Pink Vs. Blue

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Chapter 6

"Oh no." She suddenly stops walking the second we leave the room, letting go of my hand.

"Well well well… looks like the worm attracted the bird." Norman says once he sees us, he and John are standing in the distance.

"What a coincidence! Who knew you were looking for our mission too!" John laughs. "Now hand her over, we won't do anything to harm you, in fact, we're thinking of adding you to our team."

"Watch your mouth! Unless you want that to be your last words." She says with a grin.

"Cheh, are you threatening ME?" Norman picks up his rifle. "What are YOU gonna do? Little birdy!"

"Well, some birds have sharp talons you know." She giggles.

"What's… going on?" I ask nervously.

"Don't worry, I'll protect you." She smiles at me.

"Heh! Our bullets would pierce through your body you know. We're going to turn you lots into a bee hive if you don't turn yourself in." Norman threats with a fearsome look.

"Careful dude, don't provoke her." John says in a feint voice.

"Yea, you should learn how to respect others man." She says confidently. Just what is she capable of?!

"That's it! Die scum!" Norman says as he starts shooting at us. She instantly puts her right arm forward, and her long pink hair levitates in the air. All the energy bullets freeze in mid-air.

"So, still want to mess with me?" She says.

"What the hell?!" I say in shock.

"She's a freak just like I've heard! Come on John shoot!" Norman continues shooting, all his bullets freeze in mid-air. John joins him and shoots as well.

"Looks like you won't back down. I have to kill you I guess; only way I can survive." She says in a sad voice. "Sorry." All the bullets that are frozen get deflected and thrown back at them, they drop on the ground and blood covers the wall behind them. Her beautiful silky hair gently falls back down; she pushes it from over her shoulder as she turns around. "Are you okay?" She smiles at me while tilting her head.

"Uhhhh…" I am rendered speechless; I don't know what to say.

"I hope I didn't scare you. I know it's hard to believe, but I can move things with my mind." She says politely, her smiling face is still shining.

"I… uh… gimme a minute please." I need to take a breath. This is way too much.

"Take all the time you need, uhm… what's your name? Hehe." She asks with a giggle.

"Alan… and what is yours?"

"It's Helen." She walks up to me. "Nice to officially meet you, Alan." She plants a kiss on my cheek.

"I'm Alan! Nice to meet you!" Why did I say that? What's going on? Are my cheeks red now? Damn it!! Focus!

"Hehe you're cute!" She pokes my forehead; I calm down a bit. "Let's go hide somewhere, it's not safe here." She holds my hand and drags me again… this is becoming a habit for her…

"Wait! Let me take their weapons! They could be helpful!" I suggest as we run past John and Norman's corpses.

"No don’t! Don't even touch them! If you touch their weapons they would explode." She speeds up. "We also need to get out of this area quickly, if we don't they will find us; they have trackers on their suits."

"I see, how come I can use my pistols then? And how do you know all that?!"

"Because you're the first to use them, the owner is set when the first bullet is shot. I know that because I used to be one of them." Her tone changes a bit, she doesn't sound happy about that.

"I see… Then why do they want you dead?"

"I'll tell you the whole story once we're somewhere safer, away from their eyes." She drags me to the second floor in terminal 3; I kill some zombies along the way with my pistols. "Over there, there's an office we can hide in." She speeds up.

We open the door, it isn't locked and the key was on the other side of the door, we lock it after we enter. It's a small office with few pieces of furniture, a big couch, a desk and a chair. There's a window that views the city, we both look outside; the sky is covered in black smoke, we can see massive fires everywhere.

"Whoa, what's going on over there?" I ask in shock.

"The source is that area, you can see the greenish smoke coming out of there, and since there are more people there than here, it spread a lot quicker." She sighs. "We need to get out of here ASAP."

"How are we gonna do that? Most SASN squad members are staying in terminals 1 and 7, where everyone else is."

"We'll find a way." She smiles at me; how she is able to stay this calm.

"Why do they want you dead?" We go sit on the couch, facing each other.

"Well to tell you that I have to back up a bit, 10 years ago, I was taken by the government, no, I was forced to volunteer for a scientific experiment. I was 11 years old when that happened." She pauses and looks away at the floor in pain.

"Wh… Why did they do that?" I hold her hand, trying to make her feel better.

"Because I have special blood, and special genes." She looks me in the eyes. "And because of that, I was used."

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