Monster's daughter

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Chapter 3

One drop. Dwo drops. One crack. Whole glass covered with tiny cracks. Collapse. Millions little pieces running away; each one in its own direction.

"Ah," was the only sound that escaped from Danielle's mouth. As the glass she just washed slipped out of her hand and shattered as it hit the ground. Nothing else. She just kneeled down and gathered the tiny pieces with a paper towel. She didn't even notice that she cut herself on one of those tiny pieces of broken glass.

"What happened, darling?" asked her old mother from the kitchen door. Danielle just looked up at her and shook her head no. Her mother lowered her look and noticed more pieces of glass around.
"Oh I see. Do you need help?"
"No, mom, just go rest, okay?" Danielle cut her off as she threw paper towel with shattered pieces in the trash can.
"Daughter, you are not the same since..." her mother went quiet for a moment, then continued, "Look, I know how you feel. You lost your daughter and I lost my only grandchild. But you should... move on, at least try."
"To move on? Mother, I have nothing left, I'm a dead person."
"Rubish. Come here," said old lady as she opened her arms. Danielle walked over and accepted an offered hug. Her mother embraced her with her arms and gently rubbed her back.
"You're still my little girl and I'm still your mommy, you know that, right?" Danielle nodded in response.
"That's right. Our little Jenna will come back, you'll see. I promise you."
"Mom, don't make the promises you can't keep."
"I'm not doing it! I'm promising you that little Jenny will come back."

Night kept going and Danielle was sitting by the window in her bedroom. She was going through old drawings Jenna made before she went missing. She loved to draw, it made her and her mother happy. She drew flowers, cats and sky. She was good at drawing roses and daisies. She loved to make flower crowns out of daisies. She loved to run. She said that she felt so free when she was running, that she felt like a bird preparing to spread her wings and fly away, to run away. That day her mother told her not to run away ever. When she asked why, Danielle's answer was, "Because mommy will be very sad if you do it."
"Jenna," Danielle whispered though the window. "If you ran away, please, please, come back, mommy is very sad."

The creature with red eyes and wings widely spreaded flied above Danielle's house. No one saw it and no one heard it.
"No one can see me, I'm just a shadow for those who don't believe and wind for those who fear me," the monster's words slipped out between its sharp teeth, silent as raindrops that just lended to the dusty ground.
"No one," the monster spoke again with it's silent and huskily voice. In the same moment, Danielle looked up and gasped.

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