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Short story

My biggest fears are my own feelings, especially the “big three”: solitariness, impuissance and insignificance. Although we all feel them at times, these are only delusory fantasy that you see. I doubt if you were ever thrust with the ambivalence of terrifying security, but I have. The perks of working for a publishing house come with occupational hazards. And trust me the hazards are compounded if you’re without a car.

I left work at 07:00 pm only to realise it was terrifyingly dark outside. But I being myself was not deterred from walking home since my stubbornness could not bring me to seek for help. As I pace homebound my senses heightened, I hear footsteps and whispers which compel me to up my strides. The forest edge is before me as I pace for the safety of my house, longing to duck in and lock the impending danger outside suffice to say my heart paced faster than my body as I cannot run to save my life.

For a while the whispers disappeared when suddenly strong hands are wrapped around my midriff and wrists. A temporal fear induced paralysis takes over, I gasp for air as I was about to bolt a scream we hear a twiggy snappy sounds emerging from the branches. We listen with a bated breath to ascertain the direction of the sounds.

Suddenly it is all before me. I gasp at the sheer power and splendor of it all. A wolf! Beautiful white wolf with a tint of gold on the tips of its fur, conspicuous blue eyes and razor like white canines. It stands majestically poised and I am mesmerized by its sheer power yet to my surprise I was unintimidated.

My legs are glued to the ground as I gazed at this quadruped of note. This was no normal wolf with its shorter snout, more human-like eyes, and tufted tail. The giant, hairy wolf pounces out of the branches, stands on all fours it’s striking blue eyes glaring into my own brown eyes. It bares its dagger at my assailants causing them loosen their grip on me while I whimper at the bruises on my wrist.

In a flash the men squeal as the beast pounces upon them in one leap, the strength and weight of its body grounds every man; the hideous, slavering mouth and hot rancid breath at their faces; strong, clawed paws rips at their clothes and slits their throat. One after the other they all helplessly fall beneath the weight of the monster.
I jolt to consciousness and hear a pitched scream. I look around to realise I was the one screaming. It was all a dream. Or was it? I could have sworn it was reality. I try to sleep again but I could feel a human stare on me. I go into a deep slumber hoping it was my blue-eyed wolf. My beautiful monstrous wolf.

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