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Chapter 18: Of Course Not


Hycinth and I walked in comfortable silence back to our room. When we entered, my little mouse stopped and snickered as she examined the destruction, eyeballing the bed that was now at quite an angle due to the broken frame. She looked up at me, her lips twitching.

I shrugged my shoulders sheepishly. “It couldn’t be helped.”

“Of course not.” She nodded solemnly.

I raised an eyebrow. “Are you mocking me, little mouse?”

She bit her lip to keep from grinning and purred again, “Of course not.”

I rolled my eyes. “I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself at my expense.”

“So now what? Do we sleep on the floor?”

I huffed, “Of course not.”

She giggled. I couldn’t help returning her smile. “We’ll sleep in one of the guest rooms until ours is repaired. Grab whatever clothes you need for tonight and tomorrow morning.”

She disappeared into the closet and came out wearing her usual nighttime attire. Sleep shorts and a tight little T-shirt. I bit back a groan as I looked at her slender and athletic legs. She was carrying an outfit for the morning. I watched as she went into the bathroom and extracted both of our toothbrushes, as well as her makeup and hairbrush. When she returned, I nodded pointedly toward the small, still-in-one-piece nightstand by the bed, and asked softly, “Do you want me to bring the crème we applied earlier?”

Her eyes widened, and she blushed. A beautiful light pink. She hesitated. I was shocked to see she was seriously considering my offer. After a moment of contemplating, she shook her head and replied, “No, it feels fine now.”

Damn. I was itching to touch her creamy smooth flesh again, but I had no intention of pressuring her.


We spent the night in a similar size room located in another wing of the pack house. Hycinth had fallen asleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow. I was glad she got some rest. She needed it. Today would be quite full of activity. “Hurry up, little mouse,” I called to her through the bathroom door.

“One more minute!” she replied.

I rolled my eyes and reminded her, “You said that five minutes ago!”

Suddenly, the door opened, and she rushed out. Her face flushed with nervous excitement. She wore her usual cargo pants, this time mocha in color, and a pink singlet that beautifully highlighted every curve of her body. I imagined removing it with my teeth, revealing the stunning Phoenix and her pert little nipples standing at attention, just waiting for my mouth to suck on. Fuck, she was killing me. I resisted the urge to adjust my dick in my pants. Instead, I forced myself to refocus and looked down to find dark brown combat boots. I quirked an eyebrow at her. “You do realize you’re going to be trying on dresses, right? Don’t you think the boots will be a bit of a hassle, taking them off and putting them back on repeatedly?”

She pouted, “But I love my combat boots.”

“I know you do,” I sighed in resignation and headed toward the door. “Come on...Let’s go.”


We drove for about thirty minutes until we reached a quaint little town in neutral territory. Hycinth gasped as soon as we stepped into the dress shop. Her eyes were wide as she took in the eclectic styles and vast variety. She breathed, “This is where you got the other dress, isn’t it?”

“Yes, but I figured you might want a different dress for today, so thought it would be nice to bring you here and let you pick out one you liked.”

She looked up at me shyly. “Thank you. I would appreciate something new; however, I did love the other dress. How did you know that I would?”

“It reminded me of some of your more complex artwork. The pieces that had more dimension.”

“That’s what I thought!” She exclaimed. “It reminded me of my mixed-media. Wait a minute. When did you see my other artwork?”

Hmm, I hoped this answer didn’t piss her off. I said carefully, “Shortly after you arrived; I sent a team back to make sure your home and business were both secured. They took pictures and send them to me.”

“They did what?” Her eyes narrowed, her mouth set in a frown.

“Don’t get angry, little mouse.” I took a step closer and said soothingly, “I just wanted to see more about you. You’ve seen the entirety of my home. I was curious about yours. Don’t worry; it was just a few snapshots of the rooms and then they were out. They didn’t go through your underwear drawer or anything like that.”

“That you know of,” she snorted derisively. Then she turned her attention back to the dresses.

I grinned. She took that better than I’d hoped. Maybe, just maybe we were making some progress. I followed her through the store while she perused rack after rack. Quite quickly, my arms loaded with potential dresses, and we made our way to the dressing room. Thankfully, some smart human devised the need for chairs outside of the dressing areas because I had no idea the length of time we would be spending there.

Not that I minded the show by any means. I quite enjoyed her strutting around in each new garment, peering down at me expectantly for my opinion. Of course, I was smarter than the average male, so told her they all looked great on her. I wasn’t sure she believed me, but I had spoken the truth. She could wear a brown paper bag and pull it off like it was a couture gown.

However, as we were nearing the end, she stepped out in a white lacy number. It was elegant and simple and sexy as hell. The damn thing looked nearly see-through. But it was when she turned around and revealed the dress was completely backless, that the air whooshed out of me, leaving me breathless. My Wolf was once again, front and center in my vision, his intense gaze focused on the spectacular tattoo on her back, identical to him. I stood to my feet and came up behind her, holding her little hips in my hands. I leaned down to her ear, my breath hot on her shoulder.

“Oh!” she inhaled sharply but didn’t pull away. Instead, she trembled in my arms.

"This dress...is perfection,” I murmured in a low growl. Hycinth was soft and pliable to my touch, the sound of her heart racing in her chest. I smoothed her hair to the side, letting my fingers trail down the long smooth line of her neck. And fuck me, if she didn’t tilt her head to the side, inclining her neck even more. My dick twitched. I lightly brushed my lips to the spot at the base of her neck, where it met her shoulder. My voice was so low and guttural I barely recognized it, “Right here...I’m going to sink my teeth into you.”

She shivered, a small whine slipping from her throat. Her chest rose and fell faster to compensate for her increased breathing. My canines ached for her flesh. It was a struggle to hold myself back from marking her at that very moment. I whispered, “Will you wear this dress for me tonight?”

She nodded and said breathily, “Okay.”

“Thank you.” I kissed her neck one more time before pulling away.

She exhaled loudly in relief.

I smirked. Oh yes, the bond was tugging on her more and more.

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