ride her, somebody might see us and tell it to my parents. I don't want to get Gummy and William in trouble.

"Forgive me your Majesty. But I will only do the King's wishes if he let me ride my horse every time I train archery" I said to him, a need to rebel rising in me. I keep the fierceness in my look. Father's expression changed after I said that. It was like, he's not expecting it. I can see the surprise in his eyes but, he said yes.

The next day, my maids dress me a suit for training, with protection for my knees, elbows and hands. I'm training in archery, what's with the protection and everything?

So, I started the training. I doing archery since I was eleven so I know how it works but I still need practice. I need to maintain my skill and I need to master it completely. Three hours later, my trainer ended our session for that day. He said that I was good and that he will be glad to tell that to the King and Queen. And then I become excited to see Gummy. I run to the horses stables, forgetting about my maids. They shouted "be careful your majesty" and "please do not run your highness". They also shouted some things I didn't understand.

"Your Majesty! What are you doing here! It's been a long time since I saw you." William said. William is an old man with gray hair and brown eyes. He takes care of the horses. He is also one of my friends.
"William, It's so nice to see you!"
"Your majesty! Are you here to see your horse,?" William said smiling
"Of course!" I told him with excitement in my voice.

"How's Gummy, William?" I asked him as we walk inside.
"She is fine your majesty. She's getting stronger and wiser everyday"

While William was talking I immediately saw my beloved horse, Gummy standing in one of the stalls. Gummy is not different from other horses, she is color brown just the same as the others.

I remember the day I got Gummy. She was not as big as she is now but that time, I already felt our connection. And then I chose her. White and black horses are usually chosen by Royals because of their beauty. Like they were made for Royals. But me, I chose Gummy not because of her physical appearance. I chose her because I knew that she is the horse I can trust just as the way she can trust me. I chose her like a friend and not as a subject.

"Oh Gummy! I've missed you so much" I said to her, as she felt the happiness I was feeling.
"Would you like to go for a little ride?" I asked her.
"I will get her ready for you, your majesty" William said.
I watched William put the saddle to Gummy. And Her eyes sparkled with joy.

When Gummy was ready, we went outside. I touched her happy face, feeling her soft coat on my fingertips, and said "Just like before Gummy. Just you and me!" I sat at her saddle and felt again the connection I haven't felt in years. Gummy seems to feel it too, and knew that I was ready. Then she started to run like a wind...

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