Princess Charming

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Chapter 3: Kidnapped

The next morning Celine was rudely awakened by the sound of a loud yell and a struggle. She snapped her eyes open and sat up as quickly as her stiff and tired body would allow.

The scene before her was bewildering to her addled brain. Roe was in the middle of kneeing a strange man in the stomach, while another was already collapsed on the ground. The one Roe was working on collapsed as well, and Roe grabbed him roughly by his collar. She whipped out a dagger from her boot and held it threateningly to his throat.

“Tell me why I shouldn’t kill you right this second, bandit,” she ground out.

Celine could see the fear in his beady eyes as he gasped, “Your… mother sent us.”

Roe dropped the man as if he had burned her. “My mother? Already?” she mumbled.

While she was distracted—as well as Celine, who was watching the scene and trying to figure out what was needed of her—the other man took his chance and sprang to his feet. He wrapped his muscled arms tightly around Roe, keeping her in an unbreakable hold, although Celine thought it looked as if she didn’t even struggle.

The man Roe had threatened got to his feet. He spat on the ground and glared at Roe. “Well, well, well… we finally caught up to you, Princess Rosalie. Someone wanted out longer, eh?” The man grinned but Roe didn’t react. She looked like she had given up.

Celine, still too shocked to move, was trying to process the current events. Princess… Rosalie?! As in the daughter of the most influential queen on the continent, perhaps even in the world?

The man continued. “We’re here to take you back to where you belong. If you’re smart you’ll come quietly. Mug, tie her up.”

“Sure thing, Pidge. Oh, and what about the other girl?” the man who must be Mug asked, gesturing to Celine.

Celine stiffened, fear growing in the pit of her stomach. Would they take her too? Or worse, kill her?”

“Leave ‘er. She ain’t what we need.” Pidge sneered at her, then turned to help Mug bind Roe and put her on Snowflake’s back.

Finally, Celine found her voice. “Wait… Roe! Where…?”

Roe looked at her with dead eyes. In a monotone, she said, “Celine. Remember what you realized. And please, whatever you do, don’t follow me.” Her eyes took on a pleading look, and Celine could tell she was dead serious.

Pidge laughed. “Tch, sounds like she’s dumpin’ ya, kid. Tough. Mug, take care of her.”

Mug grinned and stepped menacingly toward Celine. She barely had time to react before she was hit sharply over the head with his fist. A bright light exploded behind her eyes, and then the world melted into darkness.

It was midday by the time Celine awoke again. For a moment she didn’t remember the events of that morning, but when she felt a splitting ache ripple through her head, it all came rushing back.

Roe. Princess Rosalie? Whoever she was, she was gone. And Celine… she had done nothing to stop it. She had sat there dumbfounded as Roe had literally been kidnapped before her eyes. She felt infuriated now, at those Mug and Pidge guys, but mostly at herself for sitting idly by. She knew that her best course of action now would be to go rescue Roe. Celine’s stomach flip-flopped at the prospect. But… Roe had told Celine not to follow her. Had she really meant that or was she just trying to get Mug and Pidge to leave her alone?

Celine shook her head. No. No matter the case, she had to help Roe. She owed at least that much to her. And if Roe was Princess Rosalie… finding her wouldn’t be that hard. Her mother owned the largest freaking castle in the land after all. Celine didn’t have any sort of transportation, but walking would take her where she needed to go eventually.

Celine stood up, still slightly wobbly from the knock on the head, and brushed off her dress. Alright. It was time to make something of herself.

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