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Not Easy


Fuck. I was in heaven.

Hycinth’s almost completely naked body, soft and willing, cradled in my arms.

She wasn’t resisting the bond, and she wasn’t resisting me. We’d gone from 0 to 100 tonight—from our first kiss to my tongue inside her sweet sex, to her lips wrapped around my cock. I slowly traced the crescent scar on her neck—my mark—with my tongue. My Wolf strutted in pride and adoration of our female.

Hycinth arched her back, keening into me, rubbing her delectable tits against the hard expanse of my chest. I repositioned my hands around her upper rib cage, my thumbs pressing and stroking the sides of her breasts as I lifted her body, my mouth latching on to one dusky nipple. She inhaled sharply.

I was merciless, licking and sucking one hardened nub before biting and flicking the other with my tongue, only to do it all over again. Going back and forth, relentlessly laving each breast with the broad side of my tongue, giving them the attention they deserved. Hycinth writhed and panted in my unmovable grip, head thrown back, eyes pinched shut.

She tried to grind her lower body against me, but I held her in the air, not allowing the contact. Almost constant mewls of pleasure and frustration released from her lips. I bit down on her nipple and spoke against her flesh, “Do you like that, little mouse?”

A growl came from her throat. Her head snapped up, lake blue eyes glaring and pleading with me at the same time, so needy for what I could give her. I couldn’t hold back any longer, lowering her onto my lap, giving her the friction she was desperate for. I claimed her mouth for my own.

She reacted like I’d set her on fire. Her claws came out, embedded in both sides of my neck as she savagely licked into my mouth and rocked her body hard against mine, rubbing and stroking her soaking wet panties along my again excruciatingly stiff cock.



I needed her naked, no barriers between us, and whispered against her lips, “Take these off.”

The change in her emotion radiated through the bond. Anxiety rolled through her. She hesitated and pulled back, her pupils widening as if just realizing what she was doing.

“Shh...” I soothed, “I’m just going to touch you. Nothing more. Your first time is definitely not going to be in a moving vehicle.” I had no intention of taking her here. As fantastic as this evening had been, and still was, I understood she wasn’t ready. Not yet. I wanted her first time to be mind-blowing.

And If I were honest, I’d also admit I was scared. She was going to willingly let me inside her body. But she’d made it clear; her heart was off-limits. I wanted to give her everything I had, no holding back. I wanted her to understand through not just my words, but also my touch, how very much she meant to me. I just wasn’t sure it would be enough. I wasn’t sure I would be enough to keep her. My heart clenched at the thought.

I pushed the painful thoughts out of my head. I couldn’t focus on the negative.

The tension released from Hycinth’s body. She melted back into me. Sliding my hand between her legs, I cupped her sex. Fuck, she felt good. So soft. So wet. She ground her luscious core into my palm.

“Panties. Off.” I reminded her huskily.

She trembled and pulled away just enough so she could slide her panties down her legs before climbing back onto my lap. The scent of her sweet arousal was thick, even more so with the loss of the last barrier of her underwear. It permeated the air around us, almost suffocating, drowning my senses and fucking with my head. But I didn’t care. I wanted to be smothered in it, inside and out. I inhaled deeply, sucking as much as I could into my lungs.

“Leander,” she whimpered, her need so pronounced, it was almost tangible.

My name, moaned in sweet supplication from her lips, was enough to break me. I wrapped her long hair around my fist and used my hold to force her lips back to mine. With a hum, I licked into her mouth. She tasted so fucking fantastic. A combination of her delicious flavor along with a lingering trace of me. My Wolf loved having the scent and taste of our cum in her mouth. I agreed.

She sucked my bottom lip between her teeth, nibbling.

“You liked having me in your mouth, didn’t you?” My other hand found her hot core once again. My thumb brushed over the top of her sex.

She gasped, heart racing. Her lower body gyrated against my hand. Her body’s reaction gave me my answer, but I wanted to hear it from her lips. I pinched her clit and growled, “I asked a question. I expect an answer.”

Her eyes snapped open. Lake blue orbs stared in shock at me.

I rolled her clit between the fingertips, smiling devilishly. “Answer me, little mouse...did you like sucking my cock?”

A beautiful pink cover her cheeks. “Yes,” she moaned, low and long, “I loved having you...in my mouth.” Without warning, she wrapped her small fingers tightly around my still exposed dick. She stroked me hard, from tip to base and back again.

My hips jerked. I hissed. My hand tightened, kneading her mound, loving how she fit in my palm.

Her eyelids slipped to half-mast, mouth falling slack.

I scissored my fingers at her entrance, stretching her body, over and over again, making her feel full, careful not to go too deep. I didn’t want to hurt her. Deep penetration wasn’t necessary. Not right now. Her clit was all I needed to get her off.

But she had other ideas, mumbling, “I want to feel you.”

I pulled back, my eyebrow rose.

Reaching between us, I was surprised when she pulled my hand away—until she scooted forward, opening her folds with her fingertips until her hot little nether lips were wrapped around the side of my cock. Lifting with her thighs, she rubbed her pussy up and down my length, her sweet creaminess coating my cock.

Pleasure skittered down my spine. My balls pulled up so tight. They felt like they were in my throat. I drew in a sharp breath. Fuck!

Sliding my hands down to her ass, I squeezed both perfectly rounded globes and jerked her forward, even tighter against my cock.

“Oh!” she cried out. Her hands found my shoulders, her claws digging in to my flesh as I took over the motion, moving her body against mine.

“Kiss me,” I demanded.

Eagerly, her lips found mine. The kiss was ferocious, a mad dash frenzy of biting, sucking, licking.

I angled her hips so that her clit had constant stimulation, and moved her faster and harder.

Stroke after stroke.

Up and down.

Again and again.

Until we were both panting. Her spiraling, out-of-control pleasure surged through the bond with the force of a tsunami. “Leander! Oh, I...”

My hips snapped in opposite force as I slid her against me. Her harsh grip on my shoulders turned into a clawing session. The scent of my blood permeated the air.

Two, three more strokes. And then she was there.

She let out a strangled sound as her clit twitched against the side of my cock.

I erupted with a roar, my release coating her breasts and belly.

I dropped my head to her neck, and sucked in deep breaths of air, trying to refill my empty lungs.

Her chest heaved as she came down from her high. She shifted slightly on my lap.

“Shit!” I hissed. My grip on her hips tightened. I held her still, refusing to let her move even an inch against my now overly sensitive manhood.

After several minutes, the sound of our heavy breathing slowed and then stopped. She lay against my chest, limp in my arms. I kissed her neck. She lifted her head to look at me.

My lips curled up into a very satisfied grin. She blushed and tried to look away, but I caught her cheeks with my hands and forced her to maintain eye contact. I murmured fervently, “You are unbelievably beautiful and sexy.”

Her eyes widened and then her mouth curved into a shy smile. I pulled her head toward me and kissed her softly.

The deceleration of the vehicle caught both of our attention. She pulled back, alarm swirling in her blue irises.

The car came to a full stop. The panic in her expression increased tenfold.

Her head swiveled around, frantically looking for my shirt. And then she looked down, taking inventory of the mess of my cum on both of us. I could almost read her thoughts, as her mouth curved into a horrified ’o’. She tried to wiggle off of my lap, but I wouldn’t let her go.

“Leander!” she hissed, struggling against my hold.

“Stop!” I spoke quickly, trying to break through her distress, “The driver won’t open the door.”

“He won’t?” She stared at me in confusion.

I shook my head. “No. As a matter of fact, he’s already going into the house.”

The breath whooshed out of her lungs, and her shoulders dropped in relief. “Oh, okay.” She breathed slowly for a minute and then cocked her head. “But why did he leave? He opened the door for us at the club?”

I tried very hard to contain my smug smile.

But she wasn’t fooled. More than that, my response caused her expression to shift into alarm. Once again, I saw the gears turning in her head. I knew when the answer came to her because her cheeks flamed red and she gasped, “No!” She babbled to herself, “He couldn’t see us...but he could hear. Oh no, he could smell!” her words trailed off in dismay.

I rubbed the pads of my thumbs gently along her cheekbones. “Shh...it’s okay, little mouse. It’s perfectly normal here. The wolves are completely unfazed by arousal around them. It happens so frequently. You have nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about.”

She contemplated my words silently. I was thankful when she seemed to let it go. She looked down once again and muttered, “Um, what are we going to do about...this? It’s one thing to have one Wolf be aware of our activities, but there is no way I’m going to walk into the house like this.” She motioned towards her chest.

Her words both humored me and turned me on. My Wolf and I thought it was a fucking fantastic idea, and would love nothing more than, having her walking around with our cum covering her breasts and belly...and anywhere else we could get it. But I shoved the arousal back down. This was not the time. I opened a side compartment and pulled out several wet wipes.

“Oh!” she let out a startled breath when I applied the first one to her skin.

I gave her an apologetic look. “Sorry, I know they’re cold.”

“It’s okay,” she murmured shakily.

It was quick work to clean both of our flesh and deposit the used wet wipes into a side trash container.

“Better?” I asked.

She nodded. “Yes...but I still think I’m going to need to get dressed.”

I loved that her tone was wry. I grinned. “I’m not sure the panties will be of much use in their present condition, but my shirt will cover all of your girl bits.”

She snorted, “My girl bits?”

My smile widened. She just shook her head and slid off me, so she could reach the discarded shirt on the floor. She slipped her arms into my shirt as I tucked my cock back into my pants, did the button and pulled up the zipper.

When she began to do the buttons, I interrupted, “Come here.”

She looked up at me in surprise, but didn’t ask questions, just climbed back onto my lap. My Wolf fucking loved her submissiveness to obey us without question, and once again, I had to shove down my arousal, which was a much more difficult task of this time. I clenched my teeth and forced myself to focus on buttoning up the shirt she was wearing.

When we were both covered, I opened the door and held her hand as she stepped out of the vehicle. I got out behind her and shut the door, just as Asher and Ever walked up behind us with their mates in hand. We turned to face them.

Ever’s nostrils flared. He eyed Hycinth with a sly grin. “So...you enjoyed the ride back.”

Gwen smacked him in the stomach, but her assault didn’t faze him. He just kept grinning at Hycinth, waiting for her response.

I expected embarrassment to run through her, but she shocked me once again when she cocked an eyebrow at him. “Just as much as you did, apparently.”

She was right. The scent of both his and Gwen’s cum was light but unmistakable.

Asher, Willow, and Gwen laughed. Hycinth’s words caused Ever’s grin to widen. He liked that she gave him just as much shit as he gave her. I shook my head at his antics.

Warmth radiated through my chest. It felt nice to see them like this, as a family. “Goodnight.” I gave an easy nod and pulled on Hycinth’s hand. As much as I enjoyed their company, I knew Hycinth would feel better with a proper shower and appropriate clothing. She followed me into the house.

We reached our room, and I walked with her straight into the bathroom. When I shut the door behind us and turned on the shower, she stared at me with wide eyes. “What are you doing?”

I couldn’t help smiling as I peeled off my clothes. “I’m taking a shower.”

“Um, okay...well, I’ll just wait until you are done...” She backed toward the door.

I grasped her wrist. “Oh, no you don’t. We’ll get done much faster if we shower together.”

She arched an eyebrow. “Really? You want to take a shower with me because it’s good time management?”

I laughed. “And it conserves water. You can never be too environmentally aware.”

She snorted and rolled her eyes, but the nervousness was still clear in her expression.

I took her face in my hands, my voice soft, “This is not seduction. I know you’re not ready for more right now. Just let me take care of you.”

She stared up at me with wide eyes and breathed, “Okay.”

I carefully removed my shirt from her lithe frame and spent the next twenty minutes cleaning both of our bodies. When we were finished, she found a pair of sleep shorts and a tank top to put on, while I grabbed a pair of boxers. We got in the bed.I loved that she was pliant and let me pull her against my chest. I knew the alcohol and lack of sleep were catching up to her because she yawned loudly. Her sleepy eyes looked up at me.

“I’m going to show you something tomorrow.”

“What is it?” She yawned again and blinked her eyes, working to keep them open.

“I’m going to take you to the cottage for our mating ceremony. It’s almost finished.”

Her eyes opened wide, fully awake now. Her mouth opened to respond, but no words came out. She bit her lip.

I gently pulled her lip from her teeth. “I promise everything will be okay. I just want you to see it and understand what will happen so that it will be easier when your heat comes. And, you can ask me any questions ahead of time and give your input.”

“Oh, okay...that makes sense.” She relaxed again against my chest.

I kissed her forehead. “Go to sleep. We have a busy day tomorrow.”

Her eyes had already drifted shut. She nodded her head and mumbled something incoherent. Her breathing evened out as she fell asleep.

Anxiety wound through my belly. I didn’t know how she would feel tomorrow, once the bubble of this evening was gone. Somehow, I doubted it wouldn’t be as easy as this to keep her by my side. Particularly when I showed her the cottage, and she had to face the reality of what would happen during the ceremony.

No, not easy at all.

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