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Chapter 23: Words are Not Needed


My Wolf was in heaven. The wind whipped through her fur as we flew by tall trees rising out of the earth to kiss the sky. Her nostrils flared with the scents of moss, bark and wild mushrooms. The spongy surface beneath our paws gave away easily, still damp from the recent rain showers. Acorns, pine cones, and fallen leaves were strewn about the well-worn path like spilled trinkets.

And her mate by her side.

There was nothing better for her. No other place she would rather be than right where she was. Leander’s Wolf was magnificent. Powerful and sure, sleek and dominant—a potent elixir to our senses. Primal. Addictive.

We were running at the front of the pack. He was pushing her endurance and testing her ability. His big paws powered ahead, silently gliding over the uneven ground, pitted with rocks and roots, easily leaping to clear dead logs, and maneuvering around encroaching thick brambles—a virile display of his strength and agility. My Wolf had to put forth considerable effort to keep up. But she did. We had always been fast. It took her almost two steps for every one of his large strides, but she stayed by his side.

On and on we ran, ignoring the occasional branches scraping along her fur, while the moon shone bright overhead, casting an iridescent glow, whispering ancient secrets the earth would forever keep.

Abruptly, there was a break in the forest ahead, a soft glow, more light saturated the ground without the dense trees to cast shadows. Within several yards, we emerged into a mossy meadow bordering a fast-moving creek. Leander’s Wolf slowed as we approached the cool, rushing water, and then dropped his head into the flowing stream, drinking deeply to satisfy his thirst. My Wolf bounded right along with him and did similarly, dropping her snout into the water and sucking it greedily.

After her thirst was sated, her head popped up, looking for him. He stood about fifteen feet away, watching her with dark, intelligent eyes. She shook her head from side to side quickly, causing excess water droplets to fly off of her soaked fur, and then ran to him. She didn’t stop when she reached him. No, my reckless little Wolf decided to bump his shoulder, none too lightly, trying to knock him off his feet and roll him to his side.

Of course, she wasn’t successful. He couldn’t be moved that easily. He nipped at her, his razor sharp teeth snapping in her direction. If she didn’t have the extremely fast reflexes that she did, his canines would have found purchase in her flank. As it was, she’d been prepared for her attack to fail, and already had a plan in place to evade his powerful jaws. She spun out of his reach and stood to face him about five feet away, her entire body quivering with excitement.

If wolves could smirk, I was certain Leander’s Wolf would be doing it now as he gave her a little nod, his way of telling her he was more than ready for whatever she wanted to throw at him next. A burst of adrenaline ricocheted through her system as she shot forward, this time feigning to the left to draw him to shift his defensive stance, before twirling back around to the right, once again using the entire force of her body to try to knock him off balance.

A low growl of surprise released from his chest at her maneuver, and his step faltered, but she hadn’t been able to take him down successfully.

And now, it appeared, he had determined it was his turn.

Another rumble released from his throat, deep and guttural, causing tingles all up and down my spine. Before she could even turn to face him again, he leaped forward, his big head low, knocking her back legs out from under her.

She yelped, and twisted her body hard, trying to regain her footing. But he wasn’t having it. He was on her lightning fast, his teeth sinking in to her shoulder, his paws wrapped around her, holding her tight, the heavy weight of his body making it impossible for her to get up. Still, she writhed beneath him, fighting his hold.

That is, until his canines tightened painfully on her neck. The deep rumble from his throat was an unmistakable warning, a demand for her submission. She froze, with the exception of her chest heaving as she panted to refill her lungs with air. A thrill of excitement went through both of our bodies at his virile display of dominance.

She lay still. She liked being beneath him. I did too. I’d never been dominated in such a fashion by another Wolf, and certainly never an unmated male. My heart raced.

He held for another long moment, making sure she understood his authority, before releasing her gently, licking at the wound in his teeth had made. It closed within seconds. She stayed planted where she was. Her body tucked under his. And turned her head around slightly to lick the excess water from his jowls. They spent a good bit of time grooming each other, just enjoying the closeness, until I heard a command in my head, “Shift!”

I jolted in surprise. Now? He wanted me to shift now??

My Wolf was purring in contentment from his attention, and before I could even respond, she easily accommodated his wish, shifting back into my skin. My eyes were wide as I rotated fully so that I was lying on my back, facing up at him. My fingers entwined in his fur.

While over fifty Wolves were lounging lazily about, he kept my naked form hidden discreetly beneath him, holding his weight slightly off of me.

His big white paws were on either side of my head. Those white paws held deep meaning for me. They were a symbol of my past, a poignant reminder of the stuffed animal my mother had given me, a time in my life of happiness and innocence and protection from my fears and anything that would go bump in the night.

I exhaled heavily, working to contain the strong emotions running through me, and leaned to apply a gentle kiss to one of his paws before turning my head to press my lips to the other slowly. He just watched me silently, a look of adoration swimming in his large dark eyes. My fingers tightened on his fur.

I whispered gruffly, “I don’t know what to say.”

He pushed his thoughts directly into my head, “Words are not needed.”

I tried to swallow past the lump in my throat.

He brought his head down to nuzzle against my cheek. I inclined my neck, giving him as much access to my throat as possible. He grunted his praise at my submissiveness. My positioning pleased him immensely.

I didn’t know how long we lay like that...me stroking his silky soft fur...him rubbing and licking along my neck and collarbone, until finally, he pulled back slightly and commanded again, “Shift.”

Doing as he asked, I shifted back into my Wolf. He lifted so that my Wolf could get to her feet, and we began the journey back through the forest.


Once home, we entered one of the changing stalls. Leander shifted first. My Wolf stared at his nakedness, licking her lips. He smirked and selected one of the white hanging fluffy robes, holding it out. I shifted and quickly slipped my arms into the waiting robe and wrapped it tightly around my frame.

I turned to face him. He wasn’t at all bothered with trying to cover himself up. I tried to look anywhere but below his waistline, as he said softly, “I need to speak to Ever for a few minutes. Go upstairs, take a shower and get ready. There’s someplace we want to take you.”

Excitement coursed through me. I bubbled, “Where are we going?!”

He grinned at my enthusiasm. “A local shifter club.”

Oh! I’d heard of such things, but I’d never been to one. Lucky and I had evaded any chance of running into other shifters while we were on the run. “What should I wear?”

His mouth curled into a wolfish grin. “A dress...short, preferably.”

I rolled my eyes. Of course, he preferred it short.

His head came down, and he added huskily, “...and no panties.”

Tingles ran up and down my spine. My pelvis clenched hard, both at his words and tone of voice. I placed a shaky hand on his chest and said breathily, “Slow down there, big boy. I’m not going anywhere without proper undergarments.”

Without warning, he bit down right on his mark! Not hard enough to break the skin, but sufficiently to make it feel like my girly parts had just been set on fire. “Oh...shit!!” I sucked in a sharp breath and tried not to let out a high-pitched whine.

That bastard just chuckled, low and seductive, and repeated, ”No panties,” before turning around and walking away.

Damn him!

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