Monster's daughter

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Chapter 6

Danielle was grasping those books, the only thing that was left of her home and of her mother. She paced through the streets, staring at the ground with just occasional looks up to check if she was going the right direction.

There were only two barn in the village. One was the meeting point of all drunks and homeless people, while the other one was for the working class of people who would usually come there to relax and chat with their colleagues.

Danielle would usually go to the second one, the one where she would meet with the people who were searching for Jenna. But not this time. This time she has a chance to find out more about this thing that took her away and go find her herself.

She pushed the heavy and sticky door and a cigarette smoke mixed with the strong scent of alcohol hit her in the face. Everyone stopped their talking and yelling, even the fight stopped, to look at her. She was the weird one in the club of weirdos. She still grasped those books, now harder than ever, a bit afraid, but still she walked towards the counter with confidence.
"Did you lose a glass shoe by any chance, madam?" one man yelled from the back of the bar and the entire crowd laughed.
"Maybe I lost it because I kicked you in the ass, mister," Danielle said calmly, what surprised everyone, but her the most.
"Whiskey, please," she said to the bartender and sat to the one of the empty tables in the corner.

The table was sticky, but it was good and stable. She put her books on it and started going through them. The first book consisted of drawings of the many different creatures. She came back to the first page of the book and read the categories. She decided to check two categories. First one, titled 'The ones who desolate' didn't have a picture of anything that looked like a creature she saw. Sure, most of them had wings, but none of them had big eyes, and they all were in bright colours like brown or orange, even yellow. The second category was 'Abductors'. She flipped the pages. A lot of creatures with big red eyes, with weird wings and long claws. She had to read the description for each one to figure out if it was the one she saw. And she found it. She recognized him by the drawing, but the line 'poisonous saliva' was the key. The creature's name was 'The Mommy Monster' and only small amount of people saw it.

"Mommy?" the little girl called, but the creature didn't reply.
"Mommy?" she called again and this time the monster looked at her.
"Jenny girl, I have to tell you something," the monster whispered to her. "There is someone coming for you, she wants to take you away from me," the monster kept going. "And I don't want you to go. I need you, Jenny girl," the monster ended with a slight tremble in its voice.
"Don't worry, mommy. I won't let her take me away!" Jenna smiled and hugged the monster.

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