Monster's daughter

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Chapter 11

Danielle finally reached the top. First thing she heard was a scream of a little girl. It was Jenna. Danielle climbed up just to see her daughter running away from her.
"Jenna!" she yelled and ran after her.
"Who are you? How do you know my name? Where is my mommy?" Jenna yelled and kept running away, deeper into the cave.
"Jenna, I am your mommy!" Danielle yelled and Jenna stopped.
"What happened to you, mommy? You were such a pretty angel, where are your wings?" Jenna's voice trembled.
"That monster is not your real mommy, I am your real mommy, Jenna, believe me," Danielle spoke gently. Jenna stared at her, even Danielle couldn't see her, but Jenna saw her perfectly good, all those years of living in the darkness made her see beyond the dark.

"Jenna? Sweetie? Are you there?" Danielle spoke through the darkness.
"I am right here," Jenna spoke again, this time getting closer and closer to woman who claimed to be her real mother.
"I can't see you," Danielle spoke again.
"Can you feel me?" Jenna said and hugged her.
"Danielle felt her heart melting, she started crying as she hugged back her little girl. Except it wasn't her litte girl anymore.

That was a creature that used to be her little girl. It had her name, it had her voice, it had her lips, but it didn't have her body anymore. It didn't even have her skin anymore. It was a pitch black greasy skin, long claws instead of hands and a pair of wings. She was a part of the next generation of The Mommy Monsters, but she didn't knew that yet.

Jenna smelled Danielle's chest and in one moment bit her with the long sharp teeth she now had in her mouth. With every next bite, she was destroying the woman that used to be her mother a long long time ago, but now it was just a meaningless human being to her. Meaningless human being who became her dinner.

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