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The Curse Returns

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"Why are you doing this!? I thought we were friends!" Callum yelled, with tears in his eyes Bynx whispers: "I can't stop..." All has been well in Salem, Massachusetts, there was no longer a threat of evil witches or cursed amulets. Callum Gravedon and Adeline FitzPatrick were going to have a normal school year, or so they thought. There's a new witch in town and he's just a sixteen-year-old who wishes he could just stop.

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Prologue: September 20th 2014

I stand outside Callum’s house, I watch him and his aunt through the living room window. They don’t notice me, I’ve placed a cloaking spell over myself so I could be undetected by them. I look down at the crimson ruby that laid in my hand, it’s almost been a month since I created another blood curse, but this curse was flawless. My mother’s book said it was, the book speaks to me, it teaches me new things. My father has tried to take the book from me, but I won’t let him. He keeps saying ’It’s your mother’s book Bynx! You can’t keep it!’ He’s wrong, I can keep it because it isn’t her book anymore. I look back up at the window and grin, “We’re bound together now my dear Callum. Just me and you, I’ll make everything better.” I whisper when I see my prey look out of the window, he senses that I’m near.

I leave my preys home and tighten my hold on the gem in my hand, my dad is only worried about bringing my sister and mother back. I could care less about them, I only care about my Callum. I smirk and let my black hair fall over my blue eyes, “Once I bring mommy and Alica back, I’ll be sure to work on a new spell...A spell that will bring my Callum back to me.” I mumble as I walk down the street. I’ve been following him since I placed the curse on him, Adeline is gonna have to go if I’m going to win him over. I blink and look down at my trembling hands, “W-What’s going on?” I whimper as I look around the darken street, ’Hush little witch~. Go to sleep, I’ll protect you~.’ My eyes widen when I hear that familiar smooth voice whisper in my head.

I shake my head and take off into a sprint, the book is manipulating me again. Ever since I re-casted the blood curse, I’ve not been myself. The warning in the book was right, ’Those with weak souls, cannot control a dark one.’ Tears burn at the back of my eyes as I pick up the pace, I hurry up my front steps and into my house. I slam the door and lean against it, my dad’s not home right now, he always plays poker on Saturday. I close my eyes and lean my head back, ’Bynx?’ My mother’s worried tone whispers through the air, I ignore her. I can’t speak to her, if I do then the book will get mad. I catch my breath and walk upstairs to my room, I kick off my worn out converses and walk over to my dresser. I bend down and pulls the bottom drawer open, inside lays my mother’s spell book. Gently I trail my pale fingers over the worn out brown leather, I trace the fire symbol that was carved into the leather.

Open me~.’ I pull my hand away for a moment, but quickly put it back on top of the book. I swallow the lump in my throat and gently take the book out of the drawer. I put it on my lap and open it to the page I had left off on, “To unlock ones true power…” I mumble as I trace the wrinkled paper. ’Read the spell little witch, become strong, become one with me!’ I shudder and close the book, I place it back into my drawer and close it. I stand up and quickly make my way over to my bed, I climb on it and scoot all the way over to the top right hand corner, burrowing myself into the wall.

I stare at the drawer with wide blue eyes, for weeks now the book has been begging me to read that incantation. Most times I almost do, but my fear of not knowing what might happen keeps me from saying a single word. “Bynx! Are you home son?” I hear my dad call from downstairs, I ignore him and keep my eyes on my bottom drawer. Seconds later my bedroom door opens and in walks my dad. His dark hair was tousled, his lucky red flannel shirt hung open around his fairly toned chest showing off his tight white t-shirt. I glance over at him and frown, he’s wearing a pair of my jeans, “What do you want father?” I ask coldly. I noticed how tense my dad got when I asked my question, his green eyes slowly follow my gaze to my bottom drawer. “Do you still have your mother’s book in here?”

My eyes narrow angrily at his question, “It’s my book.” I say as I crawl off of my bed. I walk over to my dresser and bend down, I open the drawer and pulls the book out. I stand straight and hold the book to my chest, “Bynx, we’ve been over this. It is your mother’s book.” Dad says angrily as he tries to take the book from me. I growl and use my magic to pin him to the wall forcefully, he gasps and stares at me with wide green eyes. “It’s my book, dad! SO STAY AWAY!” I yell as I force him out of my room. I slam the door and lock it, ’Say the spell! Say it now!’ The book calls out to me. I pant a little and sit in the floor crossing my legs. I open the book to the spell, “Hear my words, hear my cry. Allow my powers to come to life, bring them to me, set them free!” I read. I gasp and hold onto the edges of the book tight, a whine of pain leaves me as a powerful surge of power flows through my veins.

“Bynx! Bynx Michael Calter, what are you doing in there!” My dad yells from the other side of my door as he bangs his fists against it. I pant hard and gasp in pain, I close my eyes and grit my teeth. ’Do you feel that little witch~? That’s your true power~, the power your mother sealed away!’ I open my eyes and blink slowly, I look around my room through my black locks. I stand up from the floor and walk over to the mirror that hangs beside my door, a pair of glowing blue eyes stare back at me. “W-What am I?” I whisper as I tilt my head at my reflection, bits of black can be seen around my eyes. ’You’re the most powerful witch in Salem, a witch that has the power to control anyone they desire.’ Slowly a grin stretches across my face, I jump when my door slams open. I turn around and stare at my furious father, “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?” He yells as he tries to use his magic against me. It doesn’t work, ’Steal his magic~! Become stronger my pet~.’ I smirk and flip the book open to a certain spell, my eyes lock onto my dad’s.

“Forces of time hear my plea, replenish thy’s magic for all eternity.” I say as I hold my hand out, slowly streams of black smoke began to flow from my dad’s body. He gasped in pain and fell to his knees, “B-Bynx?” He stutters. I grin and allow his magic to mix with mine, “You don’t deserve to have magic. Only a powerful witch like me does.” I say as I walk over to him, I kneel down so that we’re face to face. “S-Son...y-your eyes!” He yells, my grin widens as I tilt my head to the side. “I like them, oh and daddy...I’m starting school tomorrow...I like cheese on my sandwiches.”

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