Pink Vs. Blue

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Chapter 3

"What the hell just happened?" I run towards the exit. "Pink haired girl come on!!" The door we came in from was wide open, I could see people running in one direction while screaming and panicking.

I leave the room and the door slams shut behind me. I look to the left, everyone was running to the right, I join them and run in the same direction. Suddenly we hear gun shots and explosions, everyone speeds up but I stop to look back, I couldn't see anything but heads so I stood on a chair. In the distance, behind the running masses, people armed with pistols are shooting at blood covered people who were walking in a strange manner.

Grossed by that scene I jump off the chair and continue running, it feels as if I'm alive in someone's horror story or something. What did I just see? Who were these guys shooting at? Why were they shooting them? These are questions I have no answer to, yet they keep pestering me in my head, keep clinging to me like a disease. But for now, I have to run away, I can find answers for these questions when I'm somewhere safe, not in the crossfire.

After running for about 2 minutes we reach a very big room, which is terminal one.

"Everybody please stay calm!" A man who is standing on top of a vending machine in the center of the room says through a megaphone. "Special forces will arrive shortly to deal with the situation. Once people stop flocking into this room we will lock the gates until help arrives."

"What is going on?" I ask a guy standing next to me.

"Didn’t you see it? Strange humans appeared all of a sudden, they were attacking everyone in sight!!" He answers with his eyes wide open.

"No I was in the bathroom; I just heard the warning and ran for it." I know I am lying, but I don't want to get in trouble for trespassing. "How did they look like? How did this happen?"

"I don't know, the ground shook lightly then a couple of minutes later we saw crazed people covered in blood, then immediately after that we heard that announcement." I can easily sense fear in his tone.

"I see. Have you seen a girl with pink hair by the way?" I ask.

"No, not really." He shakes his head.

"Another quick announcement, if there are any doctors, nurses or plane captains please come over here, we need all the help we can get!" The man with the megaphone says.

I walk around the place and ask people if they've seen someone in pink hair, everyone says that they've never seen her.

It went on like this for the next 15 minutes; most people were looking for their friends and family in the crowd, I on the other hand, was sitting against the wall listening to music trying to figure out what is going on, with the sound of gunshots acting as a background track.

Suddenly, we hear a helicopter coming closer, the sound of its engine slowly fades away, shortly afterwards a hatch in the ceiling opens and people in blue armor rappel down to us, one of them climbs to the vending machine and takes the megaphone from the man who was using it.

"Hello, this is Michael, I am from the SASN squad, and I am the one who gave the earlier announcement. I need you all to stay calm and stay in this room! In about ten hours planes will start departing from this airport to a safe zone. There has been a zombie outbreak, and the source is at this very town. It's going to be sheltered after we take you guys out of this place so please remain calm for the next ten hours; we will stand guard in this airport until all the planes are ready to leave. Oh and one last thing, anyone outside terminals 1 and 7 are probably dead, don't go looking for them, we won't help anyone who leaves those two areas." People scream and panic and ask questions randomly causing a huge uproar.

One of the guys with the blue armor shoots a shotgun shell at the roof. "Calm down! We don't care about you lots! We just don't want this damned thing to spread! So shut the fuck up and stay here until evac is ready, you hear?" He yells.

"Ignore what he said, everyone in this room is going to be safe. I promise. Now please remain calm, some of us will stay here while the rest would go eliminate anything dangerous in this airport. May god be with us." Michael says then gets off the vending machine and talks to his comrades; they then spread out around the terminal, a couple of them go to the gate we all came in, I run towards them.

"Excuse me, there is someone I know who is still out there, and I'm pretty sure she is safe." I say to one of them.

"Like Michael has said, forget about anyone who is outside this room, no one could possi-"

"I said I'm sure!" My heart races as I yell at him. "She is inside a locked room, near the café terminal 3."

"Terminal 3 you say? That's the most dangerous place to be right now." He shakes his head. "I'm sorry but she's probably dead."

"Well I'm going with you, you guys are probably gonna go there right? I want to tag along." I take a step closer to him staring him dead in the eye.

"You've got guts kid." The guy standing next to him says. "What's your name?"

"My name's Alan."

"Alright Alan, do you know how to use a gun?" He asks arrogantly.

"Yes I do, I can use pistols, my father taught me how to use them."

"Okay then, you can come with us." He gives me two blue pistols which were inside of a box next to him. "Take this, you'll need it. These are not normal pistols; they don't use bullets, they use energy instead. "

"Energy? What energy? And how does that work?" I ask with a raised eyebrow.

"Your energy. That's why you shouldn't over use it; if you use it rapidly you might faint. Don't worry; it's more effective than bullets, especially with what we're dealing with."

"What ARE we dealing with?"

"Ever played video games or watched horror movies? This is something like that, a truck that was transporting a chemical substance exploded, anyone who was in the shockwave became violent and hungry for human flesh."

"Zombies? Are you kidding me? Who blew that truck up?"

"Nope, that's the truth. We suspect a terrorist organization."

"But John, we aren't supposed to-" The guy I talked to first gets interrupted by John.

"It's okay; he's under my responsibility, Norman." He taps his friend's shoulder.

"You know what would happen if he gets bitten right?" Norman pushes John's hand off of his shoulder.

"Yea, and if that were to happen, I would be the one to shoot him." John says with a smirk.

"Wait, what would happen?"

"Seriously man, it's like you've never seen a zombie movie! You would become one yourself. Since the explosion's radius was small and that chemical has a high density, only people who physically touched it became like that, it isn't airborne. That's why we came to help you guys, because we knew there were people who weren't infected. Now tell me, Alan. Is she really that important to you? Is she worth risking your life for?"

"She is. I MUST go save her."

"Okay then, let's hope she's alive. Once we reach terminal 3 you will have to be separated from our group to find her, we have a mission there as well so we can't keep an eye on you at that time, got it?" John says as he opens the gate slightly.

"Got it!" I walk through the gap in the gate after Norman; John follows us immediately and locks the gate behind him. I hear strange voices coming from a distance.

"Brace your selves, looks like something is coming." Norman says. "Let the games begin!" He picks up his rifle and walks in the noise's direction.

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