Monster's daughter

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Chapter 9

Danielle sobered up pretty fast. She left Darby with a silent 'goodbye' and ran the fastest she could to get out of the town. She knew that trouble was after her and if she stayed in the village, that trouble would get everyone, not just her.

"Gather around, my sisters," the monster talked to the other monsters. "The great trouble is upon us, one human being, is planning to take away my child," the monster said.
"Like the others never planned to take away our children before," the other monster said.
"They did, but this one discovered something about us, she knows where do we live and she is coming after my child because she thinks that the child is still hers," the monster finished and the other monsters spreaded their wings.
"We are ready to fight for your child with you, sweet sister," the other monster spoke for them all.
"Come with me, sisters," the monster spreaded its own wings and flew into the darkness of the night. The others followed her, creating the darker night.
Danielle reached the point where her search goes upwards. First she did was following the mountain path, but soon enough, the path disappeared and she had no other choice but to climb."Don't worry, Jenna, mommy is coming for you," she whispered to herself and started climbing.With every ridge she would pass, with every stone she would grab and with every single piece of the mountain that would make her hands bleed, she cried the tears of happiness because she knew that she was going to see her little girl soon.
"Mommy, where are you?" Jenna yelled and all she heard was the echoing of her own words. "Mommy, I don't want to play now!" she yelled again, but the echo spoke again. For the first time ever, she had no idea where her mother was. She was all alone on the top of the world.
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