Monster's daughter

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Chapter 10

Danielle has noticed the darkness that covered the sky, but she didn't really mind about it. Her only goal was to see her little girl no matter what. She kept grabbing onto the sharp rocks, trying to climb as fastest as she could, but also as careful as she could. She slipped once and that made her be more careful, she wanted to get up there in one piece.

In one moment, she noticed a dark thing that was getting closer to her.
"So the chase has already started," she whispered to herself and grabbed the rock that was closest to her. She threw it the best she could and managed to hit the beast in the head. The beast collapsed on the ground far far below them. She didn't even notice that she climbed that far already.

"Is our sister coming back?" the monster asked.
"I don't see her, sweet sister," the other monster said. "What if something happened?" the other monster wondered.
"Send another one of our sisters, but be careful, very, very careful," the monster said and the other monster nodded.
Danielle kept climbing. As she climbed she felt more and more cold, but she didn't want to give up, not now. She was so close to her goal. She knew she was about to die because the monster will find a way to kill her, but she wanted to see her little girl. Once again, with the corner of her eye, she spotted dark creature, but the creature turned around faster then Danielle could look at it or even grab a stone.
"That's it, that was the messenger, but this time it's coming back with the message," she whispered to herself and kept climbing.
Jenna stood there, waiting for her mommy, close to tears.
"I won't cry. Mommy told me not to cry so I won't cry. She maybe went to get something to eat," Jenna comforted herself.
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