Monster's daughter

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Chapter 7

Danielle closed the first book and reached for the second one when someone's hand grabbed her wrist.
"Not so fast, missy," a big bearded man said.
"Let me go, I don't have much time," she said as she tried to get out of his grip.
"Can we talk a bit?" he said and sat on the chair in front of her, still gripping her wrist.
"Absolutely not, let me go!" she said and punched him in the face with another hand. Of course, the whole bar noticed it and the bartender rushed over and pulled her outside.
"We don't need trouble, especially not from one woman!" he pushed her away.
"What are you talking about, before I came in everyone was making trouble!" she protested. "At least give me back my books!" she yelled and the bartender just stared at her.
"Get in, but use the back door, I'll wait for you there," bartender said and came back inside. She was confused, but she decided to search for the back door.

The back door were just a big wooden board with the sign 'bck dor' written on it.
"Mispelling, so typical," she said and pushed them. Bartender already was there, holding her books and her glass of whiskey.
"I hope you forgive me, madam. As one bartender I am forced to do what people want me to do. That means filling glasses, letting men make trouble and stopping women from making it. If they saw me supporting you for punching that man, who obviously was assaulting you, they'd kill me. I have children, I need this bar," the bartender said.
"If you need this bar, who is by the counter now?" Danielle asked and sipped on her whiskey.
"My oldest son. He's 13 and he already learned everything a good bartender needs to know," he said and passed her the books. Danielle just nodded in response and sat on one of the stools that were in the back room.

"Mommy?" Jenna said and kept repeating it through the entire night, but she didn't realize that the monster wasn't there with her.
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