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Violet & Cerulean


I heard Mimi’s words of comfort, but her sentiment didn’t curb my rapidly increasing anxiety. I couldn’t breathe. Something was wrong.

The progression had been subtle, gradually strengthening, and I’d been so immersed in the drum beats I hadn’t even realized the moist liquid had violated my defenses and crawled down my throat. Now, it burned me from the inside, strangling my lungs, suffocating me.

How had I not realized its potency before?

What liquid had they used? It couldn’t have been water as I previously assumed.

I began to thrash, water splashing around us.

Instantly, Leander turned and repositioned himself on his knees. One of his large hands grasped the back of my neck, his fingers twining into my floating hair. His other hand wrapped around my chest, locking my arms by my sides and keeping me flat against the water.

“Leander,” I gasped.

His grip tightened. “Focus on me, love. You have to relax. You must calm down. Your heart...” his words trailed off, but I understood. My heart thumped out of control with no sensible rhythm. The walls of my lungs shuddered, unable to bear the pressure. My temperature rose.

I couldn’t do this. I couldn’t take it anymore...

...and then it got worse.

Mimi and Gemma once again poured liquid over the hot stones. This time, plumes of violet and cerulean billowed off of the rocks, and the effect was immediate.

Brightly colored wisps curled and danced in the air, beautiful—the exact color of Leander’s eyes.

But their beauty was an ugly lie.

Without warning, the thin tendrils changed course and dove into my open mouth!

I gagged and sputtered, trying to push the foreign sensation out of my body, but they burrowed deeper, forcing me to swallow the substance down my throat. Sparks exploded inside my lungs and chest, tingling and warming me even more. Kicking to get away was a fruitless endeavor. I couldn’t break Leander’s hold.

Eyes rolling wildly, I watched more tendrils push their way past Leander’s lips. He didn’t fight. He just let them consume him. But agony swirled in his dark liquid eyes. His chest heaved erratically, and sweat poured from his temples.

More evil tendrils danced in the air above my belly, seductively curling around each other as if beckoning me to watch. Even with tears streaming from my eyes, I saw them clearly, my gaze held captive by their sensual dance.

And then to my utter horror, they dove into the water between my thrashing legs. A burst of pressure invaded my sex, and I knew where they’d gone. A sharp hiss of pain radiated deep in my core as the tendrils burrowed deeper, crossing the barrier of my cervix. Before I could even wrap my head around what was happening, I felt the same pressure against my anus. My resistance was futile because abruptly, I was impaled there as well, the tendrils easily breaking through the barrier of my tight ring of muscle.

My scream went unrealized on my lips. I didn’t have enough air to even cough. I fought harder, but Leander was immovable, keeping me on my back flush against the water. He whispered urgently, “Don’t fight it. Let it happen.”

Let what happen???

And then, even in the middle of this torment, I put two and two together...He knew!

Leander knew I would be in pain, but he hadn’t told me. He hadn’t warned me up front, hadn’t helped me mentally prepare for this torture.

My vision darkened, the lack of oxygen forcing my eyes closed. Flashes of white light flickered beneath my eyelids.

This was it...no more.

I was drowning.

And then I let go...

My body fell limp in Leander’s arms.

Held caged in my own mind, I floated in altered consciousness. White flashes of light in my otherwise darkened world turned violet and cerulean. Heat still simmered inside me, but it was a new kind of sensation, pain...

...and pleasure.

Shifting me in his embrace, Leander retained his hold under my neck but moved his other hand away from my shoulders to wrap long fingers around one of my thighs.

I didn’t need to see to know the tendrils were again at my sex, but this time, instead of invading, they caressed and titillated my tender skin. Acting of its own volition, my body squirmed. The sensations increased, circling and playing with my clit. I let out a low moan.

Leander’s voice was soft and smooth by my ear, “That’s it, love. It’s my essence, preparing you on the inside. All of the toxins have been forced out and every cell in your body is now brimming with potential. Give in to how good it feels. As soon as you release, the elements will combine, altering the composition of your cum for the ceremony, making it ready and complete the process.”

I was beyond cognitive thoughts. The tingling and humming between my legs amplified. My back arched as I let out a cry.

“That’s it, love...come for me,” Leander whispered huskily, keeping one hand beneath my head and the other clasped on my thigh. He hadn’t even touched between my legs.

But that didn’t matter because suddenly, everything tightened inside. A throbbing wave of pure bliss contracted deep in the most intimate part of me. The brilliant sensation held me suspended, seeming to go on and on, lasting much longer than normal.

Finally, my body fell limp again. Residual tremors pulsed through my core.

Every bit of pain was gone. Even more than an absence of pain, I tingled on the inside, a light, fluttery feeling, so good if I didn’t know any better I would swear I could fly. Was that what Leander meant when he said my body was now ‘brimming with potential’? It had to be. It was like I could literally feel life flowing through my veins.

I blinked, slowly letting my eyes adjust to the change in light. Leander pulled me from the water and gathered me against his chest.

I pushed against him.

Reluctantly, he allowed some room between us. My voice was hoarse even though I hadn’t spoken during the ordeal other than to call out his name. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

His brows furrowed together. “I didn’t want you to endure weeks of worrying about the pain. I didn’t want agony to be what you anticipated about this process.”

I didn’t know how I felt about his response. On one hand, if he’d told me just what hell I had to endure, I absolutely would have fretted and been anxious. On the other hand, I didn’t like these kinds of surprises. I rasped, “Is there anything else? Any other pain that is coming?”

A muscle in his jaw tightened causing my belly to flip.

“What?” I demanded.

He slid a hand down my back and murmured, “Yes...but it’s not related to the ceremony per se.”

Confusion painted on my face. And then it clicked. I breathed, “Oh...you mean the pain...because it’s my first time.”

He nodded and gathered me tight against his chest again, burrowing into my hair. “I promise I’ll be gentle.”

A shiver of excitement and pleasure ran down my spine at his tone and words, but I pulled back again. His eyes tightened.

“You said it was your essence. What did you mean by that?” I asked.

Surprisingly, he flushed and ran a hand through his hair, looking away for a moment as he muttered, “Ah, yeah...I sort of had to provide a, um, sample...ahead of time.”

I couldn’t help snickering. I never would’ve thought him embarrassed over something like that. It was kind of endearing to see his softer side.

He continued, “Using ancient alchemy, passed down from Elder to Elder, Mimi turned it into the liquid they poured over the rocks.”

“That’s why the color of the steam was violet and cerulean...because it came from you?”

He nodded.

My thoughts wandered to the agonized expression on his face earlier. Tilting my head to the side, I questioned, “Were you in pain as well?”

He grimaced. “Yes. The toxins were forcibly removed from my body as well as my cells prepared.”

“Did you come too?” The question just popped out as I looked down. He was stiff as a board. I guess I had my answer.

“No,” he answered sheepishly. “The smoke most definitely invaded my body through every orifice possible, but my release wasn’t necessary considering the steam was constructed using my cum.”

I rested my head against his chest and listened to his heartbeat. A slow minute went by before Mimi interrupted quietly, “Yes. So, if you’re ready...”

Oh shit. My cheeks flushed red. I’d completely forgotten we’d just had an audience while I came. And there I was finding Leander’s embarrassment humorous...not quite so much in comparison to mine. Oh well, there wasn’t anything I could change about it now. I took a deep breath in and turned to face Mimi.

She smiled kindly and motioned with her hand toward the waiting tables.

I relaxed again and followed Leander. When we were both supine, facing up, I remembered and dropped my head to the side.

Yep...I was feeling much more relaxed, but Leander, not so much...

His cock stood hard and proud.

My lips twitched.

“It’s not funny,” he gruffed.

That just caused me to snort.

Of course, the laughter died on my lips when Mimi stepped to the side of my bed with a battery-operated hair trimmer. Shit...

Gemma did the same with Leander. He groaned, and not in a good way. He knew what was coming next. No wonder he’d left his pubic hair grow out. This part had to be an established step of the tradition.

Both Elders wore leather gloves. “Do you want me to give you ah, minute...Leander?” Gemma asked. There was humor in her tone.

I snickered, both at his dilemma and Gemma’s boldness.

“Yes,” he growled. Gemma walked over to the tables, giving him some space.

“We’ll use the trimmers to shave down to about a fourth of an inch,” Mimi explained. “And later, after your next treatment, hot wax will be applied to remove the remainder of the hair.”

“Okay,” I replied. Sounded easy enough.

Mimi didn’t wait for Leander to be ready before clicking on the cutters and efficiently trimming the hair on my sex. When she finished, she went to the tables and returned with a small jar.

I peered up at her. “What is that for?”

“It’s a topical pain reliever.” She opened the top and spread a thin layer of white cream over the sensitive skin between my legs, working it so that it reached my skin not just the short layer of hair over it.

“Pain reliever?” I asked with an edge to my voice and turned my head toward Leander. “I thought you said no more pain.”

Still hard but eyes the picture of innocence, he replied, “I didn’t think this counted. I thought you knew. Girls get waxed all the time.”

I narrowed my eyes. I hadn’t. Ever.

“Lift,” Mimi interrupted my fussy stare at Leander.

I looked up at her in confusion.

“Your knees...I need to apply the cream to your anus,” she explained way too casually.

Deep pink rose to the surface of my cheeks. Without a word, I bent my legs at the knee and eased them apart. I shut my eyes tight when I felt her fingers spread pain numbing crème all over my asshole. I regularly trimmed and couldn’t have that much hair back there, I thought defensively.

Gemma checked in with Leander, “Um, how are you coming, Leander?”

“I’m working on it,” he scowled at her while he stared at me. “It doesn’t help when you sit there naked.” Ah, well that sentence was clearly directed at me. His tone was almost accusing like I did it to him on purpose, which I just found funny.

“Don’t blame this on me, big boy. You know you’re hard the better part of every day.”

Gemma coughed delicately, sounding suspiciously like she was trying to cover up her laughter.

Somehow, my words didn’t slow him down, just the opposite. Lips curling, he purred wickedly, “Oh, sweetheart, I’m gonna be hard every minute of the next three days.”

I sucked in a sharp breath and my ovaries clenched, painfully.

“Leander,” Mimi chastised gently, “Talk like that won’t help your...situation.”

“It’s worth it to see that look in her eyes,” Leander replied without ever taking his eyes off of me.

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