Monster's daughter

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Chapter 4

Danielle's brown eyes were watching the thing that was right above her. Black creature with pieces of rotten skin and flesh,with wings that were just bones with large pieces of black skin. It didn't have neck, its head was placed between its shoulders. But what got her attention the most were the creatures big eyes red as blood. She covered her mouth with her hand, holding back another gasp of shock. She stood there, paralyzed.
"Little Jenny girl will be so glad with the meal I'm bringing to her," the monster whispered again and Danielle noticed that it was squishing something between it's long claws. The monster licked it's large teeth, the result were few drops of spit dropping on Danielle's window. It was bronze, almost brown. In one moment the monster spreaded its wings and flew away. Danielle just looked after it, staring in shock, then she broke down in tears of desperation and happiness as well.

"You're saying you saw the creature that took away little Jenna?" her mother was attacking her with questions next morning.
"Yes," Danielle kept it short, too tired to talk and still shocked from the last night.
"What did it look like?" she asked aother question while sitting down for the table.
"It was... dark, black... and it had rotten skin and flash hanging from it's body," Danielle spoke and her mother just kept nodding in respond.
"It also had wings... very skinny with that large black piece of skin, I don't even know how does that thing fly with them..." Danielle kept responding.
"Is that it?" her mother was impatient.
"I barely started, mum. It had long claws and sharp teeth. Oh, and a long tongue! It licked its teeth with it and a bit of spit fell onto my window. It was brownish, a bit like bronze" as she finished the sentence, her mother got up and walked to her room. Danielle first followed her with a look, but very soon she got up herself and walked afer her. As her mother entered the room, she screamed. Millions of tiny instects; cockroaches, spiders, flies, fleas; were on her window, covering the spot were the spit used to be.
"What is this?!" her mother yelled in shock.
"I... I don't know..." Danielle barely spoke, she was just shocked as her mother was.
"Can you get me the broom? We got to chase these away!" her mother yelled again, trying to chase few caterpillars away from the dress she was wearing.
"I'll get it, mom," she said and walked down the stairs to the closet where they kept cleaning stuff. Only sound that left her mouth as she opened it was a gasp. Couple of huge spiders were eating the broom. She just shut the door and locked them, then ran upstairs to get her mother. Termites were coming out of the wooden stairs as she walked.
"Mom! Mom! We got to get out of here!" she yelled and her mother rushed out of her bedroom. Danielle grabbed her mother's hand and rushed down the stairs as fast as she could. Stairs collapsed, uncovering home of colonies of termites. Danielle dragged her mother outside as fast as she could.
"Wait! My books!" her mother yelled.
"I'll get you the new ones" Danielle yelled back, slightly irritated.
"No, you can't get the new ones. These are books that we shall need, no one printed those in hundreds of years!"
"Mom, what are you talking about?"
"I know what was the thing that took little Jenny away but I need my books to find out whatever we can about it!" her mother yelled louder than before. Danielle just stared at her not knowing what to do.

"Jenny girl? Jenny girl? Mommy's bringing you a breakfast," the monster connected with Jenna's mind.
"What did you get me, mommy?" Jenna asked as she rubbed the sleep away from her eyes.
"I brought you a bunny and a fox," the monster sent her thoughts again and passed her its opened claws, uncovering rabbit and a fox, both with their necks broken.
"Yay! Mommy, you're the best!" yelled Jenna happily and kissed the monster right under one of its bloody red eyes. Piece of monster's skin fell down and kept hanging. It was the area where little Jenna pressed her lips. It was monster's only weakness. Love. As much as Jenna's love was hurting the monster, just as much her love was making it happy.

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