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Just One Time


The air literally crackled with anticipation as we made our way off of the deck to a grassy area. Wolves surrounded us on all sides. Some remained in Wolf form, others in skin. Ever and Asher stood naked, spines straight to their fullest height, chests puffed out, their intense gazes trained on us. Gwen and Willow hovered closely by their sides. The rest of the wolves spread out in a circle around us.

Standing about a foot apart, I turned Hycinth to face me. Lake blue eyes stared up at me. She trembled beneath my touch as I wrapped my fingers around her slim neck, cupping her face gently. My voice was gravelly and low as I gave her instructions, “Hold onto my wrists.”

Little hands came up without question and held tight to my wrists.

I leaned down slowly. Her chin automatically tipped up, her body fine-tuned to mine. She wet her lips, little pink tongue flickering out and then disappearing again. I kissed her once before pulling away and giving the order, ”Begin...”

Instantly, two solid shapes pressed themselves against my back, heat radiating from their skin, their hard cocks poking into the sides of my hips. Before I could even resolve myself to how fucking close they were pressed against my back, one large hard coiled around my torso and fisted my cock while another hand from the other side reached lower to stroke my balls! An explosion of sensation shot through my groin, sparks flickering deep in my body, coordinating to exactly where their hands touched.

“Fuuuck!” I groaned, my head dropping forward. My father hadn’t mentioned that little detail.

And not only was their touch hella intimate but it wasn’t feminine or gentle at all. Oh, no. Instead, he worked my cock, hard, like a male who understood the pleasure of ferocity. Pheromones assaulted my senses. Ever’s scent told me he stood on my right which meant it was his fist currently choking my cock.

My dick pulsed in his hand, seeping with precum, which he used to make the path of his fingers even slicker. I bit back another groan. I had fully expected this whole process to be personal as fuck. Intimate? Yep, I was prepared for that. But, fuck, if that motherfucker didn’t begin to jack me off!

Harder and faster...

Between the tingles beneath their fingertips and the relentless motion of Ever’s hand, the urge to thrust into his fist was overwhelming. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to block out the pleasure.

“Holy shit,” Hycinth’s breathy words caused my eyes to snap open, worried that her soft exclamation meant she wasn’t handling it well. I’d been so overwhelmed by the assault to my senses that I hadn’t been paying attention to what was happening to her. But I was shocked to find her focus wasn’t on herself. It was riveted to me...and what Ever and Asher were doing to me.

Ever had my dick well in hand, and of course, Asher was still playing with my balls. A firm tug here. A smooth stroke there. Fuck! If they didn’t slow down, in another minute I was going to come. But now I knew that was their intention all along. Their movements were too coordinated to be a coincidence. Those fuckers planned this ahead of time!

And Hycinth’s response wasn’t helping. Not one bit. Chest heaving, her pert tits and hard nipples, easily visible beneath the thin fabric, rocked up and down. Little panting breaths came from her mouth. Lust and arousal flared brightly in her eyes as she watched the show. And then, dammit, my little mouse licked her lips!

That was it. I couldn’t take it anymore. My body convulsed, pleasure shooting through my balls as I came with a grunt, “Fucking hell!”

Ever controlled my cock so that my release splashed all over my chest. When the last drop was spent, Ever and Asher unhanded my groin, and both ran their fingers through the jizz. Instantly, both Gwen and Willow leaned forward. Hycinth’s lake blue eyes went wide, her heart lips curved into a shocked ‘O’ as she watched Ever and Asher feed their mates my cum. Satisfied growls came from both females as they sucked Ever’s and Asher’s fingers clean.

Fuck. Me. And we were just getting started...

Without a word, the four wolves surrounding us fell away, and the rest surged forward. Greedy hands collected the remaining cum on my chest before spreading out and traveling to every other inch of my skin.

Once again, an electric tingling followed the path of their touch, my back, down my arms and legs, up the insides of my thighs. And yet again, my cock was manhandled, but the sensation was different this time. The mind-numbing tingling in that area faded after a minute or so and then was gone.

Oh...I began to understand.

The tingling was a sign of the transfer, and once our essence was gone from that area, the unbearably pleasurable sensation stopped. The wolves must have felt it as well because they moved on and sought out different areas.

I was thankful they were no longer interested in my cock, but it didn’t make me any less hard as I watched Hycinth’s response to the stimulation the females were giving her. Eyes half-mast, breathing short and shallow, her little fingers dug into my wrists as she held tightly. The silvery fabric of her garment reflected the moonlight, giving her a luminescent glow. She looked like a vision of femininity and fertility.

Eight pairs of hands roamed her body, not missing an inch of flesh. Unlike the males who were silent around me, the females revealed their heart and softly whispered words of love and appreciation to their Luna. They understood she was truly giving them a gift like no other and they adored her for it.

Grunting and the undeniable sound of sex, skin slapping against skin, distracted my attention. A glance to my left revealed Asher and Willow hadn’t gotten very far before succumbing to the overwhelming urge to copulate. Thick pelts had been laid out on the grass in various spots, ready and waiting to make it more comfortable for skin sides to mate. Those copulating in fur, of course, didn’t care about grass beneath them. They preferred it that way.

Willow lay on her back with her legs wrapped around Asher’s torso, mewl after mewl escaping from her lips as he plowed into her. His biceps flexed and bulged as he supported his upper body and flexed his hips.

Hycinth’s sharp intake of breath pulled my attention back to her. Several hands had left both of our bodies and the sounds of sex, some in skin and others in fur, escalated around us. Wolves rutting, almost to the point of violence, entirely focused on each other with a single drive to procreate.

Hycinth was staring to my right. She shifted her weight from one foot to the other. I followed her line of sight.

Ever had Gwen on her hands and knees and was taking her from behind. I wasn’t surprised to see them in action. But what was unexpected was to find Hycinth’s and Gwen...locked in each other’s gazes.

Hmm...Hycinth had declined earlier when I asked her to let the wolves see, but it was clear, she had no problems watching.

Ever hadn’t missed their interaction either. He eyed Hycinth with a smirk. When her glance cut to his, he winked at her, not breaking his rhythm.

Hycinth turned away, a beautiful pink blush creeping up Hycinth’s neck, coloring her cheeks. But her embarrassment at being caught staring didn’t stop her from squirming and looking up at me with blatant need shining in her eyes. She wanted friction between her legs.

The tingling sensation and the hands roaming our skin were dwindling down. In another minute, they would be done and we would be free...

“What do you need, a little mouse?”

“I-I want...” she whimpered but didn’t finish her sentence.

Finally, the last of the wolves pulled away, leaving us standing alone.

Hycinth released my wrists. She shifted her weight again and pressed her thighs together.

“Tell me...exactly what you want.” She was going to have to make it clear because there was just too many options.

She tugged at the garment hanging on her frame, letting out a noise of irritation at the restriction.

I raised an eyebrow. She’d refused to be naked in front of the wolves before but clearly, she wanted her clothes off now—and we were surrounded by wolves in every state of fucking. Maybe that was the difference. Not all eyes would be on her, some, but not all.

Her brow furrowed, and her little lips turned down into a frustrated frown. I got the distinct impression that this was something she wanted, but something still held her back. Stepping forward, I gathered her in my arms, and whispered words of comfort and encouragement in her ear, “Sex is not frowned upon here. Is a natural part of our biology and not something to be ashamed of. Every animal in the wild copulates in front of others including our fur sides. They think nothing of it.”

I pulled back to look at her. Hycinth’s expression was nervous but calm, excited.

Did that mean she wanted to continue?

She didn’t say the words, so I ran my fingers along the fabric at her neckline and asked softly, “Do you want this off, love?”

I was amazed when she bit her lip and nodded yes.

Gently, I gathered the silky fabric in my hand and lifted it over her head. I wondered if her response was coming from her personality or if she was reacting to an innate sense of purpose—the wolves were always meant to see her during the Claiming Ceremony. She might have been shy, but her instinct knew that.

But, maybe the difference didn’t matter. Or maybe, there was no difference at all.

If Hycinth’s inherent nature was driving her action, then that behavior was right for her. It was more who she was then she realized. Her intellect and consciousness just hadn’t caught up yet.

I dropped the garment on the ground next to us and then led Hycinth to a nearby available layer of pelts, peeling the top one away, leaving a fresh and clean fur beneath. Hycinth needed no encouragement as she sat down and tugged on my hand to join her. Quickly dropping to my knees, I pushed her back to the ground and hovered over her. Dark lake blue orbs stared up at me. Her arousal flared, sweet and thick in the air, causing my nostrils to flare.

“Fuck, I need to be inside you,” I grunted as I filled her body with one smooth thrust.

“Yes!” Hycinth gasped, spine arching, her eyes rolling back into her head.

Rolling my hips, I surged forward with powerful controlled movements, hitting that spot deep within her sex that made her cry out. Hycinth clenched around me. I stared in awe at the picture she made beneath me—jaw slack, pert lips slightly apart, eyes closed, breasts jiggling in the moonlight. Fuck...

“So beautiful...” I growled and leaned down to kiss her. Hycinth returned the kiss fervently, licking into my mouth.

"Stay with me," I murmured against her lips. Hycinth inhaled sharply, but I didn’t give her a chance to respond before kissing her deeper...like my life depended on it. Hycinth moaned and writhed beneath me. Finally, I came up for air. Hips still rocking in and out of her slowly, I continued fervently, “It could always be like this,” trying to make her see how perfect we were together. Even the entire universe had declared it so.

Hycinth stared up at me, conflict raging in her eyes. She touched her fingertips to my cheek but said nothing.

Her silence was wrecking me. It drove me to beg, “Claim me...please.” I wanted nothing more than to proudly wear her mark. Hycinth’s eyes flashed darker, her Wolf trying to come through, but Hycinth pushed her back. The knot in my stomach tightened.

“I love you.” I kissed her again, slowly, tenderly, but resignation to the truth caused profound sadness to seep into my tone. My breath hitched but I couldn’t stop. “Surely...you know that.” I couldn’t fathom her thinking anything otherwise, but I needed her to hear it from me, to leave no doubt in her mind as to my heart. And fuck...I would give anything to hear those words come from her mouth, just one time...

Abruptly, Hycinth released my waist with her legs and planted her heels on the ground next to my hips, giving her leverage to lift her torso in the air and grind against me. On my knees, I stopped thrusting and provided counter-force as Hycinth took her pleasure from me. Bodies locked together with her hips pressed in the air, Hycinth undulated her belly, taking me deep, grinding her clit back and forth against my pelvic bone. My head fell back, a low groan coming from my chest.

Hycinth’s whimpering cries grew louder at the new position.

Tossing my head back and forth, I snarled, trying to stave off my release. I couldn’t last much longer, not with the way she was working my body. Suddenly, her orgasm hit, the walls of her sex clenching around my cock.

“Fuck!” I hissed as I pulled out, my cum splashing on her belly. I noticed right away there was a difference in the texture and consistency. It wasn’t quite back to normal, but it was close.

Hycinth’s heat was over...

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