Pink Vs. Blue

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Chapter 2

"Hurry up will ya? I don't wanna keep dragging you!" She complains.

"Sorry, I was lost in thoughts." I regain my senses and look around, we are standing before a big steel door, and it says authorized personnel only.

"Come on let's get in." She says cheerfully.

"Are you sure?" I get the chills.

"Yes I'm sure, come on! Scaredy cat." She pushes the door, it opens easily.

"It isn't locked?" I wonder.

"Seems like someone left it open or something." She pushes it wide open and drags me in, the door closes behind us. "Can you walk on your own now? I need both my hands to use the camera."

"OO… Of course!" I feel my cheeks turn red. "We're already in… We might as well explore it."

"Yup! Follow me!" She runs in the long hallway ahead of me, the hallway was like a big concrete tube, it felt like the sewers, especially with the water pipes that were on the left wall of it, the lights were red which gave it a spooky sense.

"You sure space out a lot!" The camera's flash bothers my eyes. "Yea… I think I can pass you off as a vampire or something, you look pale enough." She laughs softly. "I'm kidding of course, get over here already, there's still much to explore."

We suddenly hear movement, then the sound of cans falling rings in our ears.

"Did you hear that?" She says excitedly and runs to where the sound came from, I run to the end of the hallway and reach the turn she took.

"Kyaaaaaaaa!" Her sound echoes through the long hallway that has flickering lights.

"What's wrong?!" I yell as I race down the hallway, the flickering light made it feel like I was watching a lagging video, with a low frame rate, I reach an opened door with faint white light coming from it, I jump inside to find her sitting on her knees playing with a cat.

"I found a kitty!" She smiles at me.

"You scared me! Thank god you're okay." I take a deep breath and lean against the wall.

"Starting to care for me aren't ya?" She teases and giggles.

"Sh… Shut up! You just startled me with your scream, that's all." My cheeks turn red again and I look away.

"Right…" She takes a picture.

"Gurrhhrr" The cat stands its toes and purrs aggressively.

"I think you scared it with your flash." I say.

"Ssshhhh!!" She puts her finger on her mouth. "Listen."

"What are you ta-" I get interrupted by the ground shaking. The cat suddenly runs out of the room.

"Where are you going little kitty!! Come back!" She tries to chase after it, but the ground shakes again and I reach for her arm stopping her from leaving the room.

"Something is up." I warn her.

"What do you mean?" She slowly turns around.

"That wasn't a normal earth quake, something just happened.

"Really? Let's go see what it is then!"

"But to cause the ground to shake… name one good thing that would do that?"

"Uhm… I don’t know!! I wanna go see it!" She pulls her arm away and runs out of the room.

I stand at the room's entrance for a few minutes looking around; she has already gone out of sight. "Hello? Pink haired girl?" I yell but I hear no response. I feel frightened by the silence and the flickering light didn't make it better.

"Hellloooo? Is there anyone here?" I yell again, this time I hear footsteps in a distance, I look to the right and I see a human's shadow move in the hallway we came from. "Excuse me?" I say, the shadow moves faster then disappears.

"I'm going to get out of this room! I want to see what is going on outside, meet me there." A siren suddenly sounds really high inside the airport, followed by a message.

"Attention everyone in the airport, this is Michael from the SASN squad, please head to terminals 1 and 7, avoid and leave all other terminals, if you lost your child or your belongings please don't go back to get them. This is of utmost urgency, don't panic! We are coming to protect you."

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