Pink Vs. Blue

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Chapter 8

"Shoot the wings, quickly!" Helen orders, she uses her powers to lift up two vending machines; her hair levitates like before.

"Alright!" I enrage myself and pierce holes in his wings, he immediately falls down. She then puts the vending machines on his wings and walks over to him while he struggles to get up.

"So tell me, how many of you are here?" She asks him in a serious tone.

"About 20. There are 20 fully armed guys here looking for you to kill you!" He says with an evil smirk.

"You mean 18." She takes a few steps back then slams both vending machines together, blood splatters all over the place. She turns around and says. "Sorry for that, I just lose myself when I see those guys. Come on, we need to get out of here." I shake my head in approval and we run towards terminal 4.

"You're finally here huh? I was about to give up and go back to terminal 7." A familiar voice is heard from the distance. "How have you been, Helen?" Michael is standing in terminal 4, surrounded by zombies.

"Michael… How did you know I was here?" Her eyes turn crimson.

"Wait, you know each other?" I ask in a surprised tone.

"Know each other? We were best friends." He says as he takes off his helmet, showing off his pink hair. "Until she betrayed me." His eyes turn crimson too.

"No way… He's…" I don't know what to say… does that mean that he can walk through objects?! How are we going to deal with that?

"I never betrayed anyone! You're the one who decided to stay with them!" She lifts up all the chairs around us and throws them at him smashing most of the surrounding zombies, then looks at me and whispers: "We have to make a run for it, fighting him is useless."

"Okay, go." We try to run from the right side of hallway; far from the pile she threw at him.

"You already know my power, so why do you bother with doing something so… useless?" He says followed by an evil laugh while walking towards us. "Nothing can save you from me." He picks up his rifle and starts shooting, Helen freezes the bullets and throws them back at him, they pass through him; his rifle drops.

"I see, so only his armor stays on when he uses his powers? Is that why his armor is different from the other guys?" I ask. "I have an idea, we should continue running and I'll shoot, he won't be able to attack us then!"

"Good idea, come on let's go! I'll take care of the zombies." We run as I shoot at him.

"Futile… your actions reek of desperation. If you let me kill you it will all end, you can rest in peace, together, for eternity." He just stands there as my bullets keep going through him.

"Switch with me a bit, take care of the zombies ahead and I'll hold him back for now." She says; we switch places and I face the zombies, they seem never ending; the more I kill the more show up.

"Tch! This isn’t working; we need to stop for a bit." Helen says.

"Gave up so soon I see?" Michael teases.

"Hey Helen, I think we have a problem." I say, everything starts spinning around in my head.

"What? What now?" She asks worriedly.

My vision becomes blurry and hazy, I fall to my knees. "I can't…" I say.

"I'm surprised you actually lasted this long, you finally lost your strength huh?" Michael laughs.

"Damn it! What are we going to do now?" Helen complains, I can see zombies coming closer and closer to us, I think this is it. We can't get out of this. My eyes close on their own, my body is trembling, I collapse to the right.

What is this feeling? I feel like I'm surrounded by flames. I hear growls and screams all around me… am I in hell? I force my eyes open, I'm still on the ground, yet everything around me was on fire… this is hell isn't it?

"Alan come on get up! We have to leave now! She's here!!" Helen gives me her hand and pulls me back up, my senses aren't working correctly, I feel dizzy and weak. She slabs me "Wake up damn it! Unless you want to die we have to run away!"

"Who… who's here?" I ask in a faint voice.

"Samantha! Flame girl's here!" I look around, in the midst of the flames there's a human figure that's shooting flames at zombies. "Come on this is our only chance!" Helen holds my arm and drags me through an opening in the flames.

"Go! I'll follow you in a second!" A new voice yells, I think it's Samantha's. "I'll hold back that schmuck! Just go! My car's right out the gate and the keys are in! Go!"

"Bitch! You're here too?!" Michael yells angrily. "Cowards! Stay here and fight!"

"Hehe… Do you think we're stupid?!" Samantha says. "You can't attack us while you're surrounded by my flames! You'd burn instantly!"

We reach the gate, all the zombies are being burned, unable to move from all the flames, we reach the car, it's a red convertible, Helen lets go of me after I regain my senses and I go into the back seat while Helen sits in the driver seat, she starts the car.

"Start moving come on!" Samantha comes running while shooting fire balls behind her from her arms, she jumps into the passenger seat and Helen takes off.

"Thank you for saving us." Helen smiles at Samantha.

"COWAAAAARDS!" Michael screams in the distance.

"Bye bitch!" Samantha gives him the finger then looks at me. "So who are you exactly? I see blue pistols with you but since Helen was dragging you I'm assuming you're on our side…"

"I am don't worry, they gave me the pistols way before they knew I was looking for Helen, name's Alan." I defend. "So where are we going?"

"As far away from this place as possible." Helen looks at me in the rear view mirror, zombies are walking all over town causing mayhem, I barely see any survivors. "Know a safe place?"

Samantha giggles proudly and says: "Yup, there's a hideout that I've set in the next town, no one but me knows about it! Just follow this route and I'll take over the wheel once we're safe."

"No turning back now! Alan, having any second thoughts? Once you leave this city you're an outlaw, you would be chased forever." Helen warns me.

"No, I'm going with you, forever with you doesn't sound so bad." I smile at her, she smiles back.

"Oh we have our selves a flirt over there huh?" Samantha laughs. "Alright, let's go!"


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