Pink Vs. Blue

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Chapter 5

"That's the last of 'em." John says as he blows the last zombie's head off.

"Man that was like, 300 zombies right there! Where do they keep coming from?" Norman complains.

"They're flooding from town… Terminal 4 is the main source, since it's the only one that's directly connected to the town. They just followed the road; since it's full with people." John explains.

"Don't forget about the ones who were bitten." I add as I sit on a chair.

"Becoming more talkative I see?" Norman teases.

"I guess all the adrenaline changes people huh?" John laughs.

For about 5 minutes silence ruled the atmosphere, I was sitting while John and Norman checked out the dead bodies.

"Hey kid, get over here." John orders me, I walk over to them.

"What is it?"

"Check out this body, it has burn marks on it. I think it was one of the first zombies." Norman says. The body has big burn marks on it; it looked like it was hit by a chemo weapon.

"What kind of chemical was being transported? Seriously this can't happen by a normal chemical." I say all grossed out.

"A chemical that contained a genetically modified virus." John says.

"That's confidential!! Don't tell HIM that!" Normal yells.

"Shut up! I'll tell him what I want to tell him! Want to stop me? Kill me." John says with a cold stare.

"A virus? I'm a micro biologist. What kind of virus is that?" I hesitate to ask.

"The bad kind." John says. "The very bad kind, you can see the results."

"And the government was transporting it through a populated area… typical." I say with a sigh. Things never change.

"Did I sense some hostility in there, boy?" Norman's tone changes.

"Nope, never mind. Do you have a cure for it?" I ask.

"Am I wearing a lab coat? No I don’t have a cure!" John sounds angry.

"So the government's solution is to blow the whole town up?" I say, upset.

"Yea, it's more fun that way. Now let's get a move on. Enough break time." John walks to the gate leading out of terminal two, throwing away the soda can he was drinking.

"Come on, there's not much we can do to them." Norman says as he follows John.

"Yea I'm coming." I follow them silently as they joke and talk about the zombies we just killed, about who killed more and who had more headshots and what not.

"Terminal 3 up ahead, after we clear it we will proceed to our objective, while you go find your friend." John says. "Go!"

We run inside terminal 3, killing every single zombie in our path, my ability is really helping me with this. I'm getting a lot better at it, and the numb feeling I got when I was shooting before disappeared.

"Alright Alan, we're splitting here. We're proceeding to terminal 4, once you find her return to terminal one and return the guns to Michael. However if you wanted to help, just follow the blood." John waves with his shotgun.

"Be safe." Norman nods. I nod back, they turn around and leave.

I run to the room I left her in, it wasn't easy to get there since I spaced out when she was dragging me, and when I was running towards terminal 1 I was just running with the flow, I didn't pay much attention because I was scared. There's something about carrying a gun that makes you feel safer, any zombie that comes across me would be sorry.

I reach the room, the door is slightly open, I kick it open and yell: "Hello! Pink haired girl!! Are you here?!

The room still looks spooky; I walk to the flickering light hallway. "Hello!" My voice bounces off the walls and echoes back to me. I continue walking to the small room we were in, there is nothing there. "Come on pink haired girl! We can leave now!" I check my watch; it's been an hour since I left terminal 1.

Suddenly I hear footsteps. "Hello?!" The sound gets closer and faster. I walk out of the room, the second I leave the room a zombie jumps on me and knocks me on the ground. I can feel it's breathe on my face as its head gets closer to mine, it was heavy I can't push it off. I can hear other footsteps coming closer too. This is it. I close my eyes ready to die.

Suddenly, the hot disgusting breathe stops, I no longer feel a heavy body on me. "There you are!" I hear the pink haired girl's voice. "I've been looking for you." I open my eyes and look above me; she was standing next to me with a big smile, holding a wood plank covered in blood. I look to the right; the zombie that attacked me was dead. "Come on let's go, we need to get out of here." She gives me a hand to get up.

"Wait a second, those blue guns… Are you one of them?" Her tone changes.

"What are you talking about? A guy gave them to me." I ask, I wonder what's wrong with the gun

"So they found me… I knew I shouldn't have come here…" She spaces out for a few seconds. "Never mind, let's go, I'll tell you everything later." She smiles as she says the last sentence, then holds my hand and drags me.

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