The Beast's Assassin

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I want to be strong for myself, I wanted to stand up for myself, but he dawns on me like no other, I made a miss calculation, an error. I disserve what comes to me next after such a mistake. I have shamed my father. And this is my first time, I never make mistakes, I was always did my job smoothly with out a miss calculation. I felt........discomfort. I should have been more careful, I didn’t make the error I was the error. I have failed such a simple mission. Such a simply task. I have failed for the first time. And I hope it wouldnt be my last. " You are a disgrace!” His voice was cold and threatening, it cut through my like a swift motion of a blade slicing through my heart. He was cold and emotionless, he was my fear. He would decide my fate. He decides my punishments. This cold man hardened by his hate of the world but respect the authority with in it ,is my father.

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Honor to a Family

I want to be strong for myself, I wanted to stand up for myself, but he dawns on me like no other, I made a miss calculation, an error. I disserve what comes to me next after such a mistake. I have shamed my father. And this is my first time, I never make mistakes, I was always did my job smoothly with out a miss calculation. I felt........discomfort. I should have been more careful, I didn’t make the error I was the error. I have failed such a simple mission. Such a simply task. I have failed for the first time. And I hope it wouldnt be my last.

" You are a disgrace!” His voice was cold and threatening, it cut through my like a swift motion of a blade slicing through my heart. He was cold and emotionless, he was my fear. He would decide my fate. He decides my punishments. This cold man hardened by his hate of the world but respect the authority with in it ,is my father.

“I didn’t mean to fail you in such a way of disgrace, father, forgive me.” I knew better to quiver under his harsh tone, but I also knew better to show the respect he deserves. It will still do me no good. Not now.

“You didn’t just fail me, you disgraced your mother. How would she act knowing her daughter couldn’t do such a simple task!” I knew it was coming from a mile away, but I still didn’t see it coming. He pulled the katana from his bet and sliced my exposed back, adding another scar of discipline to my collection. I also knew better to flitch, but my body betrayed me. I am truly a disgrace.

“Did you flitch?” He asked curiously dripping from his solid stone tone. This is a surprise I am usually not worthy of hearing emotion. Especially his, I have been giving a great honor. But on such bad terms.

“Yes father, I did.” I said honestly. I kept my stance still not daring to move. He brings the katana down again on my thigh and my body doesn’t fail to stay still as I take the punishment I have so whole heartedly deserved.

He placed the katana back in his belt but I knew very well my punishment wasn’t over, not yet.

Why could I just do one simple thing? I was told to guard the cells of 25 werewolves. I had manage to guard it till the all decided to shift and rebel against the death I knew they wouldnt escape. They managed to escape, braking down the cage’s bars that held them. I cut all them down to size easily, but just as reinforcements arrived I had the problem solved mostly. One left to go. I razed my blade and say something it its eyes. Sadness, fear, pain, and hope I would spare it. I could tell it was young, about the age of 16-18, maybe.

I.....hesitated? It reminded me of someone, but I couldn’t put my finger on it, like seeing a face you knew you never knew but at the same time you did. It slipped away and jumped out a near by window into the night, leaving me dumbfounded.

And now here I am. A disgraceful pathetic assassin, and a scar to prove it, fresh and wet on my back as the warm liquid traveled down my back, but with my arms behind my back I cupped the blood, making sure not to spill it on the hard wood floor.

“Guards! Take her to the hole.” Inside I gasped, not daring to let it slip my lips. I knew better to suggest a different punishment, for my father will simply ask what you think he is going to do to you. And the victim falls for the trap sadly like a human in a wolfs cage, he ends up doing something way worse.

I followed the guards not trying to escape what is written in stone. I was out of my fathers office and escorted down to the hole.

That hole was a deep, dark cold, hole. Going down to about 56 feet under ground. This punishment was made to see if you were worthy to live another day under such hunters and commanding officers. This was only level 3 of the 15 different levels of punishment that waited anyone who failed there duties, showed mercy to the beast we hunt, or humans.

I was striped of my katana, and all the weapons I had with it. They ripped my shirt off and torn my jeans apart. I was to go with out closeth, for they showed an honor that I had to gain again.

I faced the hole readying myself to fall, 56 feet down.

“Get going!” The guard yelled, and I jump down to the deep dark hole, hoping to only brake a rip or two. I take the seconds to remember who I am. But I don’t even say the name aloud or think it knowing that I am have shamefully disgraced my honor and my fathers as well.

4 days later

Hunter Carter POV

“You’ll be alpha soon! You need to look for a mate to rule by your side when the struggles of leading a pack comes forth.” My mother nagged on in a desperate tone. I sighed knowing whole heartedly how this conversation was going to go. I looked up from my schoolwork, obviously annoyed by my mothers nagging, I knew grieve would come after. And a little too quick if you ask me.

“Mom, it is not like I can just drop out of school and go searching for a girl. I know Ill be alpha soon but you cant rush nature, and sure as hell cant rush me.” I sighed. I knew she was going to keep pestering. I’m 17 and still haven’t found one to call my own, the last girlfriend I had was Summer, which was 5 years ago.

“I am not trying to rush nature or you. I just want you to be happy. Your the only one in your training and friend groups who hasn’t found a mate.” I knew she was about to cry now. He teary eyes were a sight to see, I put down my math books and hugged her.

“Mom, I’m not going leave to find something I don’t even think is out there. I love you to much to leave. If she is out there then we will find our way to each other, but until then. I am going to try to finish school like a normal kid, don’t worry I’m going to die alone.” She always worries for me. I have to call her constantly so she can make sure I’m ok. She wants me to leave to find my mate but at the same time I know she doesn’t want to lose me. So at the same time she doesn’t want me to leave. Weird huh? Sometimes I don’t even understand the process. It is a iffy system, but I make do.

“I love you too, so much Hunter. But I still want you to be happy.” She choked holding back a sob that I knew was coming. I waited for her to start cry and beg me to leave her, then bag me to stay and never leave her.

Then it began. The tears, the sobbing, the begging, the heart break, the lost of our father, the fear of losing me, the fear of me not finding a mate in time for what ever time that is? She finally calmed down after 2 hours of sobbing and crying, 1 hours of silence, and 2 hours of convincing I would never leave her behind while also telling her I would find my mate, but keeping out the part about leaving her to find my mate.

Confused? So am I.

After that it was 10:05 pm. I had tucked her in bed and just shut the door to her bedroom. I let out a heavy sight and leaned against the door frame. I was beyond tied. But this is not the first time this week I was with lack of sleep with my mothers grieving and worry. Hell, it had been going on for 3 years now. I learned I don’t really need sleep. I function fine with out it for years now. Ever since my father died my mother hasn’t been the same. The cheery woman was gone. Now I am suck with a worry sack of what ever is left of the one I called mom. But that is only at the house, outside the house she is shy and is all business. She still does her duties as Luna and Alpha, and I go to school and train. For some reason she doesn’t let the pack she her hurt, but when she gets home and sees me, she falls apart.

Crazy I know, but it is a system I am use to.

I made my way to my room and shut the door behind me. I clean up the books and papers, stuffing it in my book bag. I tossed off my shoes and leaped on the one thing that doesn’t brake if I push pressure on it.

My bed.

I again had to make do with another dreamless dream.

I woke up the next morning to a predicted rainy Friday morning. It was gloomy, and humid outside, so the weather man says on my phone. I got out of bed at 4:43am. I walking into the bathroom with nothing but boxers. I brushed me teeth and washed my face. I looked at my reflection in the mirror to see a stranger looking back at me. His eyes looked colorless, washed out brown and looked puffy from lack of sleep, and dark purple bag hung under his eyes. And it matched perfectly with his pale skin. I dung in my drawer for my mom’s makeup.

I know its weird but I only take the foundation. I’m not gay, and that is for certain.

I paint my face in the goop and darken up my skin, while painting away the purple bags under my eyes. I dig in my drawer once more for eye drops and contacts. I drop in the brown contacts and took a few drops in my eyes to life up the puffiness. I looked back in the mirror.

And there was a boy I knew from 3 years ago. Brown hair, brown eyes, and lightly tanned skin. Just like his father.

I was done by 5:08am. I walked out of my room like I always do and made my way to the kitchen. My mom way already gone that much I already knew from the silence of the house. I took an apple and walked out of my house to school.

“Hey Hunter!” Lucas called as he just stepped out of his house like always, and we walk to school together. It is real easy to do that when you are neighbors.

We have been friends sense we were kids. We were the same age too. Only problem was he wasn’t part of the pack let alone a werewolf. He was human, although he smelled a little like birch wood, a wolf scent, but what do you expect when he lives around the corner from them. But anyway, I liked humans, they are nice, strange, and always filled with curiosity. They don’t growled, snap, or bark at you when they’re mad. And even if they were mad with you, they just wouldnt talk to you. They never try and kill you. Humans may be weak, but they are my favorite to talk to. They have there own authority. Themselves, and anyone can hold it. Here in werewolf land you have to be born into it.

Lucky for me right?


“Hey Lucas.” I replied. And we fell in step with each other and made our way to school.

“Did you see that football game last night?” And there is another thing I like about humans, they can always talk about the stupidest things and can hold a dumb conversation on that topic. And if idiot plan number 1 doesn’t work, they move on to the next thing that pops into there heads.

“You know very well I do not like football.” I tell him.

“Then why do you play it? Mr. Star quarterback?” He chuckle.

“Cause it is the only easy sport I play that doesn’t involve tight suits, and using my feet to kick something. And I cant use sticks to catch balls. You should know that as my best friend.” I gave a empty chuckle back. I really don’t like football, but I do happen to be really good in it. Soccer uses to much feet. Lacrosse, ha, funny. I couldn’t us a stick to save my life.And I don’t like being wet, but am a good swimmer. And dancing and acting is way out of the question.

“Geeze Mr.Grumpy pants who woke you up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?” He glared. He hated being proven wrong, or hated being on the low side of a argument. Or for someone to be smart with him. It is funny really. I love getting under his skin.

“No, one.” I said back with a shrugged not wanting to get into the topic. We made the journey through the woods, on a small path, as he continues about some team that played yesterday and I nodded and shrug as if I was actually paying attention.

Then something hit me. A smell of foreigners, heading this way. I pick out 10 of the different strange smells. I panicked but kept it under control, mostly. I need to get Lucas out of here before they can catch our scents, especially mine.

“Hey Lucas I’ll race you to school, winner get 40 bucks!” I yell knowing he couldn’t refuse a bet to save his life. I dashed off running. He followed behind as we raced through the woods. I hope the rouges didn’t get our scent. Then it hit my again, this time stronger.

Oh no, they are getting close. I panicked. No, don’t panic. Panicking does no one any good. I pretend to trip on a rock, and fall. Lucas zooms passed me and yells.

“You better have 40 bucks on you by the time I get to school Carter!” He yelled.

“I can still beat you anytime!” I call back. When I see his frame disappear into the trees. I jump to my feet.

Hunter: Beta Markus we have roughs on the school trail.

Beta Markus: Ok, I am on my way. Stay hidden.

I ended the link. Looking for the nearest hiding spot. I spotted a nearby tree, and I didn’t even know I was panicking. But it was to late, I stopped for to long, which was only 5 minutes of a deep inner panic.

The wolves caught up with me. Having to run with a human and not out run him to make sure he doesn’t get snatched up by savages slows you down.

Who would of knew?

I was surrounded by 9 rouges in seconds. All growling and snapping their jaws at me. Circling me slowing. I probably look like a deer in headlights. I haven’t really shifted for a while, 3 years to be exact. People said it wasn’t healthy, I didn’t care.My hand to hand combat was on point though. But who is going to fist fight with a snarling beast? I only had one thought going through my mind.

I am utterly fucked.

Then a female appears from behind the snarling beasts. Long golden hair, and green eyes. She looked to be in her early 20′s and had a strong built. He frame with slightly bigger then most girls.

Not going to lie, she was kind of cute.

“Are you Hunter Carter? Son of David Carter?” She asked boldly. Lifting her head high and mighty. Showing utmost pride in herself.

“It depends on who wants to know?” I ask, never letting my defensive stance go.

“I am Nicky Proviss.” I think I stopped breathing cause by the time I ask the question I found myself gasping for air.

“As in mate of Fang Proviss?” He was the leader of the strongest rouge pack, Gold Blood pack. And they aren’t peaceful. They invaded territory and killed entire packs randomly. There are 47 packs left out of the original 94 thanks to them. If she is here then that would mean we are next on their killing list. We had 300 members. They have over 500.

“Yes. I will not ask again boy. Are you Hunter Carter, son of David Carter?” I swallowed down my fear to answer.

“Yes, I am.” I chocked.

“Kill him.” She ordered the rouges and one by one the lunged at me. I quickly dodged their attacks and tried to make a run for it. Turning my back to the wolves. I knew I didn’t stand a chance against them, running was my best bet, fighting was not a option.

Where the hell is the fucking beta with is reinforcements!

Something bite into my leg drawling blood, and I screamed in pain. I fell slightly but pushed on, trying to make it to the under bush. Then something grabbed the back of my neck, another ear piecing scream escaped my lips. But I was still determined to get away from the beast..

I was crawling at this point, crawling for my life. They continued the attacks biting down on my legs pulling me back in the center of the madness and take nips and scratched at my arms.

“We have a little fighter here boys. We just have to fix that.” I hear a snap of a finger. I knew it was my doom. Then I hear a crack, and out of the corner of my eye I see Lucas throwing a huge rock at Nicky Proviss. I sit there in shock as she is out cold and a pool of blood surrounds her on the forest floor. They wolves stare at the bloody seen them back at the Lucas. They growl and at lunge at him.

I am fearful, for the second. And that one second is all it take for all 9 wolves to fall to the ground......decapitated.

With a light scent of strong mint fills the air then quickly disappears. I ignore it, but something inside me screams something. But I still cant hear it.

But I focused on the dead bodies.

It wasn’t the first time I seen a dead body. I have seen a few, a lot more then a 17 year old boy really needs to see if you ask me. But so other wolves wouldnt count 3 bodys as a lot. But this was Lucas’s first dead body, first kill, and first encounter with wolves.

The blood of the wolves were spatter on his face. He shook so hard I think all his curly blonde hair would fall out. I made my legs move to get up. I get a better look at him. He is sweating from the shaved part of his mohawk. Purple eye focused on the bodies before him. He looked completely out of it.

“What the fu-”

“Ok I know this may seem like a shook to you. But if this makes you feel any better, she was a pile of shit before you killed her. No ones going to miss her.” With my personal experience, thinking about who they once were and there family, and how much trouble they will get into. But I think the fact the 9 wolves were decapitated in front of him has left his mind at least.

How did the get this way though? Only thing I saw was a flicker of the shine of something shinny then, 9 wolves dead.

“I thing I needs to swit doney on me faces.” He slurred then passed out before me. I rubbed the back of my hair, it was wet with blood but I didn’t care, and let lose a deep sigh.

“This is one shitty Friday.” I mumble to myself. And that was perfect moment is when Beta Markus comes into view with his 5 wolves all in human form. I growled to myself. I didn’t even notice it happened to the real one slipped my throat.

“Where the hell have you been!” I yell, half of which is a growl. I am not going to lie. It shocked me all much as it shock them. I haven’t really shown any real emotion in years. A empty chuckle, yes, a cold laugh, yes, a fake smile, it came as second nature to me. But growling at people, and growling in general. It was new but old at the same time for me.

The looks I got from Beta Markus probably match me own.


“Hunter take Lucas home.” He was questioning his own command. I could see it in his eyes.

“Y-yeah, ok.” I said a little shaken by my growling earlier. I grabbed Lucas and pulled him over my shoulder. I made my way home, thinking about my day so far.

“What a shitty Friday.” I repeated to myself. And what a shitty Friday it was.

I made my way back to my house, Lucas over my shoulders, and wonderment and concern entering my mind.

3 hours earlier

Grace Hunter POV

“I see you made it out of the hole earlier then expected.” I stood tall and mighty in front of the door way as his back was to me as he looked over some documents and files.

Getting out of the hole wasn’t as difficult as everyone might think. I just ripped off them hem of my underwear. And wrapped it around my hands as grips to climb with. I managed 20-25 feet a day. When I was to tied to move on I did small holes in the side and place my arms in then and slumber for at least 5 hours at the most. And I made my way out in no time.

“Yes father. I have, thank you for noticing.” The corners of my mouth twitched. Feeling the slightness bit of pride for finishing the test earlier. But mostly for my father recognizing it for he first time. I stood taller.

“There are some dogs traveling over to another territory, and on of them is our target. Nicky Proviss. Kill anyone that gets in your way, gear up you leave in 2 hours when they cross the border.” He tossed the file to me feet without even looking at me and I quickly pick it up swiftly.

“Yes father, thank you.” I turn on my heels to leave and get cleaned up and grab my gear.

“And Grace don’t disappoint me this time. Be grateful you even got this assignment after your recent mistake.” He cold voice way deeper and harsh. I will do my best not to disappoint.

“I am grateful father. Thank you.” He waved his hand and dismissed me. I may long strides to my room. On the way I read the file.

Victim: Nicky Proviss

Age: 25

Species: Human

Married: Fang Proviss-alpha werewolf- Gold Blood pack

Filed in by: Unknown

Victim will be chasing after Hunter Carter. Taking “school path”. Milkweed woods, path 14.

Hunter: Grace Hunter.

After that it gave me recent contact listed on phones latest text massages, recent where abouts, favorite foods, allergies, homes under her mates name, and most of her contact list.

Ok Grace, you cant mess up. I made myself promise.

I made it to my room. I tossed the file on my bed and made my way to the showers. I washed off my body with some dove soap that started to smell like peppermint. I studied the bar with a close eye. I took another whiff and traced it back to my finger tips. Then my arm, legs, shoulders. I soon realized my whole body smelled of peppermint. I stare in confusion at my skin. Nothing seemed to be happening out of the ordinary, perfect coca skin. I grabbed a strain of my hair and it is the same black and curly knots with a red tips. Nothing seemed to be different. I didn’t feel different, not that I knew of.

I slipped out of the shower and dried off. Washed my face, brush my teeth and got dressed on my strapless camo belly shirt and my army green booty shorts. Brushed my curly hair in a messy bun, and all I needed now what my gear.

I jogged a cross my room to my weapons closet. I grabbed my katana, 28 silver throwing stars, 2 daggers, 5 knifes, a handle gun if things get messy, and last but not least I put on my trusty boot with retractable blades and knifes. And it also throws 3 trapalizer darts at one time.

I was all ready for hunt. I grabbed my file on my way out and put on my fingerless gloves with built in spikes.

You knew know what your going to get into so it is a assassins number one job to always be prepared. I never go anywhere with out these simple necessities.

Time for the hunt.

I made it out of my room head to wards the front door. Then I ran into the most deadliest predator in the facility. Don’t let her appetence fool you. She is our best spy assassin. She can act like no bodies business, tricking you with her gentle motion like sailors on the sea with mermaids. Once she really get hold of you and the information she wants. Your as good as dead.

“Hey Grace.” I nodded towards her and continued walking.

“Hear you failed your recent assignment, don’t skew up on this one.” I paused mid step. Believe it on not that is the nicest thing she has truly ever said to me. I was a little taken back.

“I will do my best not to Persafiny.” I replied and continued my walk to the front gate. There waited Thomas with the keys to my motorcycle. He was my only friend at the facility.

“Hey Grace.” He said emotionless.

“Hey Thomas.” I replied back in the same tone.

“Do your best and don’t mess up. You know the things your father will do.” He sighed. His purple eyes looking off into things past the gate.

“I know Thomas. I not going to make a mistake this time. I am a Hunter, it is in my blood.” I shrug like it was no big deal. It was only my last name, it depends on me on what I do with it.

“I know, good luck Grace you’ll need it.” He made a facial expression I could put my finger on. The corner of his lips were moving upward.

“What is that?” I look directly at his lips.

“What is what Grace?” The corners of his mouth shoot straight, one again showing the man I knew.

“The corners of your lips were moving upward in a weird facial expression.” I explained as I contained to stare at his lips. I truly never seen suck a expression. Is it new? How many people do it? What is it called?

“Ok can I tell you something and you have to promise me you will not tell?” All of the sudden he became serious. Hardening his eyes that studied me closely. I stared back.

“I can promise you that Thomas.” I reply truthfully. I was inching to find out about this new facial expression that once had full control over his lips.

“I was out on the field one day and I was to study the guy and report back all in a day on his where abouts, and recent locations.” I nodded waiting for him to continue.

“He was with this female and he made that same face to her and she did that same back although I am still practicing it.” I stare in amazement. I never heard of such things being shown to the opposite gender. Such a wonder those people live in.

But it was against the rules to learn anything from the outside world beyond these gates. If his commanding officer knew anything about this he be relocated to a new facility, not before being checked out by ever doctor in the facility and has to pass with a 20 out of 25 to leave.

“That is a very interesting thing you showed me today. I must be one my way though Thomas.” He nodded and handed me my keys. I got in the bike and placed on my helmet.

“Don’t mess up.” I gave a thumps up, knowing he wouldnt be able to hear me through the foam of the helmet. I started up my engine. Thomas walked up to the gate and opened it wide. I raced through to my hunter, about 50 miles from here. I would stop 20 miles away from the territory and walk the rest of the walk.

Don’t mess up Grace. I say to myself. Don’t mess up.

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