Monster's daughter

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Chapter 5

Danielle still didn't know what to do. She was torn between letting her mother go and holding onto her. If she let her go, she could get the books she needed to find out more about the creature whose spit was destroying their house, but there was also a risk of the roof falling down and killing her. It was safer to hold onto her. But she didn't. She let her go.

Danielle was standing outside their house, backing away more and more as pieces of the wall were falling down. Her mother wasn't coming out. When she already lost all hope, the old lady run out of the house. Danielle was weirded out at first, mostly because her mother was 85 years old, it was unusual to see the old lady run. Her mother threw the books to her. Danielle had to run to catch them. The books were old and frayed, but still in a readable state. In the same moment, the entire house collapsed, her mother smiled and closed her eyes as the front wall collapsed and killed her with its weight. That was the last time she ever saw her mother.

She gripped those books and held back tears.

"If these don't help me to find Jenna, I'm completely lost. No daughter, no husband and now no mother..."

The best she could do was going to the local bar, ordering a cup of clear water and going through those books.

"Is it good, Jenny girl?" the monster spoke this time with its huskily voice.
"It is, mommy, it is!" Jenny exclaimed as she tore the flesh apart from the bones and munched on it.
"I'm glad that you like it," the monster connected with her thoughts this time, saving its energy.

The monster kept licking it's teeth and claws, trying to lick off all the blood stains, but it ended up leaving even worse stains from its poisonous spit. That is the reason why it held Jenna in its claws just one time, when it brought her here, in the cave on the top of the mountain.

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