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I Torture You


Nostrils flaring, my Wolf sucked in great gulps of air in an effort to control the ever-increasing thrum of hostility running rampant through his veins as he watched the Healer continue to work with Hycinth.

Using extreme care, Grace gently manipulated the sensitive flesh at Hycinth’s core with gloved fingers to determine the depth and severity of the lesions. Working methodically, she called certain areas to my Wolf’s attention, “I think these small tears around both holes, as well as this moderate one on the side of her rectum will heal on their own without the need of stitches.”

My Wolf pressed forward to better see where she was pointing.

“From the size of her wounds, and the fact that the semen was localized to her front, I believe claws were used in the violation of both locations, but it appears penile penetration was limited to her vagina.”

He stared intently, a low growl continuing to vibrate in his chest, the Healers words making him want to explode with violence.

“Of course, we won’t know for sure until she wakes up. But these two, here and here,” Grace pointed to Hycinth’s delicate vaginal skin, “have torn deeply into her perineum and still continued to bleed steadily. I could try to stitch them closed,” she looked around the backyard at the ground mostly covered in dirt with sparse patches of grass and overgrown weeds, now littered with dead bodies, “but this isn’t the best environment.”

She didn’t have to explain further. Caring for Hycinth in the middle of a warfield was the worst possible option.

“No,” my Wolf gritted through the mind link. “Move aside.”

Grace immediately pulled away.

From the corner of his eye, I noticed Sydney exit the house through the back door. She was carrying the requested blood. While Sydney walked to Grace’s side to deposit the bag of blood into a small cooler, my Wolf climbed onto the picnic table, careful that his weight didn’t jarr the wooden structure beneath Hycinth.

Settling between Hycinth’s legs, he belly-crawled forward a step and lifted her knee with his snout to position it wider for better access. “Hold her.”

Grace wrapped her fingers around Hycinth’s left knee to keep it in place.

“Sydney, get her other leg,” he ordered shortly.

Sydney stepped to the other side of Hycinth, opposite of Grace. Her fingers trembled as she eased Hycinth’s right knee into the air and moved her heel farther away to stabilize her leg.

Stretching his neck forward, my Wolf gently stroked Hycinth’s brutalized flesh with his tongue, laving a path along the bloody seams.

Still unconscious, Hycinth startled and cried out, “No!” Head thrashing from side to side, her hands shot out to protect her belly. “P-please don’t…hurt her!” She squirmed, trying to close her legs.

I shook at the revelation—a female.

“Easy,” my Wolf pushed his thoughts directly into Hycinth’s mind, trying to reach her Wolf. He swore fervently, “I’m here now, Mate. No one’s going to hurt you or our female. Ever. Again.”

There was no conscious response from either Hycinth or her Wolf. Instead, the eyelashes on the eye not swollen shut fluttered open, her pupil unseeing as it rolled back into her head. Hycinth continued to blindly fight. She bared her teeth, her canines lengthening. Saliva dribbled down the corner of her mouth. Both Grace and Sydney quickly repositioned their hold to keep Hycinth from doing any further damage to herself in her delirium.

Anxiety spiked in the deepest depths of my Wolf’s heart. He’d felt it. The horrible truth I’d already realized. Where is she?! he cried out to me in dismay.

My throat constricted. I blinked back tears. The unnatural absence of our fur mate chilled both of us to the bone. “I…don’t know.”

I would do anything to be able to give him the answers that we both desperately needed, but I just didn’t have any. I’d seen this happen before. It was possible for a Wolf to die, to separate from it’s human host and return to the Moon, whether by choice or by force. It was rare, but it was possible.

My Wolf’s chaotic thoughts fell eerily silent. With renewed determination, he continued to use his saliva as healing salve to her most intimate wounds. Again and again, he followed the path of the lacerations with his tongue.

Hycinth settled down, her arms and legs falling limp in Grace and Sydney’s holds. Her head lolled to the side.

After several minutes, there seemed to be an improvement. My Wolf’s big head pulled back so he could assess her condition.

“Better,” Grace agreed quietly. “I think she is stable enough for you to move on to your other business.” Hycinth’s breathing was still shallow with sporadic hitches, but the most severe bleeding had stopped.

Grace was right. It was time.

Easing down from the wooden table, I shifted back into skin.

“Sydney, there is a pair of mesh underwear in the left pocket of the bag over there.” Grace pointed as she leaned down to extract a small icepack from the cooler.

Sydney moved to the black leather bag and unzipped it. She rummaged around and then pulled out the undergarment shewolves wore after giving birth.

“Slid it up her legs,” Grace instructed Sydney and then looked at me. “Leander, could you lift her hips?”

Sydney gently pushed the underwear up to Hycinth’s thighs. Gripping her hips carefully, I lifted Hycinth and then carefully rearranged my hands so that Sydney could position the garment in place. Once Hycinth’s bottom was settled back on the table, Grace eased the icepack between Hycinth’s legs.

“This should help with her swelling and pain until we can get her in a sanitary environment where you can work with her again.”

I nodded and leaned down to place a kiss on Hycinth’s swollen belly. I was already planning the next steps in my head. When we returned, I would take her to the Cottage. It was in a remote location, separated from the pack. Given the extent of her wounds, both physical and mental, I wasn’t willing to risk any unwanted interaction with other wolves until I knew she was ready.

Holding my lips against Hycinth’s flesh, I listened to the soft pitter-patter of our pup’s heart. It seemed steady but the little one remained completely motionless. My heart twisted.

Grace stepped over to the black leather bag and unzipped the middle section. She pulled out a light blue hospital gown with tiny white flowers. Open in the back, it was easy to slide the garment over Hycinth’s arms. I gently lifted Hycinth’s shoulders, so Grace could tie the back together.

Now that Hycinth was covered, I needed clothes. I had no intention of asking Ever to step away from his guard over Dagger and the other prisoners, so I grunted to Samuel through the mind link, “Samuel, bring me clothes.”

Less than thirty seconds later, Samuel jogged out of the house, carrying black pants, a matching shirt and boots along with underwear and socks.

As soon as I was dressed, I stepped to Hycinth’s side and lifted her into my arms. As I took a step toward the house, Grace stopped me. “Leander, do you think it’s a good idea to bring her inside?”

I ground my teeth together, my jaw clicking. Taking Hycinth back inside that hellhole was the last thing I wanted, but I had no choice.

“She isn’t going to be out of my sight. Not ever again.” There was no way I was going to risk leaving her outside even with guards watching over her. It just wasn’t going to happen.

“Does she have enough drugs in her system? I don’t want her waking up.”

Grace nodded, her lips in a thin line. “She should be out for several hours. I’ll monitor her vitals and let you know if anything changes.”

That was all I needed to hear. Taking long strides, I continue toward the dwelling. Samuel ran ahead and opened the back door for me. When I stepped inside, my eyes adjusted to the internal light. All of the blinds and curtains had been closed leaving the space illuminated with only a dingy overhead light and two lamps.

Ever had been busy. Every male was stripped naked and positioned on their knees, their ankles zip-tied with their wrists also zip-tied behind their backs.

A hush fell over the room as every one of them eyed me warily.

Turning my head to the left and right, I cursed under my breath at the dirty conditions. I had no intention of placing Hycinth anywhere on the nasty furniture, but that just left the floor, which wasn’t a good option either.

Seeing my distress, Sydney spoke softly, “Leander, I can sit by the door and hold her in my lap if you want.”

I had to agree, it was the best option for the one of the females to hold her. It couldn’t be Grace because she needed her hands free to be able to assess and treat Hycinth if needed.

I nodded. “Do it.”

Sydney stepped to the side of the door and positioned herself with her back against the wall and her legs crossed. As soon as she was in place, I leaned down and eased Hycinth into Sydney’s waiting arms. Hycinth’s head rolled to the side. Sydney shifted her slightly in her lap while I leaned Hycnth’s head on Sydney’s shoulder. Hycinth groaned in pain. The sound caused fire to rip through my stomach. The hair on my Wolf’s spine stood up. His ears pitched forward, unfettered hate coursing through his big body at those who had caused our mate pain.

Remaining in a crouched position, it took everything inside of me not to snatch Hycinth back into my arms and never let her go.

Again, Sydney was in tune to my needs. Instantly, she pressed her lips against Hycinth’s dirty hair right behind her ear. Her Wolf released a low, sustained hum from her chest. Sydney gently stroked Hycinth’s hand with her fingers while her Wolf continued to minister soft utterances in a feral language only our beasts understood.

Sydney’s actions and her Wolf’s unrecognizable words helped. Hycinth settled down in her arms. Grace crouched next to them, her eyes carefully taking in Hycinth’s vitals and respiration.

As I stood to my feet, I found Luca right behind me. Turning to face him, I was stunned to hear him say, “How is she?”

It wasn’t his words that surprised me but the fact that his mouth wasn’t moving!

I’d heard him in my head which could only mean one thing—at some point, he had chosen me as his Alpha.

He had yielded his loyalty to me, utterly and completely. And then I remembered. At the time it hadn’t registered, but it made sense because he had heard me when I gave the mental order to kill Julian. There was no way he could have heard that other than being tied into the link I held with the pack.

“She’s stable. For now,” I replied tightly.

His intense green eyes raked over her body, taking in every inch. Apparently satisfied for the moment with his own visual inspection and my assessment, he stepped away, turning back toward the prisoners.

Looking past him, my eyes landed on Tommy, Leroy and Frank. The Bikers. Humans who never should have been introduced to our world. But it was too late now. I’d allowed them to come, knowing there was a good chance we would be revealed.

Even without knowing the details, just the fact that they remained alive against overwhelming odds when even wolves hadn’t survived meant they played a critical part to our success. Still, I was now stuck between a rock and a hard place. It was my responsibility to keep our secrets safe.

Still unsure what I was going to do, I walked to stand in front of their leader, Tommy.

His spine went rigid as I approached, dark eyes warily watching my every move, but he didn’t back away, not even an inch. He faced me, head high. Interestingly enough, he didn’t reach for the gun holstered in his pants. Of course, by now, he would have been a fool to think the weapon could help him against me. Still, his action of strength combined with a measured amount of trust that I wouldn’t assault him, said something. I just wasn’t sure what.

Neither of us spoke as we stared at each other. Did he understand the high-stakes? Did he know his life and the lives of his two comrades hung in the balance?

After a long moment, he finally said slowly, “You can trust us…to keep your secret.”

So, he did understand.

My Wolf came to my eyes, looking for any sign of untruth in the biker’s features.

Tommy sucked in a sharp breath but didn’t move or back down.

My Wolf liked his fighting spirit.

Tommy continued carefully. “What happened here today stays with me, Leroy and Frank, alone. No one else. Not even our families. We already understand the ramifications if we don’t. My boys and I have stayed alive this long because we live by a motto of unquestionable discretion when necessary.”

I turned my attention to Frank. Tension ran through his body, but the male held my gaze without flinching. “We’ve already killed for you,” he pointed out, “and we ain’t stupid.”

Frank didn’t bother using a lot of unnecessary words. Straight to the point. I liked that. But could I trust them?

I turned toward Leroy.

Again, there was no hint of deception in his countenance. He wiped blood from his chin with the back of his hand. “I’d already guessed you were a crazy fucker. Didn’t quite guess the true extent of it, though,” he muttered, shaking his head, “but we can deal. You have our word.”

Focusing again on Tommy, I growled, “You will need to return with me.”

His expression tightened. “For how long? We can’t be gone indefinitely. There’s no excuse I could give my brothers that would make them believe we left for good. They wouldn’t stop searching with every bit of resources they have,” he finished quietly. And then added, “That ain’t a threat. It’s just the truth.”

“I understand.” I nodded. “Long enough for me to get to know you and the situation we’re in better and work through the details.”

He ran his hand through messy blonde hair, causing particles of debris and dirt to shake loose. “Okay. I can agree with those terms.”

Now that that was wrapped up, I turned and crossed the room to Ever was standing over top of Dagger.

Dagger began violently shaking.

I noticed the black bag at Ever’s feet. Ever followed my line of sight and confirmed, “Yeah. Everything you need.” He tossed me a pair of black gloves.

I slipped them on and cracked my knuckles. Looking around the room, I counted eight remaining Diamonte wolves. There were also five more wolves in addition to Dagger. Always in tune with my thoughts, Ever offered the answer before I even uttered the question. He spoke through gritted teeth, “Nightshade.”

Nightshade. Okay. Two packs of wolves would be wiped off the face of the earth by the time I was done. Many hundreds of lives lost. I hated it. But I was done leaving my wolves at risk, particularly when we were about to usher in eleven new little pups. Maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised that Hycinth was pregnant considering every mated pair had been successful at conceiving. It was unheard of even for a Claiming Ceremony, but nonetheless, eleven new wolves would be born soon. It remained to be seen which, if any, had special abilities. Of course, there was one tiny little Wolf who was barely hanging on by a thread—my female. Her future was still very much up in the air due to the bastard wolves in this room.

Turning to face Dagger, rage blazed out of me, a burning fire of hostility.

I was done waiting.

Striding past him, I entered the run down dining room and snatched up one of the filthy wooden chairs. Flipping it over, I brought it down hard against my knee, snapping a leg off. Returning to the living room, I snarled, “Bend him over.”

“No!” Dagger shrieked as Ever brought his knee down on the back of Dagger’s neck, slamming his head to the floor and kept him there with the full weight of his body. Dagger violently twisted and turned his lower body to free himself.

Coming from the side, Luca struck.

Regardless of Dagger’s defensive movement, Lucky’s boot made a direct hit to Dagger’s groin.

Dagger cried out from the vicious impact to his pitiful balls, and fell limp, choking and sputtering to catch his breath, unable to move his head beneath Ever’s six-foot-four muscular frame. Working in coordination, Luca and Samuel jerked Dagger’s hips high in the air, giving me the target I wanted.

Wasting no time, I slammed the six inch wooden stake directly into Dagger’s waiting ass.

Dagger howled in pain. Blood spurted from the wound, covering his back and the carpet, but I’d been careful with the length and hadn’t impaled him to the point it would kill him.

“Duct tape!”

Ever lifted off of Dagger who was no longer able to fight due to the extreme agony, and reached into the waiting black bag. Pulling out a roll of duct tape, he tossed it into my waiting hands. Unrolling it, I used my teeth to tear off a ten inch piece. I dropped to one knee next to Dagger and lowered my head to his ear. “How does that feel? Good?”

Dagger whimpered, tears coursing down his cheeks.

“You’re going to experience every bit of the ‘pleasure’ you inflicted on my mate.” I whispered.

I didn’t know who exactly had violated Hycinth’s anus. Since Grace was sure Hycinth’s assault in that location consisted only of claws, I would put money on Dagger, and the fact that he didn’t deny it meant I was right.

Pressing the middle of the duct tape over the inch of stake protruding from his ass, I used to the side of my fist to hammer it in the rest of the way until it was flush with his skin.

Screaming in pain, Dagger jolted but was unable to escape my grasp. I adhered each end of the tape to his buttocks to keep the stake from slipping out of Dagger’s back hole, now slick with blood, and repeated the process, adding two more strips of tape.

Weeping now, he pleaded between panting breaths, “P-please…k-kill me!”

I laughed, “Why do you even bother? You see, you’ve already been subjected to what I considered my worst punishment. But now, you’ve forced me to up my game. You want to play. Okay. Let’s play.”

“Lift him to his knees so I can see his face,” I ordered.

Samuel planted a booted foot against Dagger’s butt and gripped his shoulders from behind, jerking his upper body off the floor. He held him in place while I leaned down again to one knee so that Dagger and I were eye to eye. “Ready to be a good boy? How far you’re willing to go to secure your freedom this time?”

He whimpered and dropped his head.

I grabbed his jaw and squeezed, lifting his head at the same time. He whined at the force I was using. Letting my Wolf’s strength rise into the palm of my hand, I constricted my grip even tighter until the bones in his jaw snapped, dislocating it.

Dagger screamed but the sound gurgled off when I placed my other hand over his mouth. “Pay attention. I have some questions. Now, since you have no dick, I know it wasn’t your cock, so tell me which one of these wolves raped my mate.”

Sweat poured off of his body as saliva dripped out of his mouth. He tried to speak but wasn’t able to make any recognizable sound. Hmm…maybe I broke his jaw too soon. No matter. I would still get the answers I wanted.

Lifting to my feet, I turned to the waiting wolves. All of them stared at me with wide expressions.

“You heard me. Which ones of you indulged in the flesh of a shewolf who didn’t belong to you?”

All of them remained silent, their lips pressed together tightly.

I tilted my head to the side. “None of you?” Somehow I just knew that the wolf or wolves who violated Hycinth were not a part of the dead which meant they had to be sitting in front of me. But still, no answer from the group.

“Okay.” I turned toward Ever. “Cut all of their cocks off.”

“Wait! No!” more than one Wolf cried out.

Suddenly, they were more than willing to rat out the guilty parties because three Nightshade wolves pointed to the other two. “It was them! We didn’t touch her…not like that!”

All of the Diamonte wolves remained silent.

I glared at the two wolves in question and ordered, “Position them on the couch!”

Oliver and Ryan jerked their bodies off the floor. The threadbare couch sagged and creaked as Oliver and Ryan pushed them into a sitting position next to each other.

I studied their features. What kind of wolves raped and beat a pregnant female? Only the worst of the worst.

They stared defiantly up at me. Stupid, stupid wolves. Both of them were young and unmated, probably in their early-twenties. Probably Warriors.

Reaching into the utility bag, I pulled out a ten-inch blade. Twirling the weapon agilely between my fingertips, I turned to Luca. “Put Dagger on his knees in front of the first one.”

Dagger cried out when Luca and Samuel picked him up and dropped him in front of the ratty piece of furniture.

From the back of the room, Hycinth whimpered.

I snapped my head in her direction.

Eyes still shut tightly, Hycinth’s eyebrows wrinkled together. Her breath came fast and uneven. She shifted uneasily in Sydney’s grip.

Grace was quickly checking Hycinth’s IV and placed a hand on her forehead. She murmured through the mind link, “It’s been thirty minutes since her last dose. I’m going to give her a little more medicine.” The worry was palpable in her voice.

As I watched Grace administer additional medicine directly into Hycinth’s IV, I measured the amount of pain I felt coming through our bond. It was still way too high. Fury coursed through me all over again.

After a minute, Hycinth settled again in Sydney’s arms.

Staring at Hycinth, I was shocked when glimpses of her torture filtered through the bond into my mind! My heart raced. It hadn’t occurred to me that I might be able to actually see what happened to her. But it made sense. I’d been able to see into her past before.

Drawing in a deep breath, I focused on her memories—Hycinth hung in the basement, shackled to the ceiling. My eyelids fell shut, too heavy to bear the weight of what I was seeing. Horrible bloody image after image flash through my mind. With every punch and kick to her precious body, I flinched hard.

She fought them. With everything she had, even hanging defenseless, my little mate fought for herself and our pup. I wanted to cry. And then Dagger forced his vile fingers between her legs. Hycinth screamed. The hits kept coming. Her head fell forward. Somehow, I realized I was watching a moment that she was losing consciousness, but even though she was not aware, I could still see the details of what was happening to her!

The image continued to playback in my mind:

In the background, one of the males called out, “Boss, we got company!”

Dagger frowned and pulled a com device from his belt. Pushing the button, he growled, “Julian, what the fuck is happening out there?”

Static crackled as Julian replied, “Our cameras picked up a small group of wolves in the forest, but Leander isn’t with them. Must be a search party. I’m sending out five wolves now. We’ll slow down and kill as many as we can to thin the incoming forces. “

“Got it!” Dagger replied and released his finger from the com. He looked at Hycinth again and addressed his men, “Well boys, I’d hoped for more time, but we probably only have fifteen to twenty-five minutes, depending on Julian’s success. Which one of you wants to get started with her first?”

“Hell, yes! I’m ready.” One of the wolves began undoing his belt.

And then, I watched in horror as the bastard forced himself upon Hycinth. Hycinth’s screamed but her head never came up. Instead, it looked like she was completely unconscious.

Fire radiated through every molecule in my body. The image in my head blurred a little. Straining for control, I forced it back into sharp focus:

The first asshole finished and a second Wolf began.

“Motherfuckers!” I cursed furiously.

My Wolf howled his rage, ears laid back flat, his paws pounding the ground. He itched to get out but I held him back.

I hated every moment but let the images play out. I needed to see for myself what happened.

Before the second male could finish, Dagger jerked him away.

Stumbling back, the Wolf muttered, “Hey man! What the fuck?”

Hycinth hung limp and unmoving, her body swaying from the restraints.

“We’re out of time,” Dagger hissed. He turned toward the stairs. “Get her down and bring her upstairs. Sydney will be here in a few minutes.”

I shook my head, clearing my mind. That was enough for now. Hycinth’s memories correlated that I had the correct two wolves who had violated my mate in the worst manner possible.

And now they were going to pay…

Lifting my head, I made eye contact with Ever. My thoughts filtered to him, “Lube.”

He nodded, leaned down to the bag at his feet and extracted a bottle of lubricant. He tossed it to me.

I snatched it from the air. Opening the top with a snick, I squeezed a dollop into my palm. I leaned down to the closest Wolf.

His eyes went wide as they tracked my hand. “W-what are you…doing?” He tried to shimmy away.

But standing behind the couch, Samuel restricted his movement.

I didn’t bother answering his question. Instead, I just grabbed his dick and began to work the lube onto his skin, stroking him hard.

“Wait!” He cried out, his back arching. He fought against my hold.

“Shh,” I murmured. “You’re not quite ready, so I’m taking care of that.”

“What the h-hell?” his voice shook.

It only took a minute for him to get hard.

“Good boy.” I patted his head and released his cock.

Ever stepped into place behind Dagger. Grabbing him by the hair, he lifted Dagger’s head and brought his mouth down over the Wolf’s waiting dick.

“N-no!” Dagger gurgled, unable to fully form the word with his broken jaw and a dick in his mouth.

“No!” the Wolf echoed with a whimper as Ever manipulated Dagger’s head up and down.

“You could help me out,” I commented.

The Wolf stared at me in confusion, a deep moan coming from his chest when Ever forced Dagger’s mouth down to the base of his cock.

I nodded down toward Dagger and explained, “Thrust into his throat.”

The Wolf blinked. And then began to thrust his hips forward, pushing his cock even deeper into Dagger’s throat.

Dagger gagged and coughed, spit running down the sides of his chin.

“Very good. Just like that.”

The Wolf looked up at me with hope in his eyes for the first time, as though his obedient behavior would be rewarded. I contained my laughter. Oh no, by the time I was done, he was going to regret the day he was born and every day since.

Now that they were coordinating well, I went to the waiting bag on the floor and dug around to find the best tool. After a moment, I pulled out a long leather strap. Perfect. Walking back to Dagger, I folded it to a comfortable length in my hand and then unleashed my fury with it across Dagger’s back and butt, making a point to repeatedly come into direct contact with the wooden stake still impaled in his ass.

Dagger wailed. Sweat poured off of his body.

Not a minute later, the Wolf came.

Ever held Dagger’s head tight to the base of the other Wolf’s cock, Dagger’s chin pressed against his balls and his nose buried in pubic hair. As the hot semen flooded the back of his throat, Dagger coughed and sputtered as he swallowed. Reflexively, he tried to jerk away, but Ever didn’t let up.

When the Wolf finally quit twitching, I stared down at him and shook my head. “You’re more fucked up than I am if you could have stayed hard during that.”

He didn’t reply as he tried to catch his breath. No matter, I really wasn’t looking for his response. Instead, I knelt down to Dagger. “Now, use those pretty little fangs of yours and bite it off.”

“Nooo!” the Wolf squealed, coming to life, doing his best to squirm away.

Dagger tried to shake his head no.

“And be sure you get all of the in your mouth. I wouldn’t want you to miss a bit of his delectable flesh,” I continued.

Staring at me with abject fear in his eyes, he knew he didn’t have a choice. Dagger’s canines extended and he severed the wilting cock at the base.

The Wolf tossed his head back and howled in pain.

Dagger began to chew of his own accord.

“Oh, I see you found a taste for it,” I commented dryly. “That’s good because you’ve got four more to go,”

Several other wolves gasped.

From behind me, Tommy swore under his breath, “Fucking hell.”

Before I could turn to look at him, Hycinth whimpered again.

Instantly, I went to her side and crouched down.

Her lips were pinched tightly together. They quivered. Her hands trembled.

I looked up at Grace.

She responded to my silent question in my head, “She’s been through a lot. I can continue to give her pain medicine, but she needs to be in a safe environment. She needs skin-on-skin contact with you.”

I looked back at the remaining wolves. They hadn’t suffered enough. Not nearly enough. My desire to cause unending pain warred with my need to go home. I turned back to Hycinth. Another small moan came from her throat. She clearly wasn’t handling it well even being sedated.

I stood to my feet.

Before I could get a word out, another Wolf invaded my consciousness. One of the sentinels guarding the outside perimeter hissed, “Alpha, we have incoming wolves!”

“Who?” I barked silently.

His response came fast, “Nightshade!’’

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