Monster's daughter

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Chapter 2


Danielle opened her eyes and sighed silently. It's been six years since her little girl went missing. No one knew where she was. It has been six years of peace for everyone, but also six years of nightmares for some.

She sat up and pushed the sheet off, shivering as her toes touched the cold ground and glanced to the window. The blinds were always closed, this was another morning of the sun struggling to find a way into the room to bright up her day. But she didn't want it. She didn't want shiny rays dancing in her room, she didn't want to smile or laugh. She wanted to watch and listen her daughter laughing. She wanted to see her little Jenna.

It was always summer in Uther. That was the gift from Gods and the people were grateful, it was some kind of repayment for all the sadness and deaths that happened before. It worked somehow, at least Gods claimed so. Some people, like Danielle, were still living in the winter of sadness for losing their loved ones. Her husband died in her arms not long after Jenna was born and Jenna went missing. Some people suggested a funeral for her, but Danielle rejected saying that she still believed that Jenna was alive. And in the beginning a lot of people thought the same. But the time made them change their minds.

With a thought of another working day starting, Danielle got dressed. She rushed down the wooden stairs and drank a cup of milk. Her old mother was snoring in an armchair. It was obvious that she spent the entire night playing with her cards and prophecies, again. But Danielle didn't have enough time to wake her mother up. With the thoughts of dirty dishes, she rushed out of the house while tying her hair with a bandana.

She stood by an apple stand, her working place, and counted coins in the knitted bag.
"How are things, Danielle?" asked her friend while picking apples. Danielle just murmured in reply.
"Still nothing about little Jenny, huh?" her friend looked up to her, but Danielle kept quiet, she didn't feel like talking.
"It's- just- she- the guys are still looking- are you gonna buy that apples or what?" she cut it off and her friend went quiet and payed for the bag of apples, then went away.
"you're pushing people away with that attitude," a woman from the orange stand told her later.
"I know," Danielle moaned silently.
"It's going to be okay, just keep hope, okay sweetheart?" woman said carefully.
"Okay," Danielle nodded and didn't spoke a thing for the rest of the day.

"Mommy? Mommy? Mommy, I'm hungry," Jenna spoke and the creture opened its red eyes.
"What do you want, sweetheart?" it asked her as it connected with her mind.
"I'll love whatever you bring, mommy!" Jenna asked as she played with the edge of her dress.
"Of course, Jenny baby," the monster replied her with thought and shaked its dusty wings.
Jenna laughed and danced happily as monster flied away to kill something for her.

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