Monster's daughter

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Chapter 8

With every flipped page, Danielle's hope increased. She hadn't stopped reading until she became fully convinced that she was going to find her little girl.

The Mommy Monster lives in the mountains, that was everything she needed. But she found out that it desolates villages every 50 years in order to find itself a child that it would raise and love. That is the reason why it doesn't fit in the category of the monsters who desolate.

She shut the book, sipped the rest of her whiskey and left.
"Madam! You forgot your books!" the bartender yelled, but she wouldn't turn around. "Madam!" the bartender yelled again, but still no response from Danielle. Finally, the bartender grabbed her books and ran after her.
"Madam!" he yelled once again as he grabbed her shoulder. She turned around.
"You forgot your books, madam!" he said putting the books into her hands.
"No, no, no. I didn't forget them, I left them there for you," she said.
"What do you mean, madam? I don't need them," the bartender said, confused.
"What is your name, sir?" she asked him.
"Darby," he said.
"Darby," she repeated. "Okay, Darby. Listen to me very carefully. I am partly drunk and what I read just now might be dangerous only for me. If I keep the books, the thing I read about will come after me, kill me and destroy the books. But if you keep it, the thing will come after me and kill me. The books will stay whole, without a scratch. Also, who knows, maybe one day you'll need them. It's tricky living here. Uther is a home to many people, but it is also a home to many creatures we have no idea about," she explained calmly. Only thing that Darby could do was to nod in response.

Jenna wandered around the cave, not knowing where her mommy was or what was going on. She saw the sky going darker and she knew that it wasn't because the night was coming. It wasn't the dark colour of the night, it was dark colour that other people would associate with her mommy.

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