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Nature's Intentions


“You are so fucking beautiful...Will you let them see what I see?”

His seductive words swirled in the atmosphere around us, enticing, tugging on me to agree. I couldn’t think straight, not with Leander’s cock buried deep inside of me. I struggled for air. “I-I don’t know...”

“You’ve gone this far.” Clever fingers stroked down my back. His hips surged forward causing my eyes to roll back in my head. “They’ve already heard and seen the shape of you, of us together. It wouldn’t be much different.”

He was right. Over the last three days, in between celebrating and feasting, the wolves had kept a constant vigil outside the gauzy curtains. I could easily see their silhouettes which meant they could just as easily see mine. Their presence didn’t bother me or make me uncomfortable anymore, they were a part of this moment in time. Somewhere, deep inside, I had an innate understanding they belonged here. The Claiming Ceremony was always meant for them just as much as the alpha and luna.

I wanted to give him what he asked for.

But I still couldn’t quite let go...

I shook my head, unable to say the words.

The curve of Leander’s body changed, slumped a little, silently revealing his disappointment, but he didn’t ask again. Instead, his tempo increased. The sharp snap of his hips rattled my brain cells and forced the air from my lungs in a whoosh. How was it possible for him to feel so good?

I didn’t know the answer and could no longer concentrate on the question because Leander coiled one arm around my body, his fingertips stroking my swollen and throbbing clit, easily sliding through my arousal.

A low sustained moan slipped from my throat.

“That’s it...,” a rumble of approval went through Leander’s chest, his gruff voice washing over me, “just like that.”

Rutting now with rigor, Leander’s fingers curled back into my hair, forcing my head back. The impact of him was stunning. Flesh slapping against flesh in a frenzied rhythm, his balls making direct contact with my clit.

I sucked in great panting breaths, Leander’s raw musky scent filling my nostrils. Back arching, the stretch of my cunt felt divine. I had come more times than I could count, but yet again, I was right on the precipice, clinging to the edge because a little bit of my sanity was lost each time he brought me to completion, but I was still desperate to fall off.

Rocking back into him, meeting him thrust for thrust, I cried out, “Leander!”

He growled loudly, and impossibly, he thrust into me harder, my body only kept from lurching forward by his relentless grip in my hair and another hand holding my hip tight. Pleasurable pain.

I couldn’t take it anymore. Vision hazing, my core tightened, heat burst from my center, radiant fire locking my muscles. A hard shudder went down my spine. Once. Twice. Somehow, Leander held on, waiting out my orgasm but the rhythm of his movement was lost, his body jerking erratically until finally he growled a curse and pulled out, his cum streaming out in spurts all over my back and ass.

My legs trembled as we both fell flat on the bed, the weight of his massive frame holding me down while the last twitches could be felt in my sex. Leander was huge compared to me, but I loved being trapped beneath him. There was no place I felt more safe or secure.

After a few minutes, our breathing returned to normal, and Leander rolled off of me with a grunt, “Fuck.”

My thoughts exactly.

Turning my head, I gave him a lazy smile. Bright amethyst eyes stared back at me while his hand absentmindedly stroked the liquid into my skin. It just felt normal now. When I’d first heard Leander’s description of the ceremony, I’d thought he was crazy. But not anymore. Now, I reveled in it. I craved having the hot liquid worked into my flesh. I wanted it everywhere. And Leander had happily accommodated me. Legs, arms, my torso and ass and wherever else it could be, I was covered in his cum. And not just his. Mine too. Leander’s incessant growling kept me gushing. I had no control over it. He called, and my body answered.

In return, I enjoyed a little finger painting of my own, drawing patterns along Leander’s broad shoulders and down his spine. He’d even opened his legs when I asked, allowing me intimate access where I’d gently raked my nails along the underside of his ballsac, causing him to full body shudder. I’d only made two passes before Leander had growled and flipped our bodies, pinning me to the bed beneath him.

Thankfully, the ejaculate wasn’t sticky. If anything, it made my skin silky smooth with a moonlit shine. I wondered how the substance would be transferred from us to the wolves since there was no tangible texture on the exterior of my skin, but rather, it was fully integrated deep beneath the epidermis into the subcutaneous tissue.

It wouldn’t be long before I found out...

A foreign urge had been building inside me, the need to go to them. I hadn’t even recognized it before, but now that it pulsed with greater urgency by the minute, I understood...Leander wasn’t going to have to convince me to step outside. Undeniable compulsion drove my instincts now. Butterflies fluttered in my belly. Eyes squeezing shut, tension rolled through me.

“Is it time, love?”

His soft words made my eyes snapped back open, my attention riveted to his face. Words were not necessary for me to confirm he obviously knew I would control the timing for this as well. I traced the familiar hard edge of his jaw, knowing his flesh better than my own. I whispered, “I think so.”

He made no move to get up, just waited.

Five more minutes went by, and the compulsion became unbearable. I could wait no longer. Pushing myself from the bed, I stood to my feet.

“H-how exactly...does this work?” I asked breathily. I might be controlling the timing, but I was still unsure and nervous about the last step.

Leander mimicked my action, also lifting from the bed. “You have a choice. A garment has been prepared for you. Admittedly, it’s pretty much see-through and doesn’t cover much, providing open access to your body.”

I nodded, fighting down the flutters in my stomach. “And the other option?”

“You can go completely bare.”

I blinked. Okay...

“What will you be doing?” I asked, even though I highly suspected I already knew the answer.

He replied as expected, “Naked.”

I nodded. I wasn’t sure I was quite brave enough for that and glanced around the room. “Um...where is the outfit?”

Leander walked to a nearby closet and returned, holding the garment out to me. Two strips of lightweight fabric made up the front, stitched together right beneath the breast-line, creating a low V-neck, and then otherwise left apart as they trailed down to the ground. The same was done for the back, sewn together only at the shoulders, leaving the sides completely open.

A breeze fluttered through the cottage, causing the silvery strips of fabric to sway in the wind. It was so sheer, it looked luminescent in the moonlight. I wasn’t quite sure it qualified as clothing, per se, but it wasn’t much different than the gauzy curtains I had gotten used to.

Leander helped guide it over my head, the silky smooth fabric resting comfortably over my breasts. Standing still, the two front strips hung together in the middle, but that would change just as soon as I took a step forward. But it couldn’t be avoided. Now, there was no choice. Nature’s intentions wouldn’t be denied. Only we had this precious gift to be given to the mated pairs, and it was not to be wasted.

“Are you ready?” Leander stretched out his hand for me.

I took a deep breath and twined my fingers with his, murmuring, “Yes,” as we stepped out the door...

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