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Five Senses


I was right where I wanted to be…buried deep between Hycinth’s spread thighs. Her back bowed in supplication, sweet cunt clenched around me, pulsing a rhythm all her own, demanding to be filled. It was the natural order of things. Regardless of circumstances, destiny always chose this moment to conceive our own pup, and Hycinth’s body reacted accordingly, pulling me in, gripping my cock tight. It was so very right

…but, it was also so very wrong.

Everything inside of me wanted to give Hycinth what she was unconsciously asking for. But I couldn’t. I wouldn’t take her choice away. We’d agreed, and I wouldn’t go back on my word, as much as it killed me. With a grunt, I pulled out, letting my release splash in lines over her belly and breasts. There was even a trail across her left cheek into her hair.

Iridescent, not white, more the color of deep water reflecting the moon’s glow. My father told me our release would be different. He hadn’t indulged in many specifics, and frankly, I preferred it that way. An in-depth review of the texture, consistency, smell, and taste of my cum was the last conversation I wanted to have with him. He’d only shared that it would be sweet and not sticky, so I hadn’t fully known what to expect.

I groaned at the picture she made. Chest heaving, unable to catch her breath, wonder and excitement radiated in wide lake blue eyes…and her creamy flesh coated with my cum. Beautiful.

Hycinth’s nostrils flared, her attention snapping down to my seed. Midnight blue eyes of her Wolf surfaced. She sniffed and then licked her lips, gleaming white canines on display. Drawing a line through the substance, Hycinth lifted the fluid to her mouth and sucked it off of her finger. Her eyes fell shut and a low moan of pleasure released from her throat.

I groaned again. She was just too perfect.

Still nestled between her thighs with her legs wrapped around my waist, I lowered my torso and chest until our skin was flush together, the silky smooth substance now shared between our bodies. Hycinth reacted instinctually. Back arching, she thrust her beautiful breasts into me and wriggled, effectively smearing the liquid across and into more of our skin.

She knew the requirements of the ceremony, but the animalistic expression on her face implied her actions weren’t purposely done. She wasn’t thinking, just letting her Wolf guide her.

Bringing my lips down to hers, Hycinth instantly gave me entry, eager for the contact. I licked lazily into her mouth. “Do you like how I taste?”

Her low rumble of satisfaction let me know she completely understood I wasn’t talking about the taste of my tongue. I lifted a little, so I could see her better and couldn’t help my smile when her swollen and pink from kissing lips turned down into a frown at my distance.

“Do you want more?” I asked on a growl. The idea of feeding her my cum caused sparks of electricity to shoot down my spine, straight into my balls. I wasn’t worried about her consuming such a trivial amount. We were just getting started, and under normal circumstances, a few climaxes would have been released directly into her hot core. There would be plenty left over to fulfill the ceremony requirements.

Hycinth’s eyes darkened. Her little pink tongue flickered out greedily, communicating her answer. Happy to accommodate her desire, I slid my fingers along her cheek, collecting the glistening ejaculate and brought it just above her waiting open mouth…but no farther.

Lake blue orbs narrowed as she looked up at me, flashing her impatience and irritation at making her wait. Feeling the push and pull of power flex between us, dominance versus submission, I didn’t bother holding back my smirk. “If you want it, it’s yours…but you’re going to have to take it.” I thoroughly enjoyed making her work for it.

Hycinth’s lips curled in a feral grin, showcasing her lethal canines, meeting the challenge in my voice with her own unspoken threat that there might be consequences to my teasing.

I loved it...

Lowering my middle finger, I smeared the dampness along her bottom lip. “Bite me, and I’m going to bite you back,” I warned, but I couldn’t deny a substantial part of me hoped she’d do just that. The thought of sinking my teeth into her creamy flesh again made my gums ache with desire.

Hycinth’s thighs quivered around me. Apparently, the idea had the same effect on her. I waited with bated breath, fascinated, as she slowly lifted her head up, eliminating the space between us and licked my fingers clean, one by one.

“Fuck,” I exhaled. The gentle coarseness of her little tongue felt delicious. Using the pad of my thumb, I spread the remaining shimmering substance on her cheek. It absorbed effortlessly into her skin. There was no stickiness at all.

Without warning, Hycinth tilted her head and nipped at my fingers. I jerked my hand away, caught off guard by her maneuver. Hycinth’s lips curled into a smug smile at my reaction. She hadn’t drawn blood, but the contact certainly hadn’t been gentle.

“So, you think that’s funny?”

Her belly contracted as a giggle bubbled out her throat.

I grinned, loving her playfulness and was eager to respond to her blatant challenge. Leaning down, I trailed at the tip of my nose along her collarbone and up her neck. “You wanna play?”

Her breath hitched. “What?”

“How about this?” I released a deep growl from my gut, the sound reverberating through my chest.

Instantly, her back arched. The divine scent of her arousal filled the air anew, thick and robust. Hycinth cried out, “Oh! Fuck!”

Lifting slightly, I reached my hand between her legs, scooping up the liquid heat that drenched her thighs, so much so that it rolled in rivulets down the crack of her ass.

“What the…?” Hycinth panted, unable to catch her breath. “How are you doing that?”

“Nature, love. Your body was made to respond to mine.” I brought my hand up, and finger painted her arousal in swirls on her belly. “Even more so for this claiming ceremony.”

She stared at me in disbelief. “So you just growl, and it makes me cream?”

“Pretty much.” Pulling my knees beneath me, I knelt between her spread legs and dipped my hand again, teasing her lower lips, rolling them between my fingertips and gently tugging.

Hycinth let out a keening sound and tried to push herself harder into my hand. I accommodated her unspoken request and delved deeper, pushing two digits inside her hot core. Her breath caught in her throat. Curling my fingers, I stroked the sensitive fleshy spot at the top of her passage.

Hycinth moaned deep in the back of her throat. Her head tossed from side to side, overcome with pleasure as I played with her body, but then stopped abruptly when she noticed our audience outside.

Standing on the large deck facing the lake, the silhouettes of several wolves were visible through the sheer curtains. The three tallest wolves stood ramrod straight, gazes trained intently on us. From their broad chests and increased heights, they had to be males. They watched intently with only an occasional slight twitch of their big heads. Three smaller wolves padded silently around them, aggressively rubbing the length of their fur against their mates, sniffing and nipping for attention.

Hycinth stared at them without speaking. I couldn’t interpret her expression. She didn’t look upset. If anything, she seemed curious, studying them as inquisitively as they watched her. Either way, I had no intention of letting her lose focus on the task at hand. Without warning, I spanked her pussy, the distinct thwack of my hand against her wet flesh echoing loudly in the air.

“Oh!” Hycinth yelped, her attention instantly locking back on me, lake blue’s wide, breath coming in stuttered puffs.

“Focus on me,” I ordered.

Her eyes dropped to half-mast, her increased arousal fueled by my forceful display of dominance. She’d just come, but there was no break in the heat and calculation of her stare. She wanted more, and she wanted it right now.

I was good with that. So was my cock, which I noticed hadn’t deflated in the least and was one hundred percent ready and eager to find its way back in her sex. In a smooth movement, I repositioned my body and surged forward in one violent thrust, possessing her completely.

“Yes!” Hycinth shouted, head thrown back. She clenched around me.

Dipping my head, I wrapped my lips around her hardened nipple, sucking and flicking the hard little bud with my teeth.

Hycinth whimpered, “Leander…”

High on the scent and taste of her skin, I snarled in response and showed no mercy. Spine flexing, I snapped my hips forward, rocking her body with so much force, I had to grip her shoulder to keep from shoving her up the bed. Hycinth didn’t mind my use of excess strength. Legs locking around me, her heels dug into my hips. Little fingers clawed down my back. Feral growls emitted from her throat, matching my aggression.

She was insatiable, and I was happy to accommodate her needs. Our passion went on for seemingly endless hours.

At some point in the middle of the night during one of our short breaks, Hycinth lay by my side with her eyes closed but I knew she wasn’t sleeping. “I’ll be right back,” I murmured and slid off the bed.

Her head lifted, lips turned down into a frown at my distance.

Walking to one of the nearby curtains, I pulled it back and gathered the plate of food and drinks the wolves had prepared and left for us. They would continually feed us over the next few days. When I returned to the bed, Hycinth’s irritated expression softened. She sat up, completely unconcerned with her nakedness. I had to bite back a growl at the image of her delectable breasts bathed in the moon’s iridescent glow.

The bed dipped as I crawled back on. Setting the overflowing plate to the side, I pulled Hycinth close between my legs. “Are you hungry, love?”

As if responding for her, her belly took that moment to growl. She flushed prettily and eyed the food in anticipation, licking her lips. “Yes.”

The roasted pig meat was so tender, it was easy to pull apart with my fingers. I lifted a bite to Hycinth’s lips. Without any hesitation, Hycinth opened her mouth, eating the warm offering from my hand. Her eyes dropped closed, a low moan of approval slipping from her lips, as she chewed slowly. When she finished, she looked up at me, lake blue orbs glittering with satisfaction. “Sooo good.”

I grinned. Taking a bite for myself, I thoroughly understood her pleasure. It tasted fantastic and practically melted in my mouth. I lifted an apple slice along with a bit of meat to her mouth. “Try this. The sweet corn, potatoes and apples were roasted inside the pig.”

Opening her mouth, Hycinth eagerly accepted the food and bit down. Another groan came from her throat, and a bit of juice dribbled down her chin as she chewed and then swallowed.

I stared, transfixed, at the droplet and leaned in to capture it with my tongue, savoring the taste of her skin. Unable to stop myself, I licked her lips slowly, indulgently. Instantly, little fingers found their way to my scalp. Hycinth tugged on the locks of my hair, pulling herself closer, lifting up on her knees to give herself better leverage over me.

Before she could get carried away again, I wrapped my hands around her wrists and forced them away from my head, pushing her back down to a seated position. “Not yet, little mouse. Eat first. Then fuck.”

She pouted, but then her attention went back to the still full plate of food, ravenous hunger shining in her irises.

Holding a glass of ice cold sparkling punch to her mouth, Hycinth took a long sip and pulled back, licking her lips in satisfaction. “What’s in the drink?” she asked inquisitively.

“Cherries, grape juice, triple sec, vodka, ice, ginger ale and fresh cut strawberries.”

“Hmm…I love it.”

“It’s one of my favorites,” I agreed, swallowing down the drink, enjoying the way the cold liquid soothed my throat.

We spent the next twenty minutes indulging in the perfectly cooked meat and vegetables. But Hycinth hadn’t entirely given up her playful antics. With every bite, she seductively held my gaze, sucked on my fingers and purposefully licked them clean.

We were almost done eating which was a good thing because her little tongue was driving me crazy, and I couldn’t hold out much longer. Finally, when the last bite was gone, I slid the plate and glasses to the empty side table.

“Such a tease,” I growled and pounced on Hycinth causing her to squeal as we began again.

Hour after hour went by...

The sun came up and then set twice, all while we fucked. I’m not sure my dick ever went down even when we took short breaks to sleep or eat. It was ridiculous. But her pheromones were like an aphrodisiac made perfectly for me. Resisting wasn’t an option.

By the third day, Hycinth no longer seemed bothered by the attentive wolves outside. My goal had been to immerse the mated pairs as much as possible. They’d heard our cries of pleasure, even joining in on occasion, howling their joy, and the scent of our combined pheromones and sex was thick, filling their nostrils. Touch would come soon, and maybe even taste. The only thing missing now was sight.

Gripping her hips tightly, I kept Hycinth’s ass tilted in the air at the angle I liked, allowing me the most depth, and thrust into her hard from behind.

“Leander!” she shrieked, rocking on her hands and knees as I pounded relentlessly into her, enjoying the way her spine arched beneath me. She loved the position as much as I did.

Bringing her closer and closer to the edge, I wrapped her long locks of hair around my fist and forced her head up in the direction of the wolves outside the long wall of gauzy curtains. All of the wolves had congregated on the large deck, relaxing after their recent meal, some standing while others sat grooming each other.

I curled my body over Hycinth’s back and slowed down, grinding against her with every deep, controlled thrust. My request was low and gravelly, thick with lust, “You are so fucking beautiful. Will you let them see what I see?”

Every Wolf’s attention turned in our direction... It was clear they’d heard me.

Hycinth sucked in a sharp breath, understanding what I was asking for. She hesitated and panted beneath me, “I—I don’t know..”

“You’ve gone this far,” I encouraged her softly. “They’ve already heard and seen the shape of you, of us together. It wouldn’t be much different.”

Her breaths were uneven. Another slow minute went by before she gave me her answer…

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