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The Taste of Him


“Oh!” I sucked in a startled breath as I found myself straddling his lap on the wide seat, my hands pressed flat against his bare chest for support.

Skin against skin.

Tingles ran from my fingertips straight to my core, making me squirm. He groaned in appreciation and tightened his hold, one large hand gripping my hip, the other wrapped around the nape of my neck. Swirling violet and cerulean orbs stared up at me. Deep. Darkening.

Under his intense stare and scrutiny, I felt incredibly alive.

I was entranced, caught in the raw intensity of his gaze. The invisible force that drew us together tugged at my defenses, threatening to break down my walls and demolish my resistance. It was kinetic. Glorious and warm. It flexed, pulling us closer, refusing to be denied. A pulse of truth rippled through our connection—this beautiful male belonged to me. He was mine.

For this moment, I was okay with that. I welcomed it. I embraced it. I didn’t want to think about tomorrow—whether or not I could keep him. Right now, I just wanted to be with him. To touch and be touched. To soak up all of the love and joy the bond had to offer.

“So damn beautiful,” his deep voice was thick and full of conviction. Soft city lights, muted by the vehicle’s tinted glass windows, cast a heavenly glow along the hard planes of his cheek. Wonder and awe radiated in his expression, warming my insides. He made me feel as if I was the only woman in the world. My breath hitched. He wasn’t holding back. His heartfelt sincerity was laid bare, transparent in his heated gaze.

A pleasurable flush rose up my spine, warming my neck and face. Embarrassed by the visible pink on my cheeks, I leaned forward and tucked my head into the crook of his neck.

“Don’t hide from me.” Clever fingers stroked the soft skin on the back of my neck.

I didn’t move. From this position, his scent was overwhelming. I pressed my nose closer and breathed deeply. It was intoxicating. Hickory and vanilla, combined with fine European leather, permeated my senses, bathing me in their addictive allure. He smelled positively delicious. Good enough to eat.

The gears of my mind churned. I’d seen everything he had to offer. The memory of him standing naked before me—willingly subjecting himself to my visual inspection—caused arousal to skitter down my spine. What would his velvety goodness feel like? Taste like. On my tongue? I wanted to know. Provided, of course, I could get my lips around his thick girth. My mouth watered. Images of tasting him caused my pelvic muscles to clench with anticipation and excitement.

Interrupting my internal fantasy, his voice resonated with dominance, ”Kiss me.” Not waiting for me to comply, he tightened his grip on my nape and pulled my head away from his chest just enough for his lips to find mine.

The contact brought an instant explosion of primal savagery.




A surge of Nature...

Demanding we complete the mating process Leander began with his bite to my neck—intense, violent need in the pit of my stomach. Pleasure ignited my blood, spreading heat throughout my entire body. Growls percussed from Leander’s chest. He forced my mouth open with his tongue, and plunged inside, delivering his delicious flavor with a tantalizing stroke.

He tastes so good, my Wolf moaned. I agreed. Sweet tequila, virile male and just a hint of me remained from his earlier exploration—decadence worthy of an award. I wrapped one hand around his neck and curled the other through his hair, my nails grazing across his scalp. He shuddered.

His hand traveled down my spine and under his shirt I was wearing until he gripped a butt cheek in each large paw. His fingers held tight, kneading and stroking my flesh, probably leaving more than one mark on my body, but I didn’t care. I reveled in his force. I wanted him to dominate me. I wanted to feel the weight of him. I wanted to experience the ferocious invasion of his cock as he made me his.

But I wouldn’t make it easy for him.

I couldn’t help testing my strength against his. My Wolf and I didn’t want a weak male. Our Nature demanded only a male more powerful was worthy. I licked into his mouth. My tongue tangled with his, fighting for dominance. My fingers curled tighter into his hair, pulling harshly. My claws came out as my other hand collared his neck, nearly piercing the skin of his vulnerable flesh.

He met my challenge with a deep growl rumbling through his chest.

The ears of my Wolf stood straight up, as did the hair on her back. She understood even more than I did what the internal rumblings of his Wolf meant...and this particular sound put her on high alert. My heartbeat fluttered like a hummingbird’s wings. I had no idea what to expect. Would he wrestle me for control? Try to physically subdue me to shift my position of advantage?

But he didn’t even try to remove my restricting hand from his throat. He didn’t have to. Instead, he firmly rocked my aching core against his erection. Without removing his mouth from mine, his voice dropped an octave, “Do you feel how fucking hard you make me?”

The movement and his words were the equivalents of a shot of adrenaline straight to my nervous system. Blazing desire roared through the center of my body, short-circuiting my brain, causing the neurons to misfire. A burst of endorphins made it impossible for me to think. All thoughts of testing his strength went straight out the window—gone so completely, it was as if they never existed in the first place. Hell, at this point, I was struggling just to remember my own name.

I couldn’t maintain the kiss. My head fell back. My skin tingled. A needy mewl released from my throat, low and long.

That’s it, little shewolf, submit to me. The thoughts of his Wolf came through loud and clear. He continued the movement, angling my hips, rubbing and bumping my clit against the steel in his pants. He was building a fire inside of me. I had to have more of him...right then. I had to have him on my tongue. In my mouth. If I didn’t, I might possibly die. My head snapped back up. My eyes blazed as I darted in like a venomous snake, my lips capturing his once again, my Wolf growling and snarling her intent.

Our mouths met with a ferocious kiss, a mad dash frenzy that had me panting and moaning, my chest heaving. I ripped my lips away from his again, intent on getting what I wanted, and began to kiss down his bare chest, tasting and exploring freely. He tasted divine, sweet vanilla and woodsy spice, all male. My tongue flicked one of his nipples. The little nub hardened. His breath caught. I continued my downward path.

He groaned and choked out, “Wait a minute.”

I looked up at him in confusion. Why had he stopped me? Surely he understood my intention.

He understood, all right. It looked like the last words he wanted to say, but he forced them out anyway, “You don’t...have to do this.”

Oh, I understood now. I smirked, leaned in and sucked his lower lip between my teeth. “I know...but I want to taste you.”

He groaned. His lips curled into a wicked grin of anticipation. His voice was thick and gruff, “Well, by all means...”

I held his gaze as I repositioned and slid to the floor in between his legs.

Both he and his Wolf stared at me with hawk-like intensity. Hungrily.

I undid his pants. He lifted slightly, and shifted them and his boxer-briefs low on his hips, letting his cock spring free. I inhaled sharply. Shit, I’d forgotten just how big he was. I reached a tentative hand to touch him. His dick twitched beneath my fingertips. My fingers curled around him, holding him firm.

“Fuck!” he hissed. His hips automatically bucked, pushing him further into my hand. My grip tightened, restricting his movement. A bead of liquid collected at the tip. I licked my lips.

“Wait,” he rasped.

I looked up, confused at his resistance again.

“The shirt...” his voice was ragged with anticipation. “I want to see you...while you have your mouth wrapped around me.”

Oh, I inhaled sharply...okay. I leaned back on my haunches, balancing my weight on my knees and shins. My fingers trembled as I slowly undid each of the buttons of his shirt. His eyes gleamed with sexual and predatory intent as he watched me. A flush of arousal caused my skin to tingle. I might have been on my knees in front of him, but I didn’t feel vulnerable. Just the opposite. His heated gaze made me feel powerful. I could see how much I affected him.

Once the last button was undone, I shrugged it off my shoulders, and let it fall to the floor. Not waiting for a prompt from him, I continued to hold his gaze as I reached behind my back and unsnapped my bra.

He hummed in anticipation, the sound so naughty it caused my toes to curl. Violet eyes glowed in the moonlight. His piercing gaze settled on my bare breasts. My nipples stood at attention, hard and achy, wanting his mouth. His fingers twitched. He wanted to touch, but he resisted. A sound of appreciation rumbled from his chest. He liked what he saw. A lot.

My Wolf preened, head high, tail straight in the air. She basked in his attention and obvious satisfaction in our body. But this level of intimacy was new to me. I’d never been fully on display for a male before. I blushed, feeling heat creep up the back of my neck. I pulled away slightly.

He caught my chin in one of his large hands, not letting me move any farther away.

I stared up at him with wide eyes.

His thumb gently brushed my cheek. He whispered gruffly, “You are so fucking beautiful.”

His words wound through me like warm honey. The bond flexed between us, unbreakable threads of connection. I was safe with him. He wouldn’t hurt me. He didn’t say those words, but that’s what he meant. I relaxed into his touch, nudging my head further into his hand.

His Wolf’s approval flowed through my head. That’s it. Good girl.

I relaxed even further, ready to get back to the task at hand. My eyes drifted down his sculpted chest to his ready-and-waiting manhood. I wrapped one hand around him, reveling in the contrast of velvety soft skin over rock hard male. I tightened my grip, and with a gentle stroke, I ran my hand up and down his long shaft.

He let out a hiss. His abdomen muscles contracted. Another bead of glistening liquid appeared.

Leaning forward, my tongue came out. My eyes flickered back up and held his. His hand clenched into a fist as he watched me slowly licked the liquid from his plump head. He swore under his breath, “Fuck. Me.”

My Wolf moaned at his taste, salty and sweet. It was as good as she’d hoped. She wanted more. I did too.

In his reclined position and with his pants so low, legs spread wide. I could easily reach his balls. Not willing to let go of his cock, I used my free hand to explore their unique texture with my fingertips. I loved that they were completely shaved—silky smooth and ready for my mouth. The only hair on him was a tantalizing trail from his navel to his cock.

Leaning down, I placed a gentle kiss on his sensitive area. His cock twitched in my hand. Stroking him gently, I trailed my tongue over the expanse of his balls, exploring and tasting every inch of him, sucking and rolling them with my tongue. He grew even harder in my hand. The rumble in his chest increased to an almost constant thrum. He exhaled the ragged breath. “Fuck, just like that, little mouse.”

Not releasing his flesh from my mouth, I glanced up through my eyelashes. Fire and heat swirled in his violet and cerulean irises. His pupils were blown, completely dilated. He stared down at me with an expression that could be described as none other than pure, unadulterated need.

A burst of arousal shot through me. Heat pooled between my legs, causing my already damp panties to become drenched. I determined that I loved that expression of wanton need in eyes. It made me feel incredibly feminine and powerful. I continued on, spending several more minutes, massaging him with my tongue and mouth.

When my Wolf and I agreed we’d completely explored every inch of flesh his balls had to offer, we moved on to his ridged cock. The veins running along his length bulged. He was pink and twitching, the plump head leaking. He’d spent most of the evening hard. I suspected it wouldn’t take long before he burst. Taking my time, I explored his cock with my tongue but resisted taking him inside my mouth. Instead, I trailed my tongue along every inch and twirled it around his thick head before flattening it and lavishing the underside with long, languid licks.

“More,” he growled, his voice hoarse. His hips bucked, trying to push himself into my mouth.

I smirked. His control was tenuous at best. Wrapping my lips around just the tip, I sucked softly and made eye contact again. I lifted slightly and purred, “Is this what you want?”

His eyes burned even brighter, the predator barely contained beneath the surface. “Be careful, little shewolf. You’re playing with fire.”

His tone and words caused even more arousal to course through my veins. I shifted, trying to find friction between my legs, my own need becoming much more pronounced. It wasn’t enough. I reached a hand between my legs, looking for my clit.

Shocking the hell out of me, he moved lightning fast, abruptly leaning forward and snatched my hand away from my clit and forced it to my back. At the same time, the fingers on his other hand threaded through my hair, taking control of my movement. He held my lips to the head of his cock.

“Oh!” I gasped as I instinctually tried to pull away. But it was a foolish endeavor. Breaking his hold was impossible. I couldn’t move an inch. My chest heaved as I tried unsuccessfully to regulate my air flow.

His lips curled into a wicked smirk. He commanded softly, “Open, little mouse.”

I stared up at him wide-eyed. The power coming off of him was shocking—and intoxicating. It made me drunk with need. My Wolf was moaning at his dominance in my head. Her fantasies slammed through my consciousness—images of our body positioned ass-up with him draped over our back, thrusting, taking us hard and fast.

I blinked. He moved my head, stroking my lips against his top of his cock. He spoke again, his tongue dangerously soft, leaving no room for disobedience, “Open.”

I opened my mouth. He nodded, satisfaction and approval in his eyes, and fed me his cock an inch at a time. When my mouth was full of him, he purred, “Good girl.”

“Now, would you like to suck me off or would you like for me to fuck your mouth?”

His question startled me. I blinked again. My brain worked to make sense of his words. I thought I understood the difference. He was giving me a choice in either me controlling the movement or him. I couldn’t very well answer with his cock touching my throat, so I pulled back. He let me but only so far as to be able to speak. Otherwise, he kept the head of his cock pressed right against my lips. I whispered, “I want you...to do it.”

His eyebrows rose. He hadn’t expected my answer. But I wanted to feel everything he had to offer, no matter what it was and regardless of his feral display of dominance, he wouldn’t hurt me. He waited a moment, still searching my expression. And then he nodded.

Obediently, I opened and once again, he fed his cock to me slowly, until he could go no further. He released the hand behind my back, and murmured, “Both hands.” I moved my hand and wrapped it around his cock right beneath my other one.

He rubbed the pad of his thumb along the crest of my cheek and whispered, “Fuck, you look beautiful with your lips wrapped around my cock.”

A trickle of pleasure ran down my spine. I couldn’t say anything, so I just waited.

“Relax your throat,” he instructed. I did as he ordered, and worked to relax my body and my throat.

Tilting my chin and extending my neck, so that it was in a position he liked, he held my head still and began to rock his hips into me, going slowly so I could get used to the feel of him in my mouth. In and out, smooth and easy. On each backstroke, I twirled my tongue around the head of his cock. “That’s it.” He nodded again in approval.

After a moment, he picked up the pace, going faster and pushing deeper. The head of his cock nudged the back of my throat causing me to gag a little. My eyes watered a little, but he didn’t stop. He pressed in again, and murmured, “You can do this. You were born to take my cock in every way possible.”

I blinked away the moisture as he continued to use my mouth for his pleasure. He felt huge to me as I knelt at his feet, his large thighs on either side of my shoulders. Powerful arms and hands wrapped around my head.

Stroke after delicious stroke, grunts of satisfaction came from his chest. The sound of his pleasure, and knowing I was the reason for it, caused chills of excitement and goosebumps to flare on my skin.

He pulled away, his cock coming out of my mouth with a wet pop. I was stared at him in confusion—until he brought his head down to my neck and sucked on the mark, he’d place there, hard.

My back arched. I cried out and keened forward, trying to press myself into him, but he kept my head steady and pressed his cock back between my lips. My heart thundered in my chest. I was ravenous with lust and growled in my throat, demanding he give me everything he had to give. He did. He pushed forward, much deeper this time. My eyes watered, but neither of us cared. All that mattered was the feeling of him deep in my throat.

Faster and faster he went until, suddenly, his movements became jerky, less fluid. His expression strained. He gritted out, “I’m going to come.”

It was a question as much as it was a statement. Even without speaking, I could tell he was asking what I wanted. I just gripped his cock tighter with my hands, wordlessly telling him I didn’t want him to go anywhere until he filled me.

Understanding lit his expression. “Fuck,” he groaned under his breath.

Two more strokes and he was there. He let out a loud grunt of pleasure, and his head fell back. His movement was erratic, as he released. Over and over.

Admittedly, there was more than I had anticipated. I was shocked as spurt after spurt of hot cum splashed into my throat. I swallowed again and again, tears breaching my eyelashes as I struggled, working to get it all down without gagging or having something horrible happen like it come out my nose.

When he was finally finished, he pulled out and looked down at me, his expression shifting to alarm at my tears. Instantly, he had me in his lap, holding my head in his big paws. He whispered urgently, “Fuck...I’m so sorry...I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

I shook my head. Well, as much as I could with his anaconda-tight grip on my cheeks. “You didn’t hurt me. There was just a little bit...more than I had expected.” I tried to find a way to explain.

His expression told me he understood. The tension released from his shoulders as he exhaled in relief. Wiping the few remaining tears away with the pads of his thumbs, his lips found mine. His tongue swept inside. It was clear he didn’t mind tasting himself. After a long, languid kiss, he pulled back. His eyes held adoration as he whispered, “You were fucking incredible.”

I blushed. He didn’t let me contemplate my embarrassment long because, without warning, his mouth was once again at the mark on my neck.

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