Pink Vs. Blue

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Chapter 7

"Tell me everything." I say.

"My father was a scientist, he worked for the government. He was part of a research on super soldiers; his team was able to develop a machine that enhances human abilities. However, the first test subject died because his body wasn't able to withstand it. So with further research they discovered the genetic requirements for the experiment; and I was a perfect match." She takes a deep sigh. "My father was forced to take me and put me in the machine, it was either that or all of my family would be taken captive."

"How cruel!" I say angrily.

"I wasn't the only one, we were 5 test subjects of different ages, I was the youngest. This time, it was successful; all of us were given unique abilities, mine is telekinesis. After that, all of us were put under intense training to become super soldiers, a black ops team if you will." She stands up and walks to the window.

"What happened next?"

"Like all new born birds, the minute our wings were strong enough to take flight, we flew to the open sky, using our abilities we managed to run away from them, except one of us who refused to leave. He liked the power he had; he liked causing mayhems and doing dirty covert operations. His ability is frightening too, walking through objects." She stares out the window for a few seconds then continues. "We were chased for a long time, they even threatened to kill our families if we don't return, but they said we should run away… which resulted in their deaths."

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay; I made my peace with it. Anyway, it was really hard to lay low, especially that we attracted a lot of attention with our pink hair."

"Wait, pink hair? All of you have pink hair?" I interrupt her.

"Yea, it was a side effect of the experiment, along with our eyes turning crimson when we're too excited or angry. As I was saying, we attracted way too much attention and we were always easy to find. One day while we were being chased, two of us died to protect Samantha and I. After that we decided to disappear, to each go our own separate way, it was safer that way. She is still alive, we communicate via emails, we agreed upon a code that we use, only the two of us know how to decrypt it. And so after a few years of hiding, I was able to make a fake passport, don't ask how, I have some connections… and so I tried to get away from this place, since this country is an island; flying was the only way."

"And that's when we met?" I ask.

"Yea, and of course, right before I was able to break free, they found me." Her face loses its attractive light; I can tell pretty easily that she's upset.

"Don’t worry!" I stand up. "We'll get out of here and you'll be free! I promise!" I say in an attempt to help her shine again.

"I don't want to drag you into this, you're going to meet your family right? Go, they don't know that you helped me, the only 2 witnesses are dead." She looks away.

"No, I don't want to. I really like you; I don't want to turn my back on you." What did I just say? Have I really fallen head over heels for her? I mean… we've only just met!

"I like you too, but…" She looks back at me.

"No buts! Besides, these guys work for the government no? That means they've already caught me on camera with you, I can't just waltz back there I'm probably wanted too."

"Oh crap! The cameras! I forgot about them! We need to think about our next move fast, we can't risk staying in this room for too long." She says nervously.

"But, how are we going to get out of here? All phone lines are jammed we can't call anyone for help, heck we don't know if anyone is still alive out there. Going out to the city is dangerous, and staying here is like waiting for them to come to us. What should we do?" There really doesn't seem to be a way out.

"Hmmm… I can drive; if we can get our hands on a car we can make a run for it. We certainly can NOT stay here." She walks to the door. "What do you think? Can we make it?" She leans against the wall.

"Yea I think we should give it a shot, let's go to terminal 4 and leave the airport, perhaps someone left their car key inside, you know, in a state of panic and all." I walk to the door too, standing before her. "With my pistols and your powers, we can make it." I smile softly; I know we can make it!

"Yea." She hugs me, my heart rate accelerates. What is this warm feeling? Do I love her? "Let's go!" She pulls away after about 5 seconds. "Thank you." She smiles. Success! She regains her shiny smile; her ever glowing face makes me feel safe.

"Follow me, we'll make a break for it to terminal 4, only kill zombies that are in the way." I unlock and open the door; we can hear someone shooting in the distance.

"Okay, I'm right behind you, Alan!" We leave the room and climb down to the lower level, some zombies were eating the corpses, that scene sends a chill down my spine.

"You BITCH!" We hear a familiar voice, though it's a bit sharper. "How DARE you do that to me?!" Norman charges towards us, his eyes are white and his body is smothered with blood, some of his shoulder is clearly bitten off.

"What the hell happened to you?!" I ask, we take a few steps back.

"I think he's a zombie, kill him!" Helen orders me; I hesitate to take a shot.

"He's our enemy either way, take a shot!" She yells.

"Right!" I shoot his head, it gets blown off and splashes blood all over the place. "But how was he able to talk if he was a zombie?!"

"It's because you punks didn't kill us." John's voice comes from behind, he too looks zombified. "We SASN squad members have enhanced physical abilities; we only die if we're shot in the head or the heart. Our bodies heal faster than normal humans; however, when you guys shot us you badly injured us knocking us unconscious. Some zombies came and bit us transforming us into zombies. Though because of our abilities we didn’t lose our minds. And now you die!!" He starts screaming and looks in pain, wings like the ones bats have grow out of his back; they are brown and covered in blood, he flies up in the air and attacks us.

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