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Gentlemen's Choice


I dropped my head down on her shoulder and breathed a huge sigh of relief when my fingertips came into contact with lacy panties.

Hycinth let out peals of laughter.

I lifted and shook my head. I could finally crack a smile again. Nestling into her neck again, I promised huskily, “Well played, little mouse. But you’re going to pay for fucking with me.”

Without even a second of hesitation, she replied cheekily, “I thought you wanted me to fuck with you.”

More laughter filled the air with the rest of our group could easily hear our conversation.

"Oh, I do, little mouse. I do,” my voice dropped an octave as I pushed the dress away from her shoulders. She pulled her arms out, and I slid the dress over her hips until it pooled at her feet. Without taking off her high-heeled shoes, she daintily took a step back out of the garment, her back now pressed against my chest, and proceeded to bend over...at the fricking waist nonetheless...pushing her barely clad ass right into my crotch as she gathered the dress, and straightened again, brushing off any dust from the garment.

I groaned and had to adjust myself in my pants.

“Fucking hell, Leander,” Asher muttered. “You’ve got your hands full.”

I was well aware. But if this was how she wanted to play, let’s play.

There was almost a collective gasp from the crowd as I stepped away, no longer blocking their field of vision. I knew what they were looking at. Standing completely confident in just her bra and matching little scrap of panties, she had a rock hard body that made the five shewolves in the corner turn a sickly green with envy. Their giggles were completely gone in the face of their true competition. And none of them even came close.

The shewolves weren’t the only ones to take notice. The unmated males were salivating and twitching, while the mated wolves were eyeing her vast tattoos with deserved respect. They understood what kind of pain she had to endure for that amount of ink.

I sucked in a deep breath and blew it out, getting a firm grip on my desire to take bites out of every wolf indulging in the visual decadence of her body.

It took no time at all for Asher and Ever to undress their mates down to their underwear as well. Willow was dressed in a camisole versus a bra, so a little more covered than the other two, but not much. Once we were all back in place, Brian cleared his throat. “Well...that was um, interesting. Okay, let’s keep going. The score is still four to one, females in the lead. Gwen...your turn.”

She promptly deposited the ball right into a cup. Ever pulled out the card underneath and read it out loud, “Get a one-minute facial massage...with your mate’s bare feet.”

“Done!” Ever grinned. “Bring it on, ladies.”

Ever, Asher and I moved to sit on a nearby couch. Brian slid a long ottoman right in front of us. He locked the wheels, so it wouldn’t roll. The girls positioned themselves on the ottoman and balanced themselves with their hands behind them. Hycinth kicked off her heels.

“Begin!” Brian flipped a sand timer.

Hycinth raised her bare feet to my face. She giggled as she pressed her little toes against my cheeks. I didn’t mind at all...from this position, I had a bird’s eye view right between her legs.

“Little bit to the left, honey,” Asher’s voice came out muffled like he had a cold.

I turned my head to find Willow squeezing his nose with her toes. I chuckled. At least Hycinth was keeping her ministrations to my cheeks and forehead.

“Hey!” Gwen squealed from the other end of the couch. “Stop biting!”

“There’s nothing in the rules against biting,” Ever snorted.

She smacked him in the face with her toes.

“Ow!” he grunted. “You’re supposed to massage, not hit.”

“There’s nothing in the rules against hitting,” she replied tartly. “Besides, I call that deep tissue massage.”

“I show you deep tissue massage later,” he growled.

Her giggling turned breathy, and the unmistakable scent of her arousal filled the air.

Ever grabbed his hardening dick with a groan, “Fuck, woman, you can’t do that!”

“Rubbing one out isn’t going to solve your problem,” Asher snorted, sounding like he was underwater. Damn, Willow was relentless with his nose.

Hycinth’s chest rose and fell with laughter as she watched and listened to their banter, barely paying attention to what she was trying to do with her feet. I loved to see her have a good time. I held her ankles steady in the air and kissed her toes lightly.

Brian called out, “Time!”

Hycinth slipped her heels back on. I slid my hands down the outside of her hips to her knees as she stood up. Her breath caught in her throat as she stared down at me. She quivered for a moment and then inhaled deeply, letting the breath out slowly, before sliding out from between my legs. I smirked. Maybe, having her half naked wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

When we all made our way back to the table, it was my turn again. I aimed for one of the cups without a dare and was pleased when the ball dropped in. Hycinth’s eyes narrowed. She accused, “You did that on purpose.”

I grinned. “Yep...drink up, love.”

She downed the drink without even blinking. And then returned the favor, sinking the ball into the cup we’d already completed the dare. I picked it up and tilted it in her direction before guzzling it down. Asher also successfully hit an open cup, forcing Willow to drink again. Willow licked the remaining beer from her lips and tossed the ping-pong ball in our direction. It easily dropped into a cup with a dare. The girls broke out into a small cheer, giving each other high-fives, which looked rather funny in their underwear.

Asher pulled out the card and read it, “Take a shot...opponent choice.”

Ever grinned, “Fuck, yes!”

Brian looked toward the other end of the table. “Okay, ladies. What’ll it be?”

They put their heads together and whispered animatedly, but it was hard to catch any of their words over the general noise of the club. After a moment, they popped apart, and Willow purred devilishly, “Hot sauce.”

Ever’s eyes went wide. ”Ba—by,” he whined. “We were nice when we chose your shot.”

She snorted and raised an eyebrow, calling him on his shit, “Uh huh. You selected Patrón out of the goodness of your heart.”

Asher and I both laughed. We were up for the challenge but Ever hated spicy foods. And Gwen knew it. Damn, they were playing hardcore.

Abruptly, Brian appeared with a small tray containing three shot glasses with red liquid inside. Asher grabbed one, and I selected another. Ever reluctantly picked up the last one, his mouth turned down into a pout.

“Wait a minute,” I looked at Brian. “I’m going to need a shot of whiskey to chase this down.”

“Me too,” Ever piped up and added miserably, “and a glass of milk...a big fucking glass of milk.”

Brian disappeared, only to reappear with another tray containing three more shots and three glasses of milk. Once we gathered the additional shots and milk, Brian said cheerfully, “Cheers, gentlemen.”

I tossed the hot sauce down my throat, purposefully keeping it out of my mouth, and gulped it down in one swallow. It still burned like a mother in my esophagus. I grabbed the shot of whiskey and drank it slower, letting it wash away the remnants of the hot sauce.

Ever coughed and sputtered. I looked over to find tears rolling down his cheeks while he cursed and sucked down milk at the same time. When he could finally catch his breath, he eyed Gwen and threatened, “I am sooo spanking you when we go home, woman.”

I laughed, “So that was your paddle? I always knew you were freak.”

“You should talk,” he retorted. “Don’t think I missed that little jar of ass crème on the floor when you destroyed your room.”

Asher and Willow rolled with laughter. I chuckled, my chest rumbling. Hycinth turned a beautiful shade of pink. And Gwen was staring at Ever, wide-eyed. Ah, it wasn’t an empty threat then.

His threat might have been real, but it didn’t stop Gwen from leaning forward and pushing her boobs together, hovering right above the cups when it was his turn. “Go ahead, baby.”

Whether it was due to her distraction, or he was still jacked up from the hot sauce, either way, he missed the shot. Hycinth plucked the ball from the air after it bounced off the edge of the cup. There were more high-fives from the girls before she handed the ball off to Gwen, who promptly sank it into an open cup. Ever growled as he picked up the cup and drink down the beer, although I didn’t think the alcohol bothered him. If anything, it further helped to wash away the hot sauce.

“The score is males, six...females, three,” Brian updated our group. “Back to you, Alpha.”

I easily sank the ball. Hycinth pulled out the dare. She blushed and her mouth curved into an ‘O’ as she read the card.

Excellent...this should be good.

She swallowed and read aloud, “Gave your mate a two-minute lap dance.”

“Fuck yes,” Asher hissed.

I agreed. I quite liked this dare...and she was in sexy little panties...yes, this dare worked for me.

The girls giggled, and Hycinth nodded to Brian, who grinned and turned to us. “Back to the couches, gentlemen.”

We didn’t need to be told twice, all three of us eagerly getting into position as the girls walked toward us. Hycinth turned her back to me and sat down straddling my lap. Once Gwen and Willow were also in position, Brian flipped the sand timer. “Begin!”

Quite conveniently, the music transitioned from an up-tempo beat to an erotic pulse. Hycinth rolled her hips, rubbing her ass on my now hard cock. I wrapped my hand around the front of her neck, collaring her, and placed my other hand on her hip, but let her control the movement. She kept a steady grind, alternating directions, right to left, front to back, and tight, little-focused circles. I groaned. Fuck, she felt good. I growled in her ear, “Are you wet for me, love?”

“Yes,” she answered breathily, her chest heaving.

I knew she was. I could feel it through the fabric of my slacks, and the scent of her arousal had filled the air around us. My nostrils flared, breathing in the delectable smell. My voice was guttural and deep, “I can’t wait until I have you in this position...and can watch my cock sliding in and out of you.”

She moaned, and her head dropped back to my shoulder, her movement short and jerky, overcome with her arousal. That was okay. I used my hold on her hip to tilt her ass up so that her clit bumped against my hardness repeatedly. She whimpered, “Leander...”

Way too quickly, Brian interrupted, “Time!”

Hycinth froze, breathing heavily, trying to calm herself down. I would have tried to help her with that, except I was so hard, I wasn’t sure if I could even walk. I pressed my forehead in between her shoulder blades and pulled in ragged breaths. Finally, she stood shakily to her feet.

Fuck. My hard-on wasn’t going away quickly, but I wasn’t alone. Ever and Asher hungrily watched their mates walk back into their position at the table, their cocks just as hard as mine. The three of us stood with a collective groan. Living with a bunch of horny wolves meant we frequently saw each other in a state of arousal. It wasn’t a big deal. But still, it sure as hell wasn’t comfortable either.

I did my best to reposition myself to get as comfortable as possible and tried to think of anything other than having Hycinth’s wet pussy rubbing against me. Maybe the lap dance wasn’t such a good idea.

It was Hycinth’s turn. Even after the alcohol and influx of arousal, she made the shot. I pulled out the dare. “Your mate gets to write on your face with a marker for thirty seconds.”

Ever exhaled in relief. “Fuck, after that last one, I’ll happily let you draw a pretty picture on my face.”

The girls smiled brightly and made their way to our side of the table. Brian gave each of them a black marker and flipped a timer. Hycinth was still wearing her heels, making it easier for her to reach me. I felt her draw quick lines on my cheeks and above my eyebrows, before drawing a circle on my nose and filling it in.

“Times up!” Brian called out.

“What did you draw?” I asked curiously, although I had an idea.

She smirked, “You make an adorable pussy...cat.”

I grinned. Yep. Her answer was what I thought.

We looked over to find Ever with a clown face. Hycinth giggled.

Asher turned to me and muttered, “It’s a dick, isn’t it? She drew a dick. I just know it is.”

Hycinth placed a hand over her open mouth, not quite able to contain her amusement. I didn’t even bother trying, and just burst out laughing, “Yep...it’s exactly a dick. And quite realistic too. She even added little curly pube hair.”

Asher groaned and hung his head. “Fantastic. Just what I always wanted…thanks, baby.”

“You’re welcome, baby!” she crooned and skittered back to their side of the table.

The good news was my erection was now under control. Little did I know just how quickly that small bit of relief was going to vanish.

Asher tossed the ping-pong ball directly into a waiting cup. Willow extracted the dare from beneath it. “Talk dirty to your mate for two minutes.”

I couldn’t help the groan that slipped out and suggested, “Maybe it would be better to skip that one, and just drink.”

One of Hycinth’s eyebrows went up. She studied me, and then turned to Willow with a smirk, “I’m in.”

So that was it. She was going to kill me with a slow torture of arousal. Fuck it. There were worse ways to die.

“Couches, gentlemen,” Brian instructed.

Hycinth made her way to me, brow furrowed as she worried her bottom lip with her teeth. It was evident she was trying to decide what to say. I chuckled at her deep concentration. She didn’t have any experience, per se. Maybe this wouldn’t be the end of me, after all. Yeah, I could handle this.

She straddled my lap, facing me, and pressed close, her lips brushing my ear. I couldn’t help teasing, “Did you decide what you’re going to say?”

“Mm...hmm,” she whispered, her breath tickling my skin. “I missed you earlier.”

I tilted my head. She missed me? Where was she going with this? I asked softly, “When?”

“In the shower...”

Oh! That’s where she was going. Fuck.

But since I was a glutton for punishment, I asked huskily, “What did you do?”

Fuck me, if she didn’t nibble on my earlobe, pulling it gently, before replying, “I…touched myself.”

I couldn’t help growling, my arms reflexively tightening around her.

“I imaged your mouth...on me,” she continued breathily, her voice soft. “I wanted to know...what I tasted like, so I...put my fingers in my mouth.”

Yep. Rock-fucking-hard once again. I groaned.

The tone of her voice was hypnotic, capturing every fiber of my being. She whispered, “I want to know...what I taste like...after you’ve had your tongue inside me.”

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

It had been way too fucking long since I’d had sex.

Thistruly was cruel and unusual punishment.

But she wasn’t stopping. Nope. She was fucking relentless, her breath blowing in my ear as she whispered, “Will you do that? Will you put your mouth on me?”

“Every second of every day if I could,” I growled. “I’m going to feast on that sweet little pussy of yours.”

She moaned and rubbed her breasts against me.

“Is that a true story?” I rasped.

She was silent for a moment and then admitted softly, “Yes.”

My dick twitched. I swallowed hard. “Did you come?”

She nodded, keeping her head tucked into my neck. I could feel her shyness and innocence through the bond. It was enough to drive me mad.

“Time’s up!” Brian’s voice broke through the ridiculous fog of desire in my head.

Once again, she shakily lifted, this time avoiding my eyes. But I wouldn’t let her pull away. Instead, I cupped her cheeks and forced her to look at me, murmuring, “I fucking loved that story.”

She blushed but smiled at me brilliantly. I couldn’t help bringing her lips to mine and kissing her softly, before finally letting her go.

All three males hobbled back to the table.

I couldn’t have been more pleased when Willow sank her shot, and Asher pulled out a card that said, “Get ice poured down your pants...courtesy of your mate.”

“Oh yes. Fuck yes...bring that on!” Ever demanded, his voice gruff. He sounded like he was in pain. From the look of him, no doubt, he was.

Brian handed each of the girls a large cup of crushed ice. When Hycinth reached me, I undid my belt and pants, making it easier for her. I was eager for relief. But she shocked the hell out of me when instead of immediately pouring the ice down my trousers, she reached her hand inside and palmed my cock through my underwear. She gave me a quick stroke. My eyes rolled back into my head. My voice so deep and guttural, I didn’t even recognize it, “That’s not helping, love.”

I opened my eyes to find her biting her lip mischievously, before unceremoniously dumping the entire cup of ice around my swollen cock. I sucked in a sharp breath. The cold was jolting but welcome relief. Of course, now I was going to look like I’d wet my pants. Ah, who the fuck cared? I certainly didn’t.

I let the ice do its job for a minute and then wiggled until most of it fell out the bottom of my trousers. When my gaze met Hycinth’s again, she was still smirking wickedly, clearly aware of the trauma she’d happily put me through. Okay, I see. So, my little mate was less like a mouse, and actually more like a little vixen.

From behind me, Ever swore, “Fuck that’s cold.”

I turned to find he had wet spots on both the front and back of his pants. Apparently, Gwen had shared the ice equally.

She snorted from across the table, “Is your asshole frozen, baby?”

“Cute,” he glared at her as he stepped forward, grasped the little ping-pong ball and chucked it across the table. It landed in an open cup. His lips curled up. “Enjoy, baby.”

She lifted the red solo cup to her lips and drank it down, still grinning at him. She then lobbed the ball back in our direction, landing it effortlessly in an open cup. The girls squealed in success. Gwen stuck her tongue out at Ever.

“Keep making me promises,” he growled as he downed the drink.

It was back to my turn. However, before I released the shot, something fell from Willow’s hand, and she purred, “Oh look, Hycinth, you dropped your napkin.”

Hycinth’s head swiveled around to see what she was talking about. When she saw the napkin on the floor, she flashed me a dirty little smile. And then proceeded to bend at the knees, and grabbed the napkin. But rather than bringing her torso and head up first, she remained bent over and straightened her legs, flashing me a perfect view of her ass and pussy. Her panties were black, but with my Wolf vision, it wasn’t hard to miss how wet they were. Fuck, she could be shy. But she could also be bold as hell.

On another day, that tactic might have thrown me off, but not today, because I had only one goal in mind now. To get her out of there—as quickly as damn possible. I released the ball. It landed in an open cup. She pouted that her diversion was not successful, and drank down the beer. Yet again, she returned the favor, and I ended up drinking as well.

Brian recapped before Asher began his turn, “Great game, players. Gentlemen have eight points against them. Ladies currently have five.” He gave Asher a nod to go ahead. Asher tossed the ball, landing it in one of the cups with a dare. Willow pulled it out and inhaled sharply before reading it out loud, “Submit to a body shot from your mate.”

Oh, my ears perked up. I’d been ready to leave, but this particular dare might just give me the edge I needed to pay Hycinth back for her sexual torment. I kept my expression smooth and disinterested, not revealing how much I wanted her to agree to the challenge. The girls conferred amongst each other, occasionally glancing over their shoulders at us, and then separated. Willow looked at Brian. “We’re in.”

A happy, devilish growl slipped from my throat. Hycinth’s head snapped to meet my gaze. I had no idea what my expression revealed, other than I was no longer trying to hide my eagerness of the challenge. Her eyes went wide as she stared at me. I licked my lips.

“Gentleman’s choice for the shots,” Brian said.

“Patrón,” Asher answered.

“Same,” I acknowledged.

Brian turned to Ever, who purred, “Chocolate.”

I snorted. He had quite a sweet tooth.

Brian positioned three couches, before disappearing behind the bar.

I curled my finger at Hycinth, motioning for her to come over. Her eyes were still wide as she crossed the distance and laid down on the couch. She looked up at me and asked suspiciously, “What are you up to”

I blinked. “What makes you think I’m up to anything?”

She tilted her head. “Because you’re looking at me like I’m a tasty little rabbit.”

My lips curled up even more. She wasn’t wrong.

Brian returned before I had to answer. He handed me a small silver tray with a shot glass, salt, and lime. I picked up the lime and Hycinth instantly opened her mouth to accept it between her teeth. If I had any doubt before she knew what she was doing, it was gone now. I placed the lime in her waiting mouth and repositioned myself so that I was kneeling at the end of the couch, rather than standing by her side. With one swift movement, I pulled her body toward me, so that her ass was only inches away from the end of the couch, forcing her to bend her knees, so she could grip the edge of the couch with her toes.

She snatched the lime from her mouth and gasped, “Leander!” her eyes wild. “What are you doing?!”

“Payback’s a bitch, love,” I smirked wickedly.

She tried to squirm her way back up the couch, away from me, but I wouldn’t let her move an inch.

“No, no, no...let’s not be hasty,” she insisted. “Let’s talk about this first!”

“We already talked about it,” I reminded her. “You asked. Now you’re going to receive.”

“You can’t be serious!” She lifted her head and stared at me incredulously.

I ignored her objections, and demanded softly, “Lie back, love...and put the lime back in your mouth. I’m going to want it in a minute...or two.”

She continued to stare at me in shock. I sighed and stood to my feet, and leaned over her, my mouth coming down right on my mark. I gave it a hard pull. He head fell to the cushion, and her back arched. The luscious scent of her arousal filled the air. That’s better. I released her neck and sprinkled salt over the wet spot my mouth had made.

Hycinth’s chest was heaving, her eyes swirling with desire.

“Lime,” I reminded her.

Without another word, she obediently put the lime back between her teeth.

“Good girl,” I cooed and slid down a little so that I could pour the tequila exactly where I wanted it. She gasped when she felt the cool liquid pool on her flat belly and then run down between her legs.

Without another word, I quickly licked the salt away from her neck and dove in, sucking the liquor off of her stomach, my tongue swirling and teeth nipping at her flesh, as I moved down to her pussy. When I latched onto her clit through her panties, her back arched, almost coming off of the couch. She moaned loudly, slurring around the lime, “Holy. Fuck.”

I chuckled, entertained with her response. It was exactly what I wanted. But now I’d made her a promise I was going to fulfill. I hooked my finger through the crotch of her panties, pulling it aside and thrust my tongue into her. She bucked and writhed. I moved back to her clit. It was so swollen, it would take no time at all to get her off. Alternating between fast flicks with my tongue and sucking every last drop of the remaining tequila, it was mere seconds before I felt her muscles in her belly contract, and she released, her clit pulsing beneath my tongue.

Moving quickly back up her body, my mouth joined hers around the lime, the tart liquid bursting into my mouth. But it wasn’t what I wanted. Using my teeth, I plucked it from her mouth and spat it out, before plunging my tongue between her lips, letting her taste herself. She growled and met me back ferociously, her claws came out, sinking into my neck.

Without warning, I felt someone slap my ass. Hard.

My head snapped to the side to find Gwen standing next to me, shaking her hand as though it hurt. “Hey!” Ever objected, glaring at her.

She looked up at him. ”What? I had to do something. You saw them. In another minute, he was going to be ten inches deep.”

Her answer didn’t make things any better because Ever growled, “How the fuck do you know how deep he’d be?!”

She rolled her eyes. “The three of you have sported erections for most of the game. I’m not blind.”

Hycinth snorted with laughter. I looked back down at her and grinned. Gwen was right. Not the part about me taking her right there. I had no intention of doing that. But the fact I’d needed the hard slap to catch my attention. I reached out, and Hycinth took my hand, letting me pull her into a sitting position. I leaned in and whispered, “Are you okay?”

She nodded and smiled up at me. I stood and pulled her to her feet. When we all arrived back at the table, Brian began, ”O—kay. Well, that was um...also quite interesting. The score hasn’t changed. Willow, proceed.”

We only had two cups left on the table, one with a dare or and one without. Willow easily tossed the ball into the cup containing the last dare. I tensed. As much as I have enjoyed every moment, I couldn’t handle another sexually charged challenge. I was going to need release...soon. Asher read the card, “Exchange shirts with your mate.”

His brow furrowed as he looked across the table to where none of our mates wore a shirt. “Uh...what do we do now?”

“Easy,” Brian smirked. Apparently, this question had come up before. “They wear your shirts...and you wear their bras.”

Ever snorted, but I was already unbuttoning my shirt, eager to get Hycinth covered again finally. I didn’t give a shit if I had to wear her bra in the process. Making my way across the table, I wrapped my shirt around her shoulders, and held it closed to keep her covered and commanded, “Bra please.”

She giggled and slipped her arms out of the bra, and then reached behind to undo the clasp, releasing it from her body.

“Hey! We never agreed,” Ever rumbled from behind me.

Without even bothering to look over my shoulder, I replied firmly, “Oh, we agreed.”

“Let it drop,” I ordered Hycinth, not willing to use either one of my hands until I had her completely buttoned up. The bra fell to the ground, and she slipped her arms into my shirt and then held it closed while I buttoned it up. Finally.

I stepped away and gathered the bra from the ground. I held it in front of me, not quite sure how I was going to manage to squeeze my large frame into her tiny bra. She took it from my hands and held it out. “Here, put your arms through.”

I did as she instructed.

“Now, turn around.”

Again, I followed her instruction without question, turning my back to her. But I already knew there was no way she was going to be able to do the clasp. I felt her pull on the straps a few times and then she muttered, “I think you’re going to have to let it hang like it is.”

“Works for me,” I replied, walking back over to my side of the table. I laughed when I finally noticed what Ever and Asher were wearing. Ever was decked out the same as I was, Gwen’s bra hanging from his shoulders, unable to clasp it in the back. But Willow had been wearing a camisole. The fabric must have been quite stretchy because Asher somehow managed to get it on. Although now it was pulled so tightly across his chest, his nipples were visible out the top, which just looked hilarious. I snorted, “Nice look, Nsync. Ready to finish this?”

He groaned, “So ready.”

We must have all been ready because Ever aimed for a cup without a dare. Gwen drank it down. She did the same, causing him to drink. I followed suit and Hycinth right after me, sinking the last shot. I don’t even remember tasting it as I swigged it down quickly.

“Females win!” Brian announced.

After plenty of high-fives celebrating their success, Hycinth picked her dress up from the counter and looked around for a place to change. We made our way to the bathroom, all of us needing to relieve ourselves. Before she went in, I murmured, “Don’t bother putting it back on. You’ll be more comfortable in my shirt.”

She nodded and disappeared into the bathroom with the other girls. It didn’t take Ever, Asher and I long to pee and wash our hands before we emerged and waited for the girls to finish. I had no idea why it took longer for females to pee, but somehow it always did.

Finally, they walked out. Gwen and Willow had also decided not to change back into the dresses, preferring just to wear our shirts. Without a word, I gathered Hycinth in my arms, carrying her bridal style, and muttered, “Say goodbye.”

“Oh! Okay.” She had to look over my shoulder because I was already headed for the door. She called out loudly to the rest of the group who were trailing behind us, “Bye, bitches!”

Gwen and Willow erupted into giggles, the alcohol enhancing their amusement. I shook my head. I had already called for our driver and was pleased to see the vehicle waiting. He opened the door, and I tossed Hycinth inside. She squealed and landed with a little bounce in the soft seat. I climbed in next to her in. The door shut behind us. Her eyes were wide as I pushed a button that closed the privacy divider between the driver and us. The lights dimmed and then went out, leaving us in the darkened interior, as the driver put the car in gear and pressed on the gas.

Before Hycinth could even snap her seat belt, I lifted her out of her chair and onto my lap, reclining my seat back as far as it would go.
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