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Pain & Pleasure


Standing side-by-side, I clutched the beautiful blanket draped over our shoulders, my eyes drifting over the interior of the quaint cottage bathed in the moon’s glow, taking in the details.

Several dozen candles, grouped together in clusters, provided the only light. Their flames flickered and pirouetted, undulating in a sensual dance with the shadows. My sensitive Wolf nose twitched. The heavenly aroma of fresh cut hardwood, earthy and sweet, filled the air, but I noticed the glowing firelights lacked scent.

My attention flickered to the wall of curtains, the breathtaking view of the lake now hidden by the closed gauzy fabrics, light and airy, gently swaying with the wind. I was thankful for the northeastern breeze, ricocheting off the water to help cool my overheated skin.

The sheer barrier provided minimal visual privacy, but what it didn’t conceal was sound.

But I expected that already.

A strange dichotomy whispered to my senses—absolute stillness, not a breath could be heard, but at the same time, the racing of my pulse echoed loudly in my ears. The wolves surrounding the small cottage had gone silent as they waited with bated breath to hear me cry out my pleasure. My climax was a clear signal to all that the real Ceremony had begun. Just the thought of it caused a flush of embarrassment up my neck.

Leander interrupted my internal musing and captured my full attention when he released our joined fingers and reached over his shoulder to exchange his grip on the blanket to his other hand, turning to face me at the same time.

I stared up at him, rendered immobile by the unspoken promises of pleasure and intent in his dark eyes. Liquid pools of violet and cerulean swirled together to create a color I couldn’t quite identify. The vibrancy of his stare was potent, a tangible lover’s caress on my skin.




Without a word, his free hand came up. Long fingers brushed the sensitive flesh of my neck before leisurely trailing to my shoulder. He gently pried the corner of the blanket from my frozen grip, leaving me standing sandwiched in between him and the mating gift he now held around my back.

My breath hitched and the air stalled in my throat. My empty fingers remained resting on my shoulder, my brain too fascinated by the way his pupils were dilating, to consider moving them.

The image of him consumed me, fueled the ever-increasing heat churning in my belly. His broad chest and muscular shoulders blocked my view from anything but him.

So close but still not touching me, arms slack around my shoulders, his head came down, lips only a whisper on my neck. Leander inhaled the fragrance of my skin, a slow breath in. A sound of deep satisfaction and approval came from his throat. “You smell so fucking good.”

The contact was featherlight but enough to cause my pulse to stumble. Untethered and set adrift now that the drums and ethereal music of the wolves had gone silent, my heartbeat stuttered and struggled to find its own rhythm.

Leander didn’t give me a chance to catch my breath. Eliminating the already minimal space between us, he took a step forward. His arms tightened around my small frame. Less than an inch separated his body from mine. Breath hot on my neck, lips barely touching my skin, a rumbling hum came from his throat, “The things I’m going to do to you...” The resonance of his tone was so naughty, my pelvis clenched tightly. Heat skittered down my spine and pooled between my legs.

Leander collected the blanket behind my back in one hand and unexpectedly stepped away.

Keeping me captive in his riveting gaze, he folded the mating gift neatly and walked backward five steps to drape it over the edge of a nearby chair.

I watched him, every nerve ending in my body eagerly aware of this provocative male in front of me. He wasn’t just emulating sexuality, power exuded off of him, a display of dominance he knew his female would respond to.

I certainly wasn’t immune. Not at all. The force of his presence washed over me, inciting my most based desires.

But even more, one thing was clear, Leander was dangerous, a predator of the highest caliber, confident in his ability to take his prize. Virile and deadly. And I wanted nothing more than to play with the fire that could scorch me.

I waited for him to return...

…but he didn’t.

Instead, he remained standing several feet away, a knowing smirk on his face. My eyes narrowed. What game was he playing at?

Leander kept silent and unmoving...

I tilted my head to the side, studying his posture and analyzing his intent. He seemed content to stay where he was, unbothered by my sharp examination of him.

The ever-growing heat in my belly flared even hotter. A light sheen of sweat covered my skin. My clothes felt too tight, too restrictive. A wave of irritation, fury even, washed over me. Leander was supposed to relieve the deep ache inside of me. He was my mate. It was his job to satisfy me! So why wasn’t he moving in my direction? Why wasn’t he speaking? I frowned.

Leander’s lips curled wickedly at my expression. Still, he didn’t move.


I understood now—this was a challenge.

My beast of a mate was trying to force me to make the first move. Damn him! Well, he had another thing coming if he felt like I could be coerced. I batted my eyelashes, gave him a sweet smile…and stayed planted in place.

His grin widened.

No movement…he waited.

Another minute went by...

I felt itchy in my skin. The heat was becoming unbearable. I shifted from one foot to the other, not even realizing I had taken a step forward until Leander gave me a short nod of approval, looking very satisfied with himself.

I stopped and glared. This was not what I’d imagined. I’d expected to just give in to what Leander wanted, not to have to make the first move. What the hell?

No matter, I didn’t care what his reasoning was, I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction. He wanted to play games, so be it. My chin went up.

Leander understood my body language perfectly…and then one of his big hands palmed the considerable bulge challenging the leather of his trousers. He stroked himself through the fabric.

Waves of heat danced along my skin. Captivated by his movement, I couldn’t take my eyes away from his hand as it rubbed slowly up and down his length. His raucous display was nothing less than an invitation...

Breath turning shallow, the inspirations of my chest quickened. My hands twitched. Absentmindedly, I pulled at the restriction of my clothing just to give my hands something to do other than reaching for him. It was too hot in this damn room.

Leander wasn’t done with his wordless enticement...

Keeping one hand on the bulge pressed against the leather, he trailed the fingers of his other hand over his stomach.

Of course, the bastard knew I wouldn’t be able to ignore it. My eyes took in the flesh he wanted me to see. Granite abs, a sixpack exquisitely defined by sharp edges. Provocative images flashed through my mind—my legs cradling the tantalizing V cut of his hips. My mouth watered.

He wasn’t done.

His wandering fingers trailed down…

…until both hands began to undo the leather tie of his pants.

My eyes snapped up. Leander’s blazing stare of calculation and intent was enough to weaken my knees and take my breath away. I swayed a little unsteadily.

Clever fingers lured my attention lower once again, settling on his hands and the show he was giving me. Gently drawing apart the laces, Leander tugged the trousers open and pushed them down until they sat low on his hips, allowing his beautifully engorged dick to spring out. The scent of him filled the air, tangy and alluring, Alpha pheromones.

I inhaled sharply. It was like a ripcord had been pulled from my chest, an inferno of heat exploding from deep in my core, causing my skin to tingle with anticipation. My chest heaved from lack of air.

I wanted…

Long with an ample girth, his manhood jutted up toward his stomach, soft and velvety. My eyes followed the vein that ran along his length. Overwhelming desire flooded through me. I wanted to hold the weight of it in my hand and lick the glistening liquid from the tip. The temptation of his addictive flesh was too much for me to endure...

…I took another step forward.

Pleasuring himself now, Leander’s fist went down and then back up, leisurely, at his own pace, his voice low and deep, “Show me your breasts.”

Again, my gaze flickered up. Violet and cerulean had almost wholly been taken over by expanding pupils of black. Only a sliver of color could be seen around the edge.

Locked in his dark orbs, I trembled with anticipation. The heat from my core was almost unbearable, the empty ache between my legs agonizing. I was helpless to do anything other than obey his command.

Reaching with shaky fingers, I undid the tie behind my back and then the one secured at the nape of my neck, letting the ceremonial halter slip through my fingertips as it dropped to the floor at my side, exposing myself to his eyes.

So beautiful,” Leander gritted his appreciation, but he still made no move in my direction.

I clenched my fists to stop myself from beckoning him nearer. Irritation flickered through me again, enough to draw out a little snarl. This was all wrong. That bastard had one job to do—satisfy me—and he wasn’t doing it!

My displeased utterance didn’t seem to affect him in the least. If anything, it only appeared to spur on his maddening behavior. The corner of his mouth lifted into a devilish grin.

His hand made another path down and up his manhood, his thumb brushing a bead of liquid around the plump head.

My brain went a little hazy, a deep vibration of arousal growing louder and louder from my chest. He’d given me a taste before. I wanted another. My tongue flickered out to wet my lips, earning me Leander’s growl in return.

The sound shot straight between my legs. Instantly, my body reacted almost as if commanded by the guttural sound of him. A rush of warmth drenched my swollen sex, startling me with its ferocity, leaving my skin tingling. What the hell?

Leander’s nostrils flared as the enticing scent of a female ready to be rutted saturated the air. His next order came low and deep, “Now the cuffs.”

I tried to resist. I’d given in much too easily to his demand I take off my top. I stood frozen, spine straight, shoulders back in defiance.

Leander didn’t look bothered by my resistance. If anything, my hesitation caused a gleam of great satisfaction in his expression. Grinning like a naughty Cheshire cat, he waited a moment to be sure he had my absolute attention…and then he let out another, much louder and purposeful growling noise from his chest.

And just like before, my reaction was immediate and beyond my control. Liquid gushed from my center and trailed down my thighs. My core clenched so tightly, I hunched forward, and a whine slipped from my throat. Frustration and need overwhelmed my senses. Eyes wide, I panted, unable to catch my breath. “H-how?”

How had he done that?

I had no idea…but the glint in his eyes made it clear he knew exactly what he was doing. He knew the control he held. He knew the automatic response my body would give him…and he liked it, savoring the flavor of his dominance as though it were the tastiest thing he’d ever eaten.

Not bothering to give me an answer, he raised one eyebrow, communicating his absolute willingness to torment me again with another lust-inducing growl if I didn’t follow through on his demand. The choice was mine. But not really.

I was already a thrumming ball of desire. I couldn’t take much more. Reaching to my wrist, I released the first band of fur-embellished leather before doing the same to the other.

A deep timbre from his throat, “And the skirt…”

I didn’t try to fight him. He’d won this challenge. My skin felt like it was on fire and there was an aching emptiness inside of me that burned to be filled. I was ready to accommodate his demands.

The leather ties at my hips came undone. Leander watched my every move with hawklike attention, while at the same time, he pushed his pants over his hips, stepping out once they fell to his feet. By the time my skirt was released, and I dropped it to the side, Leander stood in front of me, gloriously bare.

He was male perfection from head to toe. I’d never seen anything I wanted more.

“Come here,” he commanded gruffly.

Goosebumps ran across my skin at the feral noise of him. Before today, I’d wondered if I would feel hesitant, that maybe Leander would have to convince me into intimacy. I realized now both were so far from true, it was ridiculous. Leander had what I needed. The little beads of liquid rolling down my thighs were proof. He belonged to me...

…and I was going to take what was mine.

Three more steps forward, I stood directly in front of him. Pleasure and approval at my submission radiated from his dark liquid eyes.

Abruptly, one big paw wrapped around my back and jerked me flush against his chest. His free hand wound through my hair and gripped the nape of my neck. Keeping my head where he wanted it, his lips crashed down on mine, fierce and aggressive.

My blood ignited with lust, set ablaze by his talented tongue and the feeling of his arousal and pressed against my belly. I met him back ferociously, biting and nipping at his lips, taking what I wanted, not caring when the scent of blood wafted through my nostrils from my overzealousness.

Gripping my thighs with enough force to leave marks, Leander jerked my body up and wrapped my legs around his waist, my wet cunt smashed into the side of his cock.

“Oh!” I gasped, the sound cut off by his insistent tongue licking into my mouth. Up and down, he lifted me, my body gliding effortlessly along the side of his shaft with another rush of fluid. I pulled out of the kiss with a snarl and locked my legs around his waist, bucking wildly against him. The delicious friction was driving me mad. Just a little bit more and…

But Leander wasn’t having it. His big paws halted the movement my hips. “Oh, no, little mouse, when you come, it’s going to be wrapped around my cock.”

I let out another snarl. How dare he deny me!


If I wasn’t coming until I was around his cock, then so be it. I liked that idea better anyway. Sinking my claws into the flesh of his shoulders to hold him in place, I squirmed to make the connection. Wetness trickled beneath my nails embedded in his skin. The scent of his blood filled the air.

I should have known Leander wouldn’t relinquish control that easily.

A loud growl came from his chest. Punishing my bad behavior, his hand came down fast and hard, spanking my ass twice. A startled yip slipped from my throat as my buttcheeks jiggled from the impacts and burned from the sting.

Taking me by the scruff of my neck, Leander jerked my head back in place and forced his tongue into my mouth at his own pleasure, mimicking the movement and penetration his cock would have.

Little sparks of pain radiated from my scalp where his fingers twisted and pulled my hair, but I didn’t care about the discomfort…I just wanted more.

Without realizing we’d even moved, I suddenly felt Leander lift one knee and climb onto the bed with me still firmly attached to his front. When he reached the center, he fell forward. I landed hard on my back, the full weight of him bearing down on my front, his body nestled between my legs.

I gasped at the impact, the breath knocked out of me a little, but loved feeling the weight of him, pinning me down.

Finally breaking the kiss, Leander lifted on his forearms to look at me. His pupils were blown, no color remained. He snapped his hips forward, still gliding on the outside of my sex. He punctuated the movement with a husky demand, “Is this what you want, little mouse? My cock inside you?”

I couldn’t speak. A low moan mewed from my throat. My eyes rolled to the back of my head. My spine arched as I keened my breasts toward him, desperate for his touch.

Leander didn’t disappoint. Head coming down, his mouth wrapped around one nipple. He wasn’t gentle. Sucking ferociously, pleasure and pain rippled through me. The little bud hardened even more from his aggression. Not leaving the other one unattended, thick digits pinched and pulled until I was writhing beneath him and crying out, certain his marks would be left behind. I reveled in the thought. I wanted him to mark my flesh. I wanted a permanent reminder of his touch.

Leander didn’t relent his torturous pleasure. He simply moved his mouth to my other breast and his hand down between my legs. When two fingers speared me, I gasped, “Leander!”

Not releasing my breast from his mouth, he groaned, “So fucking wet….”

That part was true. My arousal was dripping down the crack of my ass. But I wasn’t the only one. Leander’s dick rested on my thigh, and he was leaking a river of pre-cum.

Leander stroked inside my channel, curling his fingers to rub against the sensitive fleshy spot and then retreated. Moaning and arching, my back bowed in supplication. My hips jerked up automatically to meet the motion of his hand.

Leander let out a ragged breath, hot against my breast. “That’s it, little mouse, ride my fingers.”

Fingers sliding into my slickness again, his thumb brushed over my clit. Once. Twice. But not enough

“Leander,” I whimpered, “I need…”

Apparently, he couldn’t hold back anymore either because his head came up and he shifted his weight, centering himself between my legs. I felt the head of his cock at my entrance. Wild anticipation surged down my spine, curling my toes.

Eyes blazing fire, Leander gritted out a warning, “I can’t be gentle.”

I didn’t care if he was gentle or not. I needed him inside of me right that very moment, or I might very well expire. I hissed, “Do it!”

Grunting loudly, Leander surged forward, possessing me in one violent thrust.

I screamed. My spine arched of its own accord. Moisture filled my eyes as pain and pleasure tore me apart but somehow put me back together again even better than before. It was as if he’d set me on fire. Everything burned brightly.

Leander held perfectly still, his chest heaving as he took in large gulps of air. Coiled muscles trembled beneath my fingertips. His entire body shook, fighting against the overwhelming instinct to rut as he panted, “Are you okay?”

I was done waiting. I showed him my teeth and snarled, “I didn’t want to talk…fuck me!”

Wicked amusement curled his lips, his expression turning dangerous. The gleam in his eye whispered that I didn’t truly understand what I was demanding…but I would.

He pulled almost all of the way out before slamming his hips forward and burying his thick cock to the hilt. My squeal turned into a prolonged howl as his spine flexed, and he rode me hard and fast.

Breast bouncing with each rough shove, I rolled my hips, lost in the insatiable hunger to mate. My eyes closed. Leander took me by the scruff of my neck again. “Open your eyes! Look at the male you’re fucking.”

My eyes flew open. I saw him, I saw everything about him. Wild and unrestrained, beautiful and dominant. My greatest temptation…my other half.

Keeping my gaze locked on his, my tongue flickered out, tasting the salt of his chest. His scent alone drove me crazy, but his taste…the musk of his skin made me ravenous for more.

Leander sucked in a sharp breath. Reaching beneath my thighs, he pulled my knees higher, almost bending me in half. His hips pistoned with even more force, the change in angle caused his cock to hit a spot inside of me that sent me reeling from the intense pleasure.

I was close, right on the edge. My insides quivered and shook. I cried out, “Leander!”

“That’s it, come for me, little mouse,” his words were broken by grunts, his voice gravelly. “Let me feel you squeeze my cock.”

My core contracted, hard. I let out a shriek, pleasure blooming from my center, hot and intense, radiating out until even my legs were jerking from the tsunami of tactile sensation.

Leander’s head whipped side to side, eyes shut tight, as he cursed, “Fuuckk! You feel so good.”

And then the woods erupted around us...

Wolves howling their joy into the night.

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